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  • Before the tomb of Tutankhamun was found, we knew nothing about this king.

  • We thought before, as Egyptologists, that he was a brother of Akhenaten,

  • but now the study of Amarna period and the study of Akhenaten's life

  • and the study of the reliefs really can show

  • that he cannot be the son of Amenhotep III.

  • He was actually born in Amarna

  • and this is why we believe now that his mother could be Kiya.

  • Now we have evidence that she was an Egyptian.

  • And she died when she was delivering him as a child.

  • Based on the CT scan that I did

  • when I took a CT scanner to examine the mummy of King Tut,

  • we found out that he died at the age of 19.

  • Everyone thought that King Tut was murdered,

  • because of a hole that they found in the back of the head.

  • Now we are sure that that hole was not done by Howard Carter

  • or it was really a sign of murder.

  • It is a hole that they opened in Dynasty 18 when they did mummification.

  • Then for the first time we found that there is a fracture in his left leg.

  • This fracture was not from Howard Carter.

  • You know, because Howard Carter, when he found the mummy,

  • the mummy was covered with golden mask and over 100 pieces of gold.

  • Then he began to take the mask out, he couldn't.

  • He had to damage the mummy.

  • He damaged the mummy to 18 pieces.

  • And this is why many people could think that this fracture could happen

  • because of that damage that Howard Carter did.

  • But radiologists found that's not true.

  • Found that this fracture is an accident that happened to Tutankhamun one day before he died.

  • Tutankhamun used the desert of Memphis for hunting, for jumping.

  • And then he could, number one, died while he was hunting in the desert

  • or, the second thing, maybe in a war.

  • Maybe he was participating in a war and he died.

  • But at least we can know now the cause of his death for the first time.

Before the tomb of Tutankhamun was found, we knew nothing about this king.


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圖坦王。死亡原因 (King Tut: Cause of Death)

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