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  • Hello and welcome to Day 7

  • of our 20-day phrasal verb challenge.

  • In the last video, we talked about not falling behind.

  • If you can find just 5-10 minutes a day,

  • you can keep up with your studies.

  • What does this phrasal verb mean?

  • If, however, we remove that second particle "with,"

  • the phrasal verb can become intransitive

  • as simply "keep up."

  • Remember "keep up with" is transitive.

  • It's intransitive as "keep up."

  • Either way the definition remains the same.

  • But now let me show you a third example.

  • How many particles did I use?

  • Just one.

  • Do you see an object?

  • Yes.

  • Do you think the meaning is exactly the same?

  • No.

  • To "keep something up" means that you maintain it

  • You continue doing it.

  • "Keep (something) up" is transitive,

  • and it can be separated by the object.

  • When you watch films in English,

  • can you keep up with the fast speech?

  • Let's review all seven phrasal verbs.

  • I'll hint at the meaning,

  • and you tell me the phrasal verb.

Hello and welcome to Day 7


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詞組動詞:跟上 - 第7天與JenniferESL合作 (Phrasal verb: keep up with - Day 7 with JenniferESL)

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