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  • This video is by request, from one of my Facebook fans, Renata. The subject: how to pronounce

  • the word 'something'.

  • This word is mispronounced by a lot of non-native speakers. One of the things that makes it

  • tough is the TH sound. So in this video, we're going to break it down step by step, first

  • talking about the sounds, then talking about stress.

  • The first sound is the S consonant sound. Teeth are together, ss, ss, ss, to make that

  • unvoiced sound. Then the first vowel is the 'uh' as in 'butter' sound, so there's a very

  • relaxed drop of the jaw, so-, so-, so-, and the tongue remains very relaxed. Some-- then

  • the lips have to come together to make the M sound. Some. If your lips don't come together,

  • you're probably making the NG sound, a common substitution. Sung, sung. So make sure they

  • do come together to get the M. Some, some, some.

  • Next is the tough part: the TH sound. It's unvoiced. Someth--. So the lips part, and

  • just the very tip of the tongue comes out. Th, th, th. And we let air pass through there,

  • with no voice underneath it. The next sound is the IH as in SIT vowel. Now, when this

  • sound is followed by the NG consonant, it does tend to go a little bit more towards

  • the EE as in SHE vowel. Somethi--. So the tongue tip is now down, but the front part

  • of the tongue is raising towards the roof of the mouth. Something. And finally, the

  • NG consonant, where the back part of the tongue will reach up and touch the soft palate here.

  • Something, something.

  • So now, stress. If you've noticed, something, stress is on the first syllable. Something,

  • -thing, -thing. So, the second syllable, -thing, -thing, will be flatter, lower in pitch, and

  • a little quieter. The first syllable will have more shape to it. Something, something.

  • Ok, so now you understand how to pronounce the word. How to integrate it into conversation?

  • Well, just the knowledge is never going to be enough. You have to drill it repetitiously

  • to bring it into your habit. So, start out slowly. Never do it so fast that you're no

  • longer doing it the correct way. Something. Take your time to make sure that your tongue

  • is coming through the teeth for that unvoiced TH sound. Something. Eventually, when you're

  • comfortable with that, you can speed it up, slowly, until you get it to a normal conversational

  • pace. I can't stress enough the importance of repetition. It's the only way to make it

  • habit. That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

This video is by request, from one of my Facebook fans, Renata. The subject: how to pronounce


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如何給 "SOMETHING "發音 - 美式英語 (How to Pronounce the Word SOMETHING - American English)

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