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Discover one of South East Asia’s most vibrant international cities while refining your English.
Situated at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula,
Singapore’s unique culture is shaped by a blend of Asian and British influences.
I think Singapore is just the best place to be
because there is Asian culture, Indian Culture and Arabic culture.
Interact with locals who often speak several languages, including English.
Welcome to EF Singapore.
The School is located along the river in between Boat Quay and Clarke Quay.
We are very well located and nearby the CBD, which is the Central Business District.
EF’s International Language Center
is equipped with 20 classrooms, ilab, private study areas and a student common room.
Our innovative approach to language learning is enhanced by the latest technology
for you to make maximum progress.
The teacher is listening to us. It's not only one-way teaching.
We are listening to the teacher and, after, the teacher is listening to us.
Take our special interest classes to study subjects that interest you,
like English Communication Skills or Beginner Chinese.
You’ll take your language learning to the next level with our iLab classes.
Here we have a special class.
It’s called the ilab class where we have our own computer
and do some exercises in listening, reading, writing, speaking.
Make friends with students from around the world at the school’s student lounge, game room,
and lovely rooftop terrace with skyline views.
You can choose to stay with a host family or in an EF student residence.
You can eat in a restaurant just on the side of the river - and enjoy the view.
Singapore’s food reflects its dynamic history.
Enjoy dishes like Singapore chili crab, Indian curry, Malay Nasi Lamak
or British fish and chips.
Explore the city’s British colonial heritage with an afternoon polo match
or a cup of tea at the luxurious Raffles Hotel.
Discover some of the city’s best shopping on Orchard Road.
Or try a new restaurant in Chinatown, Little India or on Arab Street.
I like Universal Studio at Sentosa. Sentosa Beach is also relaxing.
Pick up a new water sport at one of Singapore’s 10 aquatic clubs.
You can kayak in Pasir Ris Park
or escape city life at one of Singapore’s many islands.
I chose EF Singapore because you have the opportunity to visit different countries
like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.
Compete with friends in Formula-One-style go-carts.
Or get a kick from indoor skydiving.
Once the sun sets, the city comes alive.
Your adventure abroad begins with EF Singapore.


EF新加坡 (EF Singapore - Info Video)

3831 分類 收藏
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