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  • In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over how to pronounce the

  • -er ending of words.

  • Today we're talking about word stress and -er ending words that are two or more syllables.

  • The -er ending will always be unstressed. So it will be lower in pitch and quicker than

  • the stressed syllable in the word. For example, 'father'. Fath-er, fath-er. I'm sure you can

  • hear the BIG-small contrast. So the stressed syllable will have shape in it, but the unstressed

  • -er,-er, will be very flat, -er, and low in pitch. Father. This ending is written in IPA

  • with the schwa and American R symbols. But you definitely don't want to make a separate

  • schwa sound: uh-rr, uh-rr, it's just one sound, -er, -er. Let's look at a few more example

  • words. Louder. Loud-er, louder. Further, furth-er, furth-er. Further. Sister. Sist-er, sist-er,

  • sister. Computer. Compud-er, computer. Ever, ev-er, ever. Over. Ov-er, over. Singer, sing-er,

  • singer. So don't forget, when you see this -er ending, to make it nice and short with

  • just the rr sound in it. No other vowel, no shape. It's a very flat, quick, low sound.

  • That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

  • I'd like to take moment for a quick plug for a new course I'm developing. It's going to

  • be an 8-week conversation course that runs in April and May of 2012. It will bring together

  • videos, audio clips, and exercise PDFs that I've made for my private students. So, I'll

  • be pulling in the topics that I find I work on the most with my students. Each week is

  • structured with certain topics. There will be a lot of drilling practice, and also opportunity

  • for you to record yourself and upload it for my comment. There will also be group projects,

  • where you'll be engaging in conversation with one another. Because this is my first time

  • running such a course, I am offering it at a discount, and I'm also limiting the number

  • of students to 30. So visit my website for more information, and do consider signing

  • up. I really think it will take you a long way in your pronunciation practice.

In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over how to pronounce the


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如何給"-er "結尾發音。美式英語 (How to Pronounce -er Endings: American English)

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