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I don't know if you always do them, but like, I think
the best way to get into a video is just to do it.
>> Hi everybody, this is Cry, say hi.
>> [LAUGH] >> Say hi,
>> Oh, hey.
>> Hey, okay.
>> Hows it going?
>> Not bad how are you doing.
>> Oh you know just looking in the sand.
>> Mm-hm, I'm drinking by, whatever, i don't care.
I don't care, whatever, we're going.
>> It's all good, alright.
>> Okay, so the objective of this game is to find eggs.
>> Yep.
>> You keep big, they're pretty big.
because ostrich eggs are, wait hang on, I've got my ostrich facts here somewhere.
>> [SOUND]
>> What did you do?
>> I, I, ostriches aren't fish apparently.
>> Ostriches are not fish.
>> That's a fact.
Ostrich fact.
>> Yes I'm going to write that down I, I don't know.
I want my pen.
>> Hey, I found a bottle of rum.
>> Yeah, forget what I was doing.
>> Oh,
>> Where, where?
>> It was in the sands, oh.
>> Whoah, whoah, what happened?
>> [LAUGH]
Ostrich can fly, oh, ostrich facts!
>> What, >> Oh,
>> Why, what is going on?
>> [LAUGH] >> [LAUGH]
>> Okay.
All right.
We found a bug.
I'm going to write that down and report it to the developers.
>> No that's a feature!
>> Oh, okay!
All right.
>> It was fruity.
The ostriches can believe they fly if they try.
>> Ostrich is not fish.
Ostriches can fly.
>> Yep.
>> All right.
There we go.
We got two ostrich facts.
I can't get this one.
It's too high.
>> Oh.
>> Can we do our flying technique?
>> Alright.
>> I don't know what we did.
>> I, I'm flying a little bit.
>> Yeah.
That's not flying.
That's, like, hovering.
>> I did it.
>> Oh.
There you go.
You stood on my head.
Thank you very much.
>> You're welcome.
>> Oh my god, Cry.
Your butt is, like, so big.
>> I'm trying to look at it.
It's not working.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Well, I tried.
>> whatever.
>> Okay.
Oo, I can run.
>> Hey, there's a mushroom.
>> Alright.
Hang on.
Whoa, whoa.
>> Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
>> [LAUGH]
>> What was that about?
>> [LAUGH]
I don't know.
But here's an egg.
All right.
Well, let's do it again.
>> Yay.
What the hell.
Oh, there we go.
>> Ostrich work teleportations.
>> Game of the year.
11 out of 10.
10 out of 10, whatever.
>> Oh, the treasure chest.
>> Wait, hang on.
There's a sign here.
>> Yeah, let me look in it.
There's nothing in it.
>> No, hang on.
Try to kick everything.
With E, or mouse two.
>> Hinnanana.
Well, mouse two is jump.
>> What are you talking about?
They don't even know their own controls.
>> There we go.
Hang on.
>> It's mouse three.
There's balls.
>> [LAUGH] Oh boy, balls.
Their my favorite.
>> Those are those, like, twenty-five cent ones you get in the machines.
In stores.
>> The what?
>> The quarter machine balls.
>> Say what, now?
>> Bouncy balls.
>> What are you talking, what are you saying?
>> The balls, just, come on, just get them in the 25 cent machines.
>> Oh.
What are you saying, what?
What are you saying?
>> You gotta go get the egg, Mark.
>> [LAUGH] Okay.
>> God.
>> How'd you get up?
Oh, I got up there, too.
>> There's another egg, right there, Marc.
>> I got her.
Bonus activated.
Double score.
>> What does that mean.
>> I have no idea, Mark, dude.
>> No, no.
>> I fell in the water.
>> Aah!
>> Bonus lost.
>> No.
>> Darn it.
>> Why.
>> Now, what does this say?
>> Press z, or mouse 2, to kick trees.
>> Oh, I get it.
>> Eh.
>> Eh.
>> Be-eh-eh.
>> Mine was better.
>> Whoa.
>> Mine was.
Whoa, what?
>> Oh.
But, we, we cross the trees.
>> That does not help us.
No, that does.
