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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day. This is a beer. It's called Guinness. It's from Ireland. There's

  • another thing that I'd like to teach you about something from Ireland. It's called St. Patrick's

  • Day. It happens every March 17th. This year is 2014. On March 17th, 2014, there's going

  • to be a lot of drinking. There's going to be a lot of parties. There's going to be a

  • lot of parades and festivals. Why? Okay. "Why is Ronnie wearing green again? Why is she

  • wearing a green wig? Why is she wearing a green shirt? Why does her shirt say 'fek'?

  • What does that mean?" Let me tell you. "Fek" is the Irish replacement word for a very naughty

  • word called "f*ck". So instead of saying "f*ck", you could say "fek". It's really cool, and

  • nobody thinks you're saying a bad word except for the people that know.

  • So a little bit of history for you about St. Patrick. St. Patrick, apparently, was a real

  • person. And he was the saint of Ireland. Now, the funny thing is that we don't know exactly

  • when he was born. There are a lot of historical errors about his life. What I have read -- some

  • rumors. For sure, he is the saint of Ireland.

  • Now, this is how you spell "Ireland" in Irish Gaelic. I cannot say it properly. I think

  • it sounds like "aija". I do not speak Irish Gaelic. I do apologize. But this is how they

  • spell "Ireland" in Ireland. This is the name of it. So St. Patrick is the patron saint

  • of Ireland.

  • March 17th, funnily enough, represents the day of his death. So we are not 100 percent

  • sure when the guy was born. But apparently, they know he died March 17th -- I don't know

  • the year; it's not important. What is really important about St. Patrick and St. Patrick's

  • Day -- especially St. Patrick -- is he marks the begins of Christianity in Ireland. Now,

  • Christianity is a kind of religion. There are two main parts of Christianity, Catholic

  • and Protestant. In Ireland, Catholic and Protestant people are always fighting but they have the

  • same religion. I don't understand it either.

  • So in Northern Ireland and Ireland -- or the southern part of Ireland -- Newfoundland or

  • Newfoundland, which is in Canada, and Labrador, a province in Canada, and also in the tiny

  • Caribbean island of Montserrat, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. And it's a public holiday.

  • That means you don't have to go to work, and you can spend all day partying and drinking

  • and wearing green. Doesn't this sound like a great holiday? I live in Ontario. Unfortunately,

  • St. Patrick's Day is not a public holiday. I have to go to work unless it's a weekend.

  • What do we do on St. Patrick's Day? We drink. We drink a lot. Now, I was interested as to

  • why on St. Patrick's Day people drank. And the answer is because of this thing called

  • "lent". Now, "lent" is the six weeks leading up to Easter. Easter happens in either March

  • or April depending on where it lies in the calendar. And lent is six weeks where people

  • will give up one thing that is a luxury. For example, if you really, really like chocolate,

  • you will give up chocolate for lent. If you really, really love beer, you will not drink

  • beer -- [laughs] yeah right! You will not drink beer for six weeks -- not going to happen.

  • St. Patrick's Day happens to fall smack-dab in the middle of lent. So for one day, you

  • can drink, eat, feast, party as much as you want, and we're not going to tell anyone.

  • So the reason why people drink so much -- only on March 17th -- is it's because the one day

  • during lent, the restrictions, or the rules, have been banished, which means you can do

  • whatever you want.

  • In your city, in your country, do you have a St. Patrick's Day celebration? When I was

  • living in Japan in Tokyo, I went to the St. Patrick's Day parade. I drank a lot of beer

  • on the street. It was great. Some people wear a lot of green. Some people don't wear green.

  • You do not have to wear green. You can wear whatever you want.

  • One interesting ironic thing that I think about St. Patrick himself if history is correct

  • is that he was not even born in Ireland. He was born in Roman England, I think known today

  • as Wales. He's not even Irish. He was born in Wales.

  • Now, how did he get to Ireland? What happened there? The legend has it that St. Patrick

  • was captured by Irish pirates, and he was taken as a slave to Ireland. Whilst in Ireland

  • as a slave, he had a vision from God that he would be a really cool guy and make us

  • drink on St. Patrick's Day. He had a vision from God that he would help people around

  • the world and be a saint. So he became free magically, went back to where he was from,

  • went back to England, and brought Christianity to people in Ireland.

  • That's my crazy little story about St. Patrick's Day. How about you celebrate St. Patrick's

  • Day -- you tell me your crazy little story about St. Patrick's Day. Sláinte!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. This is a beer. It's called Guinness. It's from Ireland. There's


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聖帕特里克節是什麼? (What is St. Patrick's Day?)

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