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  • let me show you now how to make this fantastic Gnocchi Al Forno its so simple here

  • i have a wood fire oven

  • not to use it im going to make this so quick

  • i made my beautiful Gnocchi earlier

  • it is so simple to do

  • click on the link now to

  • see the video where I show you how

  • here we have a frying pan fantastic butter

  • a bit of butter

  • just put it inside

  • good just melt it

  • sage

  • bundle of sage just use a little bit of salt

  • just a little touch and

  • now i'm going to make gnocchi so quick so wonderful watch me salt

  • in boiling water

  • gnocchi

  • this is the gnocchi i already made early on

  • come on you little

  • dumpling

  • just a few not too much

  • come on

  • there they go look at the way they are coming up one at the time

  • it means that they are all ready 30 seconds

  • look inside here

  • the sage and butter

  • little parcels

  • goes in

  • look at the way they come up

  • get inside here as well

  • once you have done this stir them a bit

  • i already put some sort inside put it back

  • to cook it

  • and i will start to put some fontina cheese

  • i love fontina cheese come from the north of Italy

  • but i love it

  • its because it melts it smells nice and gives you all sort of lovely colour

  • it also goes well with potato

  • you use about 100 gram of

  • Fontina cheese that will be enough for the portions

  • cheese grated

  • nice piece of Parmesan go back and grate it

  • all in come on get

  • inside

  • stir it a little bit

  • looking follow me

  • i'm going to put this fantastic

  • gnocchi which you can do at home because you have got a fantastic oven

  • doesn't have to be a wood fire oven

  • very very high the oven if you use the hob

  • just put them inside

  • and let it crisp on top

  • look at that yes

  • come on look at that

  • you don't have to put anything on that at all its so fantastic

  • and lovely and crisp and the fontina melting all round why am i cooking so good

  • reason why because there is love and passion

  • and the main ingredients are pure and natural just serve it now

  • and its crispy as well underneath

  • if you want to see me to cook more dish join me on the

  • food tube perfecto gnocchi buane petito

  • Bellisimo

  • if you want to see more of my fantastic recipes from the amalfi coast

  • click on this link now

  • to see the latest recipes from Jamie Oliver's food tube

  • channel you must

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  • it is very easy Love you

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驚豔的福爾諾糰子與Gennaro Contaldo的合作 (Amazing Gnocchi Al Forno with Gennaro Contaldo)

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