Check it out.
>> That's not going to work.
>> Ba ba ba ba.
>> I do not see that.
What did you just do?
From my screen, it was totally different.
>> Ba ba ba ba.
>> What?
You're flying in mid-air.
You're, no.
That's not happening.
You're on nothing.
You are on nothing.
>> Hey, we've learned that ostriches can fly, have we not?
>> Yeah, but they can't float.
Or, maybe.
>> Oh.
>> We did it.
>> That was the finish line?
>> Yeah.
>> I thought it was just bubbles.
>> Yeah.
>> All right.
>> Good job.
All right.
I'm going to drink, to celebrate.
>> Celebration drink.
I was, there was, there were golden eggs.
I saw it in the movie.
Hang on.
I'm starting.
I got, we went to the next realm, but I gotta start a new.
Everyone's going to see my password!
>> Oh!
What is it?
Oh my god.
>> Oh no.
>> Oh my god.
>> Oh no.
>> Oh no.
Oh no.
Okay, whatever.
Just join, join, join, join, joined it.
>> Okay.
>> And there's a fish, fish over there.
Oh my God.
We gotta go send it back to the ocean.
>> No, wait, no.
>> What?
>> You'll scare it.
You'll scare it away.
I'm going to kick this.
No, it's gone.
>> Hey, there's, there's a pineapple up...why did you drown?
>> because I went after the fish.
>> Well, I found a pineapple so we feel good again.
Hey, can we kick this statue?
>> Probably.
>> Nyeh.
>> Balls.
>> It's, it's giving us this balls in once.
>> [LAUGH] Hey, oh.
Oh, ho.
>> Oh.
>> Stand on my head.
I want that.
>> Oh my god.
Alright >> Stand on me.
>> No, no.
You, you stand on me.
>> No.
Don't kick me.
>> [LAUGH] >> Why do you kick me? Stand on my butt.
Get up, get up.
>> I got it, it's a green hat.
>> Visit the nest to equip it? What? >> What?
>>You know what, I'm out.
>> No, don't go, I don't have a hat.
I didn't get it, you could of at least boosted me up to get it.
>> Nope, nope.
>> Fine I'm going to find me something better.
[LAUGH] >> Hang on, wait you're laughing now.
You gonna see >> Oh that's not, that's not a hat at all.
>> Are you, are you back yet?
>> No I'm trying to figure out how to equip it.
>> You go into the nest >> I'm in the nest.
>> Well put it on!
>> I don't see the hat!
Oh I can't go oh there we go.
This is a horrible idea, why did I abandon you for this stupid hat?
>> See, that's what I was saying.
Although it was a pretty sweet hat.
>> It, it is.
It's a valuable lesson, though, that people should
learn to not abandon friends for green hats.
>> Exactly, exactly, very much.
Except on St. Patrick's Day or something like that.
>> All right, take drink for lessons.
>> Yes, I agree.
>> Mm-hm.
>> I got it.
>> The main, the score you gotta beat is 9306.
>> 930 What?
Who plays this game that much?
>> Apparently... >>I just fell off.
I fell.
I died.
It hurt bad.
>> Oh, I'm sorry.
It's because we're not working together as ostriches.
>> Ha ha.
I did it.
I won.
All right.
I'm starting up the, go to level four.
>> I can't.
God damn it.
>> [LAUGH] >> Alright.
Fine, I'm starting up, level two again.
Even though we did it already >> I have no idea.
>> Oh.
That's why you quit.
Or, that.
>> [LAUGH] >> I mean that, yeah.
Anyway, now, get down here.
>> You, you want the hat.
>> Yeah.
I want the hat.
>> There you go.
You can go on the head.
Take that hat.
>> on your big butt there, and here we go.
>> Hey, it is pretty big.
>> Yeah.
>> Now, that's, oh, fuck!
>> [LAUGH] You went right in!
>> Dammit!
>> What were you aiming for?
>> I wanted the egg on the boat!
>> [LAUGH] >> [SOUND] Oh, oh, god.
>> You okay?
>> You going to get that egg?
>> I got it, okay.
>> All right.
>> I got it.
