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  • Welcome to Day 15.

  • We're close to the end.

  • Let's take some time to go over

  • some of the previous phrasal verbs.

  • Review is always a good idea.

  • What does "go over" mean?

  • Now here's a third example.

  • The entire explanation is "go over well."

  • If something goes over well,

  • it's liked.

  • If something doesn't go over well,

  • it's not liked.

  • It's not received well.

  • Used this way, "go over" is intransitive.

  • It does not take an object.

  • Take a moment to look at both definitions.

  • Do you go over your spending habits each month?

  • Maybe you should.

  • In this review, we'll go over the phrasal verbs from Days 11-15.

  • Fill in the missing phrasal verbs.

  • You can do similar practice exercises with a study partner.

  • Describe a situation

  • and prompt your partner to say a certain phrasal verb.

Welcome to Day 15.


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詞組動詞:走過 - 第15天與JenniferESL合作 (Phrasal verb: go over - Day 15 with JenniferESL)

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