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  • [ Whispering ] We were going to change the world, Marty, remember?

  • Did you ever get around to actually doing it? No, l guess not.

  • Well, l think l can. Really.

  • Yes.

  • What's wrong with this county, Marty?

  • Money. You taught me that.

  • Evil defense contractors had it; noble causes did not.

  • Politicians are bought and sold like so much chattel. Our problems multiply.

  • Pollution, crime, drugs, poverty, disease, hunger, despair.

  • We throw gobs ofmoney at them.

  • The problems always get worse. Why is that?

  • Because money's most powerful ability...

  • is to allow bad people to continue doing bad things...

  • at the expense ofthose who don't have it.

  • Who did you say you were working for?

  • Listen, when l was in prison, l learned that eveything in this world, including money,

  • operates not on reality--

  • Posit: people think a bank might be financially shaky.

  • Consequence: people start to withdraw their money.

  • Result: pretty soon, it is financially shaky.

  • Conclusion: you can make banks fail.

  • l've already done that. Maybeyou've read about a few?

  • [ Laughs ] Think bigger.

  • Stock market? Yes.

  • Currency market? Commodities market?

  • Small countries?

  • l might even be able to crash the whole damn system.

  • Destroy all records ofownership. Think ofit, Marty.

  • No more rich people. No more poor people. Eveybody's the same.

  • lsn't that what we said we always wanted?

  • Cos, you haven't gone crazy on me, haveyou?

  • Who else is going to change the world, Marty?

  • Greenpeace?

  • You are crazy.

  • Tomorrow theywill retrieve your fingerprints...

[ Whispering ] We were going to change the world, Marty, remember?


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運動鞋 (5/9) 電影剪輯 - 改變世界 (1992) HD (Sneakers (5/9) Movie CLIP - Changing the World (1992) HD)

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