All I saw was you sailing off into the ocean.
With no,
no idea what you where doing.
>> I wanted to be the pebble that you throw into the lake and it bounces.
I found a chest with a butterfly on it.
What's the treasure?
>> I don't know.
Something has changed near by.
Look around.
>> Oh is it the fact that there's a giant volcano on fire.
>> No, that's what we're trying to not die from.
>> Oh, we're going to do that.
>> [LAUGH] We're going to not die or we're going to die.
>> We're going to do both.
>> We can't do both.
>> I want to think that we can
Scooby Doo said so.
>> We can't, we can't, I don't think Scooby Doo said that.
I watched
>> Scooby Doo had nothing to do with ostriches.
>> I, I, I watched, I watched, I watched a lot of Scooby Doo in my time.
>> You know, I'm going fucking say it, Velma was always pretty hot.
>> Yeah!
>> Yeah!
>> I totally agree!
Way hotter than Daphne!
>> High five!
>> High five!
I, I don't know where you high-fived.
I high-fived my web cam.
I'm sorry.
>> See, yeah.
You have a cam, it looked friggin stupid.
But with me, I'm just audio, so it sounds like realistic.
>> Oh, whatever.
>> [LAUGH] >> What, what, whatever.
I was just sitting over here looking stupid.
Screw you.
>> Let me see if I can go across that little floaty thing.
>>Okay, all right nope. >> Absolutely not.
>> [LAUGH]
More drinks.
>> All of my, my options cross are depleted.
>> Wait are you still in the game?
>> Yeah.
>> You're supposed to get out of the game.
>> I, their, I can't, get across.
>> You gotta be kidding me.
>> The trees are not able to take me, they're gone.
I'm just trying to get it.
>> Oh god damnit, we gotta do level two again.
You realize this.
>> I oh that, it's like that one level in Sonic, where you got that Marble Zone.
>> That one level in Sonic.
You don't even say which Sonic game.
>> I, fir, first one.
>> [LAUGH] The first one.
>> Yep.
>> Let me recall back in my, I didn't even have a Sega.
>> What?
>> I didn't.
I never did.
It was all Nintendo.
>> No!
>> I played a Sega, but I never had one.
>> Oh my god, I can't do this video anymore Markiplier
>> I'm sorry.
It wasn't my choice, what are you saying it was my choice.
>> I'm planning on going to play Guitar Hero now.
>> I had a Dreamcast.
>> I had a friend who had a Dreamcast.
>> Oh, you didn't have a Dreamcast and you're judging me.
are you joining the game or what!
>> I am trying to join, it's not working!
It's like, knock, knock, who's there?
Not me, apparently.
>> Wait, hang on, get, get out of the game.
Get, get out of that.
I'm going to try it again.
>> Okay.
>> I'm going back in.
>> Okay.
Is, it not working?
>> I didn't say go.
>> Oh.
>> Get out.
Get out.
I'm going to go all the way out, to the main menu.
Oh my game crashed.
>>I have Bandicam, I have it >> Use it more.
>> I'm going to put on the hat, screw you.
>> Oh alright. >> I'm putting on the hat. >> I can't even put on the hat.
>> Woah eggs
>> Yeah, there's a lotta eggs in there, I don't know why.
>> Oh, Cry you slut, what are you been doing over here.
>> Yeah, I've apparently been making a lotta eggs.
I got it!
>> Oh my gosh.
I'm so jealous.
>> Yeah!
>> I still don't have the hat!
>> Kick open your wardrobe.
It crashed again!
I got it okay.
All right.
>> Okay.
>> Hey!
My ostrich on the main menu had a hat!
>> Oh yeah?
>> All right.
We're going to do this.
You ready?
>> I would love to be ready.
>> Starting up level two.
>> I really want a hat though.
Oh nice hat.
>> [LAUGH] I know right.
>> I'm so jealous.
>> Look at this hat.
>> This is the sweetest hat ever in the history of hats.
I want to wear that hat along with you.
>> No.
You got a dibbergibbinaffigibbin.
>> Shit.
You know what?
We don't even need the points.
Let's just go.
>> [LAUGH] >> Don't even need it.
