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  • In this American English pronunciation video,

  • we're going to go over

  • the pronunciation of the phrase 'for sure'.

  • This is part of a sentence study series,

  • where we look at a short common phrase,

  • and discuss it's pronunciation

  • Saying 'for sure'

  • is a very solid affirmation.

  • >> Will you be there tomorrow?

  • >> For sure.

  • For sure, da-DA.

  • The word 'sure'

  • is the stressed word in this phrase,

  • so it's going to be longer

  • than the function word 'for',

  • which will reduce.

  • da-DA, for sure.

  • We begin with the F sound,

  • so the bottom lip has to come up

  • and touch the bottom of the top front teeth.

  • The inside of your lips is what's touching,

  • so it shouldn't be ff, but ff.

  • Now we move straight into the R sound.

  • Forget about a vowel altogether.

  • So, my tongue tip was here for the F, maybe

  • not quite touching the teeth in this case,

  • but close behind.

  • For the R, it needs to pull way back,

  • pulling up towards the roof of the mouth,

  • with the tip not touching anything.

  • Even though this word is very short,

  • it should be a sound that we can hold out,

  • rrrrrrrrrrr. Fer, fer.

  • For sure.

  • We want to take the R sound

  • and transition directly into the SH sound.

  • Rrrr-shh.

  • To do that, we have to close our teeth,

  • which should have been close to each other,

  • but not yet closed for the R.

  • Rrr-shh.

  • Then we have to bring the flat,

  • top part of the tongue, in the front,

  • really close to the roof of the mouth

  • (but not touching).

  • The lips for the SH are flared,

  • but you'll already be transitioning

  • into that right after the F

  • because the R sound is so short.

  • Now, to go from the SH back to the R,

  • reverse what you just did.

  • Drop the jaw a little bit,

  • and pull the tongue back again

  • so the front isn't so close

  • to the roof of the mouth.

  • The tip shouldn't touch anything.

  • Now, the voice will fall off in pitch

  • because it's a stressed syllable,

  • and it's the last syllable of a sentence.

  • For sure, for sure.

  • And now let's look at the phrase

  • up, close and in slow motion.

  • This video is part of a series.

  • Click here to see other videos just like it.

  • That's it, and thanks so much for using

  • Rachel's English.

In this American English pronunciation video,


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如何發音 FOR SURE -- 美式英語發音 (How to Pronounce FOR SURE -- American English Pronunciation)

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