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  • In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over how to pronounce the

  • phrase 'good night'.

  • Hey Friends and Fans! We're going to get to that video in just a minute. But first, did

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  • >> I'm going to go to bed. Good night everybody! >> Good night, Rachel!

  • [yawn!] I'm tired. Good night fans! Let's listen to a bunch of different people say

  • that phrase.

  • >> Good night, Rachel. >> Good night!

  • >> Good night! >> Good night Rachel.

  • >> Good night.

  • >> Night, Audrey. >> Good night!

  • >> Good night Leon! >> Good night.

  • >> Good night.

  • >> Good night, Savannah. >> Good night.

  • >> Night! >> Good night, Rachel.

  • >> Good night! >> Good night!

  • >> Night!

  • Did you notice how most people reduced the word 'good' to just the G sound? G'night,

  • g'night! Let's hear a few people say that.

  • >> G'night Rachel! >> G'night!

  • >> G'night! >> G'night!

  • G'night! How do we say that phrase? Gg, gg. To make the G sound, the back of the tongue

  • lifts up and touches the soft palate. To make the N sound, the front part of the tongue

  • lifts up to the top of the mouth: g-nnn-a. Then it comes back down for the AI as in BUY

  • diphthong. We do need some jaw drop for the first half of that diphthong. G'ni-. Then,

  • for the second half, the tongue lifts up towards the roof of the mouth, the tip stays down

  • but the front part lifts, and so the jaw is less lowered. G'night, g'night!

  • What's happening to the T? That's a Stop T. That means I'm just stopping the air in my

  • throat. G'night, g'night! Some part of my tongue is lifting up to the roof of the mouth.

  • It might be the front part, like is necessary for the T position, but it also just might

  • be something further back. It's a little bit more lazy. G'night, g'night. So when I'm making

  • it there, the tongue tip stays down and the middle part is reaching and touching the roof

  • of the mouth. But the important part is that we're stopping the air in the throat. G'night,

  • g'night. That cuts off the sound, which signifies the Stop T. G'night.

  • Some people drop the word 'good' altogether and just say 'night!'

  • >> Night! >> Night!

  • So, when you're parting ways with a friend at night, or you're getting ready to go to

  • bed, this is what you can say. G'night! G'night, guys!

  • If there's a phrase you would like to learn how to pronounce better, please put it in

  • the comments below.

  • BONUS!! Did you notice how I used the word 'gonna'? I'm gonna go to bed.

  • >> I'm gonna go to bed.

  • Gonna, gonna. This is a great reduction. Americans use it all the time. It's not slang, it's

  • not uneducated, it's not lazy. It's just a very integral part of spoken American English.

  • So don't be afraid to use it.

  • I'm gonna go do bed. G'night, guys!

  • That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over how to pronounce the


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如何說GOOD NIGHT! 美式英語的發音 (How to Say GOOD NIGHT! American English Pronunciation)

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