>> Alright.
>> And, it's got the hat, that's all we needed.
>> Okay.
>> Now.
You kick the one on the left.
>> Okay.
>> I'll kick the one on the right cause apparently, they're different.
I did it.
>> You did it?
Okay, good.
>> Got it.
>> Even, you know, actually, I even see that one over there.
So, I'm going to.
>> Oh!
>> Yeah!
>> Yeah!
We did it!
Woo hoo!
>> Yeah!
All right!
>> That took no time at all.
Why did it take so long before?
>> [LAUGH]
I don't know.
>> Alright whatever.
>> Hey okay.
I still haven't found my list of ostrich facts.
>> Oh god,
I gotta go find this.
>> No, no, no, no.
>> Oh that will keep you buoyant.
[LAUGH] >> Break into this chest.
>> I could, I was trying to get to the chest, but it wouldn't let me.
>> Hey, I found some ladybugs.
>> [SOUND] >> The hell are you breaking?
>> I'm breaking all sorts of stuff, valuable artifacts.
>> Oh, my god!
Those were for the Museum of Ostriches.
>> [SOUND]
Ostriches don't have a museum, dumbass!
>> Well, maybe if they have hats, they have museums.
They're multicultural now.
>> I, I, I don't, I don't think.
There's no way that's true.
There's no way.
There's no way.
>> Boop.
What the
>> What'd you do?
What'd you do?
>> I jumped into the portal and it got me to the water.
>> It didn't get me in the water.
>> Well, let me try again.
>> It must've not liked you.
>> [LAUGH]
>> What the fuck portal?
>> [LAUGH]
>> Let me try it again.
>> Oh, sunglasses!
>> What the fuck?
>> [LAUGH]
>> You know what, this is fucking prejudice, just because I'm an ostrich.
it pulls this shit.
>>Yeah. Ah no.
I died.
>> Oh, oh, well so Mister Laughy Pants now, huh? >>Now my name is Mister Laughy Pants. >> Jeez, yeah maybe.
>> [LAUGH]
Just cause I like to laughing at your antics over there.
>> I, I'm going to have to call my lawyers so I won't own
I don't own a person, sir
>> Oh really, really, really don't you?
>> Maybe a few >> Maybe a few, yeah
>> I, maybe, I want to be the gran torino.
>> What is the gran torino?, ahh, chicken, the boat, the boat was sinking.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Wait, what, how did you finish?
>> [LAUGH]
Because I'm good at this game.
>> You were the one dying in the ocean.
Don't tell me you are good at this game.
You are not good at this game.
>> Yeah, I, I thought about how, one of the Super Mario levels, and I did that. It worked.
>> Starting next game, go.
>> That's...
>> Way better.
Think I started it back up again.
>> How do you put on sunglasses?
I can't take mine on.
My, my hat.
>> Oh, it's a trade-off, okay.
Well, you have the sunglasses, I'll have the hat.
>> I can't even put on my sunglasses.
>> Well, then, that's stupid.
>> Can you put on your sunglasses?
>> Wait, no, recording was way off.
>> Oh, really?
>> Way off, >> Oh why?
>> Wasn't even close to capturing the window.
>> Oh
>> Not the whole time, not the whole time just that for Bandicam.
>> Great.
>> I told you Bandicam was stupid.
>> Hey, you just, just can't setup properly.
>> Hey, you just have something wrong with your face.
>> You didn't think about things.
>> [LAUGH] Shut up.
Yeah, you're right.
>> Oh, thank God, we're wearing our hats.
>> Hey, there's a thing.
>> Giant ostrich.
>> Wait, something aah!
I fell into the ocean.
>> You need to not do that because this is a really nice hat up here.
>> Oh no.
That looked so nice.
>> It's so nice.
>> It's so nice.
Yeah, I want that hat.
Why can't I have that hat?
>> Oh my God, I want to wear it right now.
>> And I think there's something in the middle here.
Let me just stick my head down.
>> Oh, what is it?
>> I found, no.
It was nothing.
>> Oh.
>> It was nothing, go away.
It was nothing.
>> Okay.
>> [NOISE].
