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  • Hi. So Chicago style pizza. Really simple to make and when you think about pizza pie

  • this is what you have to think about because it's actually built like a pie.

  • So, a lot of people like to use cake pans. I actually really dig to use cast iron. Cast

  • iron is really even heat throughout. It's cheap, you can buy it anywhere and it looks

  • really sexy too.

  • So we're going to start with, it's a totally cool, we didn’t pre-heated or anything.

  • So a little bit of olive oil at the bottom of that pan and just kind of get it all over.

  • This is just going to help with stickage, right? Any extra oil will just go right on

  • top of your pizza, just kind of rub it in all the way through. This is going to kind

  • of make an [unctuous] dough, keep it nice and crisp .

  • So then I'm just going to take this whole pizza and put it right on top. All right.

  • And I'm just going to let the edges kind of fall where they may. Again, this is like making

  • a pie, all right? So we're going to let all those in. Any extra edges just kind of fall

  • behind it. Just kind of press up. No one is really going to see the inside of the dough,

  • so it's OK if that looks a little bit scrappy. The outside is what counts here. Awesome.

  • So we have this nice little bed and you really want to kind of reach it all the way to the

  • top. It's so much like making a pie, all right? Beautiful. Big pinch of salt.

  • Now, what's cool about Chicago-style deep dish pizza is that normally with any other

  • type of pizza, the sauce goes on first but the Chicago style the sauce goes on last.

  • And the reason why is because this is going to take 25 minutes to bake at about 425 degrees,

  • which means that anything on top is going to be there too long and it will burn.

  • So the tomato sauce actually acts as kind of like a little barrier. So this I have a

  • little bit of sausage, just going to kind sprinkle throughout. Some caramelized onions,

  • absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic. I've got a little bit of mozzarella, that I'm just going

  • to tear and just dot throughout. Awesome, lots of cheese in this. Chicago, we have to

  • do it right. Beautiful.

  • And then just a touch of basil. You can use oregano, you can use any nice, soft herb.

  • Beautiful. So that's our base.

  • Now, I grab a little bit of our homemade tomato sauce and this is just going to go right on

  • top. And it seems kind of weird, right? To kind of just spoon sauce over the top of your

  • beautiful toppings but, again, it kind of shields the heat from the ingredients so nothing

  • burns. Awesome. Tuck that little basil leaf down. Beautiful.

  • And then I just kind of spread that around. Awesome. And this is going to get one more

  • little touch of olive oil. Beautiful. So 425 degrees for about 25 minutes until the outside

  • is kind of curled up around the middle and it's going to come up really crispy on the

  • bottom, hard shell, beautiful.

  • All right. So it's been about 25 minutes, 425 degrees. Let's check out our Chicago deep

  • dish, yes. That's what I'm looking for. The toppings are just set. A nice crust throughout,

  • nice and brown and the only way to really know is to let it set up and grab a little

  • spatula. But I'm going to dig in right away and if you're olive oiled you'll see it's

  • an easy, easy release, right out of the cairn.

  • You can see it's cooked throughout. That is exactly what you're looking for. So, I finish

  • this off just like any other pizza. Lots of olive oil on the outside to give it a little

  • bit of a sheen, little richness, some smoked salt, lay it around. And then my good friend

  • parmesan reggiano right over the top.

  • Hey, if you like things a little thicker and a little bit more pie like, check out our

  • Chicago deep dish pizza.

Hi. So Chicago style pizza. Really simple to make and when you think about pizza pie


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