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  • In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over the pronunciation of

  • the -SION ending.

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  • This suffix is always unstressed. It begins with either the SH or the ZH sound followed

  • by the schwa-N sound. The N is a syllabic consonant here. That means it absorbs the

  • schwa. So, you don't need to try to make a separate schwa sound. We just have sh-nn,

  • shnn, or zh-nn, zhnn. It really should be very fast as an unstressed syllable. Shn,

  • zhn. SH and ZH have the same mouth position. The first sound, sh, is unvoiced. That means

  • there is just air, no sound from the vibration of the vocal cords. Sh. In the ZH sound, there

  • is a sound from the vocal cords, zh, zh.

  • Let's talk about the mouth position. You can see the lips are flaring out while the teeth

  • remain together, sh, zh. The middle part of the tongue lifts to the top of the mouth, but doesn't

  • touch. The tip of the tongue is pulled back, so it doesn't touch anything. Sh, zh. To move

  • into the N sound, simply lift the tip of the tongue up to the roof of the mouth so the

  • top, flat part of the tongue is touching. You can also relax the lips. Shn, zhn.

  • How do you know when it's pronounced with the unvoiced sound, shn, and when with the

  • voiced sound, zhn?

  • For example, decision, zhn, zhn. Occasion, zhn, zhn. Television, zhn, zhn.

  • Version, zhn, zhn. Excursion, zhn, zhn. Immersion, zhn, zhn.

  • Otherwise, it's a SH sound.

  • Discussion,shn, shn. Apprehension, shn, shn. Compulsion, shn, shn.

  • There are just a few exceptions I was able to find of words that are quite technical

  • and uncommon. Stick with these rules and you should be ok. As you work with this suffix,

  • try to make it really short compared to the stressed syllable. And remember, don't try

  • to make a vowel sound in this syllable. Zhn, version, shn, discussion.

  • That's it, and thanks so much for using Rachel's English.

In this American English pronunciation video, we're going to go over the pronunciation of


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如何說"-SION "結尾! 美式英語的發音 (How to Say the -SION ending! American English Pronunciation)

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