>> Oh, you're enjoying that nothing.
I have a confession to make.
>> This looks like Turok from Nintendo 64.
>> Oh your right it does.
>> Turok!
>> Except I haven't played that game.
>> Why not?
>> I don't know.
I was a dumb, I was dumb, I was a PC gamer, as a kid even as a kid.
>> What?
Stop playing Commander King.
>> I never played Commander King.
>> Well, then, you have a bit of a problem.
>> [LAUGH] Do you have a problem with my gaming career?
>> Oh my God, no.
>> What is that?
Oh my god!
There's not supposed to be monsters!
jumping into the ocean.
What the hell was that?
>> This game isn't supposed to have skeletons
>> Is this a horror game?
I fell into the ocean again!
God dammit.
>> [LAUGH] >> Stop laughing at me.
My feet are shattered.
>> Oh God, it just killed me
>> [LAUGH] >> We gotta go under pelts.
>> But, I'm going in the rainbow, oops screw this.
>> Alright.
>> Rainbow power.
>> Oh, whoa.
>> Oh.
I just got killed.
>> It just dropped us in the ocean.
>> The portal is not working properly, it said.
>> What?
It started over again.
>> I'm going to go sink to the bottom of the ocean.
>> [LAUGH] >> Oh my God.
How much was this game again?
>> It was I don't know like ten bucks, I don't know.
>> Oh, well worth it.
>> Worth every penny.
Oh my God, this game goes, best game ever.
>> Absolutely.
Who'd have thought it, we gotta look at the hat again.
>> Yeah yeah yeah the hat >> Hey hat
>> Oh God you pushed me in the ocean
You son of a bitch, why would you do that?
>> I'm an ostrich, I don't know what the fuck I am doing.
>> Screw you.
Oh, no.
You >> [LAUGH]
>> That's unfair.
>> That's two lives that we've died to a hat.
All right, don't worry about it.
Don't be afraid.
>> I'm so afraid.
That's like my job to be afraid.
>> Oh, okay.
You gotta be ballsy now.
>> Okay.
Big giant.
>> You gotta be ballsiplier.
>> Balls.
Giant ostrich balls.
>> All right, ballsiplier.
Alright let's go.
>> I don't think ostriches have balls.
>> [SOUND] >> [SOUND] got us both.
>> Maybe we gotta lure him away from it.
>> No, no it's on a patrol, it like, go, if we go now.
>> Okay.
>> It won't come back, because it's a patrolling.
>> Okay.
>> Just hide here with me, hide with me.
Hide with me.
>> Get us in.
>> Get real close.
That's what the hiding mechanic is for.
>> Holy crap.
>> Because we can't see him, he can't see us.
>> Oh, game of the year!
>> It's just like baby physics!
>> Baby physics?
>> Cause that's how they play hide and seek, they just close their eyes.
>> Oh.
Well I.
>> You found your a white hat, dont question it Markiplier!
>> Yeahhh, white hat! >> I need to show you this hat.
>> Okay, get in the game and show me.
>> Oh, I'll show you this hat, look at this.
Alright, okay, alright >> What
>> My head is in the sand, alright.
>> You gotta, you gotta see this hat.
>> It's dark in here.
>> I'm going to, I'm going to present it, all
right, you gotta cover your eyes with your,
>> Oh.
>> Just cover your eyes.
>> Okay, I'm ready.
>> All right.
Open your eyes.
>> Whoa!
>> I know.
It's crazy how that works out.
>> Oh, you're like Michael Jackson in that one thing!
I know, I have one foot glove over my foot.
>> [LAUGH] >> I'm gonna break shit.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Oh, god.
>> You killed me, too.
What did you do?
>> [LAUGH]
>> I think it's those rocks you attached to your feet in the last level.
That's a skeleton.
Oh god there is.
>> This is not supposed to be a horror game.
>> I'll avenge you, I'll avenge you
>> I don't think you're supposed to avenge
me, I think you're just supposed to avoid them.
>> Were did he go?
>> There is giant pouring lava here.
>> I just died avenging you.
>> You didn't avenge very good then.
>> Where you go?
>> I'm going here.
