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  • In this American English pronunciation video,

  • we're going to go over the pronunciation

  • of the wordopportunity’.

  • This week’s word of the week isopportunity’.

  • It’s a five syllable word

  • with secondary stress on the first syllable

  • and primary stress on the third syllable.

  • Da-da-DA-da-da, opportunity.

  • It begins with the AH as in FATHER vowel.

  • You do need a little bit

  • of a jaw drop for that.

  • Ah, ah, Op-, then the lips will come together

  • to make the P sound. Op-, -por-, -por-.

  • Next we have the schwa R sound.

  • The R will take over the schwa so don’t worry

  • about making that a separate sound.

  • Op-, -por-, -por-. So the tongue

  • will pull back and up for that R sound.

  • Op-, -por-, -por-, -por-

  • and now we have the stressed syllable,

  • it begins with a T and since this is

  • a stressed syllable it will be a true T.

  • Op-, -por-, -tu-, -tu-.

  • So to make the T the tongue goes to the

  • roof of the mouth and the teeth will close.

  • Op-, -por-, -tu-.

  • Well stop the air just a little bit and then

  • let it escape when we part the teeth

  • going into the next sound.

  • In this case the OO as in BOO vowel.

  • Notice how much your lips

  • need to round for that.

  • Tu, tu. Op-, -por-, -tu-. Opportunity.

  • Next we have the N consonant sound,

  • so the tongue will go to the

  • roof of the mouth again.

  • Tun, n, n. This time for the n. Opportunity.

  • Then we have the IH as in SIT vowel.

  • And now we have a T

  • this comes between two vowels.

  • It’s not beginning a stressed syllable,

  • so is a flap T.

  • Opportunity. Ni-ty, ni-ty, ni-ty.

  • So the tongue will come down for the IH vowel

  • back up to the roof of the mouth,

  • quickly for the flap T then down again

  • for the EE as in SHE vowel.

  • Opportunity. Opportunity.

  • This is a greatopportunity’.

  • That’s it yourword of the week”.

  • If there is a word you would like to suggest

  • for theword of the week

  • put it in the comments below.

  • That’s it, and thanks so much for using

  • Rachel’s English.

In this American English pronunciation video,


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如何給 "OPPORTUNITY "發音 -- 美國英語 (How to Pronounce OPPORTUNITY -- American English)

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