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  • Hello you lovely Food Tubers, okay so Jamie Oliver here. I've got a beautiful

  • quick,

  • beautiful fresh seasonal strawberry ice cream.

  • It's a brilliant cheat. You're gonna love this recipe it takes about forty five seconds

  • it's all about strawberries, cream, Pimms

  • it's gonna be great

  • I'm going to go in

  • with about 500grams

  • of frozen strawberries, i want about the same quantity of yoghurt and we're going to sweeten it with

  • some honey

  • so just about a nice tablespoon

  • of honey goes in as well.

  • Okay, very, very simple

  • We're just going to whizz that

  • up

  • Right, you can see what's happening here, is that basically smashing them strawberries

  • into like a little ice.

  • So quick,

  • so refreshing. A little thimble of Pimms,

  • delightful

  • that's really really good

  • A nice little tip, get yourself a spoon put it in hot water and then just scoop it through the

  • ice cream

  • and that will just turn into the most beautiful, home made icecream.

  • No cream, no milk

  • just fat-free yogurt, honey

  • the beautiful strawberries. It's that really clean honest flavor

  • Oh, that is really good.

  • The Pimms is so good in it!

  • Sorry! Oh, it's so refreshing. I love it.

  • Let me show you a couple of easy things to do

  • with it

  • Um, so first up

  • bog standard

  • beautiful scoop

  • of ice cream

  • what more would you want apart from two three of those. Right, then

  • i'm thinking

  • a meringue

  • and smash the top off like that. Put that in thee.

  • Bust it in, that goes in

  • Get some nice balsamic vinegar and just a little bit

  • don't think I'm mad. it's a lovely desert every

  • time to deliver

  • on texture and flavor

  • and last but not least

  • We'll get a load of shortbread

  • and then by magic a tea towel

  • just lands in your hand like that, that's how we roll in Food Tube and then

  • here, look at this. So look what we've got here

  • We've got beautiful little

  • shortbread breadcrumbs. We're going to come back in. Come here mister cameraman.

  • This beautiful strawberry ice cream and

  • look at that come on

  • cover it

  • with this

  • and that, is like the most kind of wonderful and weird, delightful sort of deconstructed

  • sort of crumble ever!

  • So there you go guys, a simple, super quick. And I've got my three expressions

  • And I've got my three expressions here, the straight forward

  • the meringue, playing on a Eton Mess, and a shortbread smashed up kind of a play on

  • sort of like strawberries and cream

  • If you've got any ideas what to do. I know my wife would melt or shave or grate chocolate over that,

  • she would love that. What would you like with it, what would you do with that?

  • Let us know in comments box below we love it

  • when you share stuff and tell us what to do

  • Because that's why we're here.

  • We're hooking up with the wimbledon YouTube channels. So go and check those guys

  • out. Hit the link, see what they're doing it's to be brilliant before and after the tennis

  • fantastic

  • Take care guys, thanks very much.

Hello you lovely Food Tubers, okay so Jamie Oliver here. I've got a beautiful


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夏天就是要吃冰!教你在45秒內做出美味草莓冰淇淋! (How to make a 45 Second Ice Cream | Jamie Oliver)

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