>> What where is that?
>> I don't know
I'm in some pads in an ocean.
>> I just jumped down a pit and won.
>> Good job.
I died.
>> [LAUGH] >> I okay.
>> This is better than Team Fortress 2 in terms of hats.
>> This is better than Team Fortress 2 in terms of engaging gameplay.
>> True that.
Really true.
>> Shots fired.
Cry has made it very, very clear how he feels about TF2.
>> [LAUGH] >> OK, are you following me?
>> Yeah.
>> Good, you're following me?
>> Yeah, I am.
Why is it like, showing?
It's like a spotlight.
>> I don't know.
>> It's freaking me out.
>> It tells you where to jump.
Vote Pedro >> Vote for Pedro
>> That was a Napolean Dynamite reference.
>> I got that reference, it was very good. >> [SOUND]
>> Did you know that movie is pretty ahhh.
>> [LAUGH] you are the last one and you fall?
>> I did There is a skelington over here too. >> It was a sledgehammer.
That was also a Napoleon Dynamite reference.
>> I, I also got that.
>> Oh, you're, you're breaking things.
>> Yes.
>> And the sound displacement's poor, because it sounded like
it was right next to me, and it's totally not.
>> [LAUGH] >> I was very nervous.
>> Game of the year.
This is a wait hang on >> Wait where the hell are you?
There's like four skeletons out here.
>> [LAUGH] I don't think this is the right way.
Wait I spawned here and the skeleton killed me!
That's bull!
>> No no no it's an ostrich.
Oh I found a hat!
Oh, I have a cowboy hat.
>> Where in the world did you find a hat?
>> Where you died there was a chest, and in the chest there was a hat. >> Cry, cry, cry. >> What?
You dirty, dirty, dirty girl.
Gimme that.
>> Look at that.
It's a cowboy hat.
You can have that cowboy hat.
>> Now we gotta get back though.
>> Okay don't die.
>> I'll try not to.
>> If you die.
>> I've got one life left, I'm okay.
>> There's a boat with shiny thing in it, egg.
>> It's an egg stupid, we've got tons of eggs.
>> Eggs, well we need more, >> Cry, we don't need anymore eggs.
>> That egg is going to birth Einstein ostrich.
>> [LAUGH] Einstrich Ha ha.
>> Oh my God, he's so spooky.
I'm going to follow him.
>> No, he's going to come back that way, you gotta, you...
>> No, no, no, I go follow him.
>> No, you gotta, he's going to come around
that, no, he's not going to come around that way.
>> See, I'm good.
There's a chest here.
Hey, I found another egg.
>> Hey, good for you.
Let's jump down the hole.
>> All right, that's how we win the stage.
>> Yay.
We're almost done with the game.
Oh my god, $10 game >> [LAUGH]
>> If they put guns on these ostriches this would be pretty amazing
>> I think we could rob a bank of golden eggs just...
>> Ahh, I've run off again >> God damn it Ark
>> [LAUGH] Ark?
>> I called you Ark >> Who is Ark?
Apparently, it's you, if I forget the m.
>> [LAUGH]
>> I'm going to probably get killed by the skeleton coming towards you.
Behind you.
>> No, no.
No, no, no.
>> [LAUGH] >> There's a lot.
>> These are really bad patrols.
>> [LAUGH] Yeah.
They don't pay attention to where we're going, or what we're doing, or who we are.
>> Yeah.
>> [SOUND] Okay.
>> Oh, hey.
I hit a thing.
>> Oh okay.
>> Oh god behind us. run!
>> Ahh, ahh.
>> Oh no.
>> No.
>> It was shallow.
It looks the same as the shallow wire.
>> I know, the, the, the son of a bitch.
I went in a circle.
I kind of did too.
>> Skeleton.
Oh >> Hey, I found a lever down here.
>> Well put the lever and then do the thing.
>> I think I might die going in here.
>> Do the lever in the thing.
>> I might die.
No, I'm good.
>> I'm going to try hiding my head when the skeleton comes by.
>> Oh, no wait, no we got it.
I'm going for it.
>> Yeah.
Hey, hey wait don't go without me.