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  • Dung, doo doo, droppings, crap, scat.


  • Whatever you want to call it.


  • Poop is pretty useful.


  • Hey everyone, Julia here for DNews.

    大家好,歡迎收看 DNews,我叫 Julia。

  • While we tend to think of excrement as extremely gross and want to get it as far away from us as possible, nature has a different way of dealing with doo doo.


  • In a closed ecosystem,nothing goes to waste. Not even waste.


  • For some animals it’s normal and healthy to eat their own poop, which is called coprophagy.


  • Mice and capybaras eat their own waste to get some nutrient that passed through their body once that have missed for the first time.


  • And farmers know the importance of waste in raising their crops.


  • but feces aren’t just for fertilizing.


  • According to some research millions of tons of dung enters Africa’s aquatic ecosystems every year.


  • Some researchers think high concentrations of excrement leads to fish die offs.


  • But new research suggests it might be good for the fish!

    但最新的研究顯示糞便對魚是有益的 !

  • A recent study published in the journal Ecosphere found that hippo poop feeds river fish.

    最近在 Ecosphere 期刊中有一項研究發現,河馬的糞便可以餵食河川裡的魚群。

  • Researchers from the UC Santa Barbara used chemical markers to follow the trail from beneath the hippos tail to the tissue of fish in the river.


  • The research showed that the fish were getting important nutrients from the poo.


  • This was especially true when water levels were low.


  • Then the hippo poo was more concentrated and the fish could make better use of the nutrients.


  • The research confirms that hippos can have a huge impact on the ecosystem.


  • Some scat helps to spread seeds. Lots of birds eat seeds then drop them off in some distant wood.


  • This helps spread the species further than it normally would.


  • One study published in the journal Ecology Letters found that passing through the gut of a sky bird changes the seeds for the better.

    一項在 Ecology Letters 期刊中的研究指出,經歷過飛鳥腸胃排洩出的的種子,比一般的種子來得優良。

  • A small tropical bird, Elaenias, feeds on the seeds of a wild chili pepper plant.


  • After going through the bowels of the bird, the seeds chances of survival increase 370 percent!

    種子經過鳥的腸胃道,存活率增加了 3.7 倍。

  • The researchers found that being eaten and then passed made the seed less aromatic and appealing to seed-eating ants and it removed some of the harmful pathogens that could kill the seed.


  • Fish feces even builds beaches! You know how beautiful those pristine white beaches in Hawaii are?


  • Yeah. That’s fish poop. Seriously. Parrot fish, so named because they have sharp,beak-like teeth, naw off algae that grows on corals. Along with the algae, the fish gets a mouthful of the coral’s calcium carbonate, which it expels as waste.


  • Some estimates say that a single parrot fish can poop out 800 pounds of sand a year!

    據估計一隻鸚鵡魚每年會排出 800 磅 (註:約 360 公斤) 的沙!

  • Thatll be fun to think about on your next vacation.


  • And don’t think humans are immune to this.


  • I mean we love our fertilizer.


  • Cat poop coffee exists.


  • In the Sumatran Jungle lives a small-cat like critter called the civet.


  • This cat loves coffee berries, but its gut doesn’t digest the bean.


  • Tthe cat passes the bean, its anal glands release a musky scent onto the bean.


  • And this makes for apparently good, well.. at least expensive coffee.

    很顯然地,牠有許多的好處。嗯 ... 至少是昂貴的咖啡。

  • It can cost as much as 600 bucks a pound!

    一磅的咖啡大概要花 600 元。

  • I… I uh.. I think I’ll stick to my cup of Earl Grey.

    啊 .... 我想我還是喝伯爵茶就好。

  • Speaking of all the good things poop can do, human fecal transplants can save lives!


  • Get the scoop on this miracle cure from our sister show Seeker Stories.

    從我們的姊妹節目 Seeker Stories 中來看看有什麼神奇療效。

  • Check out that video here.


  • Many people with Ryan's condition have turned to an unique procedure known as a fecal transplant which involves taking poops form healthy donner and insert it into a patient's colon to recolonize good bacteria into their system.

    很多和 Ryan 有相同病症的人,都開始接受這種稱為排泄物移植的特殊療程,由身體健康的捐贈者提供糞便,再將糞便植入病患的結腸中,讓好菌重新移植在患者的生理系統中。

  • What do you think about all the great things doo doo can do?


  • Would you drink a cup of crappy coffee in the morning?


  • Let us know in the comments below

    在下方寫下你的評論 ...

Dung, doo doo, droppings, crap, scat.


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