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  • Discover one of South East Asia’s most vibrant international cities while refining your English.

    探索東南亞最具活力的幾座國際大都會 同時大幅提升你的英語水準。

  • Situated at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula,

    位於馬來半島的 最南端,

  • Singapore’s unique culture is shaped by a blend of Asian and British influences.

    新加坡的獨特文化 得益于亞洲和英國民風的交融。

  • I think Singapore is just the best place to be

    我認為新加坡就是 最理想的選擇

  • because there is Asian culture, Indian Culture and Arabic culture.

    因為這裡彙集了亞洲、 印度和阿拉伯的各色文化。

  • Interact with locals who often speak several languages, including English.

    與你交流的當地人會說多種語言, 英語也是其中之一。

  • Welcome to EF Singapore.


  • The School is located along the river in between Boat Quay and Clarke Quay.

    學校位於河邊, 在駁船碼頭和克拉碼頭之間。

  • We are very well located and nearby the CBD, which is the Central Business District.

    我們佔據黃金位置、緊靠CBD, 也就是“中央商業區”。

  • EF’s International Language Center


  • is equipped with 20 classrooms, ilab, private study areas and a student common room.

    內設20間教室、iLab 實驗室、 專用學習區和公共休息室。

  • Our innovative approach to language learning is enhanced by the latest technology

    我們創新的語言教學法 與最新科技相結合

  • for you to make maximum progress.


  • The teacher is listening to us. It's not only one-way teaching.

    教師善於傾聽學生, 而不僅僅是照本宣科。

  • We are listening to the teacher and, after, the teacher is listening to us.

    學生先聽老師講解, 老師再徵求學生意見。

  • Take our special interest classes to study subjects that interest you,

    參加我們的特別興趣班, 學習自己喜歡的科目,

  • like English Communication Skills or Beginner Chinese.

    比如英語溝通技巧 或是漢語入門。

  • Youll take your language learning to the next level with our iLab classes.

    你的語言學習將更上層樓, 就靠我們的 iLab 實驗室。

  • Here we have a special class.


  • It’s called the ilab class where we have our own computer

    名為 iLab 實驗課, 這裡人人都有自己的電腦,

  • and do some exercises in listening, reading, writing, speaking.

    可以進行聽力、 閱讀、寫作和會話練習。

  • Make friends with students from around the world at the school’s student lounge, game room,

    你可以和全世界的學生交朋友, 就在學校的學生休息室和娛樂室

  • and lovely rooftop terrace with skyline views.

    以及美麗的屋頂露臺, 那裡有開闊的天際風光。

  • You can choose to stay with a host family or in an EF student residence.

    你可以住在寄宿家庭 或是英孚學生公寓。

  • You can eat in a restaurant just on the side of the river - and enjoy the view.

    你可以到河畔餐廳享用美食, 同時欣賞秀美的風景。

  • Singapore’s food reflects its dynamic history.


  • Enjoy dishes like Singapore chili crab, Indian curry, Malay Nasi Lamak

    你將品嘗到新加坡辣螃蟹、 印度咖喱、馬來椰漿飯

  • or British fish and chips.


  • Explore the city’s British colonial heritage with an afternoon polo match

    領略獅城的英國殖民遺風, 下午看一場馬球比賽,

  • or a cup of tea at the luxurious Raffles Hotel.

    或到豪華的萊弗士酒店 啜飲香茗。

  • Discover some of the city’s best shopping on Orchard Road.

    探索這座城市彙聚在 烏節路上的高端商鋪。

  • Or try a new restaurant in Chinatown, Little India or on Arab Street.

    或者去唐人街、小印度、 亞拉街的餐館嘗鮮。

  • I like Universal Studio at Sentosa. Sentosa Beach is also relaxing.

    我喜歡聖淘沙的環球影城。 聖淘沙海灘也很休閒怡人。

  • Pick up a new water sport at one of Singapore’s 10 aquatic clubs.

    從新加坡十大水上活動中心 挑一家享受新奇的娛樂體驗。

  • You can kayak in Pasir Ris Park


  • or escape city life at one of Singapore’s many islands.

    或者遠離都市塵囂,到新加坡的 小島樂享閒暇。

  • I chose EF Singapore because you have the opportunity to visit different countries

    我選擇新加坡英孚教育是因為 有機會見識不同國家的風情,

  • like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam.


  • Compete with friends in Formula-One-style go-carts.

    駕駛一級方程式賽車和朋友 一爭高下。

  • Or get a kick from indoor skydiving.


  • Once the sun sets, the city comes alive.


  • Your adventure abroad begins with EF Singapore.

    你的海外求学之旅 就从新加坡英孚开始。

Discover one of South East Asia’s most vibrant international cities while refining your English.

探索東南亞最具活力的幾座國際大都會 同時大幅提升你的英語水準。


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