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- Sit down, you little urchin!
- You little bloody arse-hole.
- You little flounder.
- Hey, everyone, my name is Tyler,
and I'm joined with the lovely...
- Zoe.
- And we are going to do a little video today.
We just filmed The Boyfriend Tag on her channel,
so after this, go check it out.
But today we are playing a little game called...
What is it called?
The Disney Challenge, right?
The Disney Challenge.
- The Disney Song Challenge.
- And we are going to see
who is the biggest Disney fan between the two of us.
- ♫ Bum bum bum ♫
- I think it's me.
You seem to think it's you,
so I'm here to prove you wrong.
We are joined by two lovely gentlemen.
Gentlemen, say hey.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- And they're helping us play the music and keep score.
- I'm the points person.
- Ok.
Ok, Zoe, explain the rules of the game.
- Ok, the rules of the game are
a Disney song is played to each of us individually,
and we get a point for the song title
and from which film it's from.
But after 10 seconds,
that means you forfeit the round,
and the other person can make a guess,
and then it moves on to the other person's turn.
- Mmm. I'm gonna steal your points. Yeah.
- And the person at the end of game
with the most points is the biggest Disney fan.
- So you can get two points each round,
or zero, or one, so it kinda...
We never know what's going to happen.
Are you ready to go?
- Yeah.
- I think I'm gonna win.
- Who's gonna go first?
- You go first.
- Ok. Song number one.
- [Voiceover] Percussion. (calypso music plays)
- "Kiss the Girl." Little Mermaid.
- Bam. Two points. That was good.
You were very good.
Oh, I'm nervous!
(rippling flute music)
Oh. Pocahontas, "Colors of the Wind."
(crescendos into flowing orchestral music)
Pocahontas. Uh...
No, I don't get negative points!
♫ What I love most about rivers is
♫ You can't step ♫
- Oh. "Just Around the Riverbend."
- Oh.
- I just got excited. I just got excited.
That's still two points.
- Is that allowed if you get the first one wrong?
- Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- [Zoe] Ok. All right. - [Tyler] Ok.
- [Voiceover] Ready? - [Zoe] Yeah.
Is this my go?
- Yeah.
- Ok.
- Oh, my god, I'm on fire.
♫ It's ♫
- "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." Mary Poppins.
- Wow!
- It's so hard to say quickly! Try it!
- You killed it.
Supercalifragili... (mumbles)
(upbeat whistling march)
- [Tyler] I am getting-- - [Zoe] I know it.
♫ Just whistle while you work ♫
- "Whistle While You Work." Sleeping Beauty.
Something. "Whistle While You Work."
I got one point, right?
- Can I say what film it is?
- You can steal. You can say what movie.
- Snow White.
- Didn't I say Snow White?
- [Voiceover] You said Sleeping Beauty.
- Oh! Sugarfudge. Oh well.
So one point, one point.
♫ Nants ingonyama
♫ Bagithi Baba ♫
"Circle of Life," Lion King.
- I was about to say.
Because you looked confused.
I'm like, girl, the first note,
you should know that!
- I should get that right, then.
- Yeah.
- I was wondering if it was "Hakuna Matata,"
and I was like, no, it's not!
- [Tyler] Hakuna Matata! - [Zoe] Hakuna Matata!
(rock 'n roll piano music)
- Oh. ♫ Bless my soul, Herc was on a roll ♫
Hercules. Um...
Like, "Prologue" or something? Or...
"Zero to Hero"!
- Ooh, that was close!
- That was close. That was close.
Would you have known it?
- No.
♫ I can see what's happening ♫
- "Hakuna Matata," Lion King.
♫ And they don't have a clue ♫
- No! Lion King...
♫ They'll fall in love and here's the bottom line
♫ Our trio's down ♫
- [Voiceover] Time up.
- "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"
- Oh!
- Originally sang by Elton John.
Ding ding!
(romantic piano music)
"A Whole New World"?
"I Can Show You the World,"
by Aladdin.
What is it called?
- [Voiceover] ♫ A whole new world ♫
- "A Whole New World," ok.
I know it's one of those.
- ♫ Don't you dare close your eyes ♫
- [Voiceover] Maybe he's right.
- "Part of That World," Little Mermaid.
- [Voicover] Maybe there is something the matter with me.
- What's it like to get all the easy ones?
(slow, melodic string music)
- I know what it is! I know what it is!
(slow, melodic string music)
- What is that? No, that was not fair!
- My go! My go!
- What is it?
- The Jungle Book, "Bare Necessities."
- [Voiceover] Ding ding ding ding ding!
- Who knew?
- I did! It starts off slow.
♫ Doo doo doo ♫
and then it goes--
- I don't think I've ever seen The Jungle Book.
- ♫ Bare necessities
♫ The simple bare necessities ♫
- Well, you know, I don't know about that.
(romantic piano and flute music)
- Beauty and the Beast, "Tale as Old as Time."
(romantic piano and flute music)
- Was that it?
- [Voiceover] "Beauty and the Beast."
- Isn't it just called "Beauty and the Beast"?
- [Voiceover] From Beauty and the Beast.
- She didn't call it "Beauty and the Beast."
She said it was from Beauty and the Beast.
Girl, it's called "Beauty and the Beast."
- [Voiceover] You said "Tale as Old as Time."
- "Beauty and the Beast." I knew it was that.
I knew, so I get a point for that.
(lively calypso music) - [Voiceover] Ariel.
- Oh, uh, "Under the Sea,"
Little Mermaid.
- Oh, god.
(melancholy guitar and flute music)
- Is it mine or hers?
- It's mine.
(melancholy guitar and flute music)
♫ You think I'm an ignorant savage
♫ And you've been so many places ♫
Something savages.
♫ I guess it must be so
♫ But still I cannot see ♫
"Just Around the Riverbend."
♫ If the savage ♫ (click)
Is it not Pocahontas?
- It's Pocahontas.
- So I've got a point.
- "Colors of the Wind"?
- [Voiceover] Yeah! - [Tyler] Yeah!
(lively jazz trumpet music)
- Oh. Um...
"Never Had a Friend Like Me."
(cheerful drum and flute music)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
- Lion King.
Oh, my God! I love this song!
- [Voiceover] Stop, stop, stop.
It's Lion King, it's
♫ everybody do this ♫
- "Just Can't Wait to be King."
- Oh! I knew it was that!
That's my favorite Lion--
- Stealing you points left and/or right!
- [Voiceover] It's your turn, Zoe.
- Your turn. (wistful violin music)
- "Maybe he's right."
♫ If there's a prize
Oh, no. (Zoe gasps)
♫ For rotten judgment
Oh! Oh! Hercules. Um...
It's your song! Oh.
- My turn! My turn!
"I Won't Say I'm in Love."
- Yeah. At first I thought it was, "Maybe he's right."
- Ooh, it's getting tense. I don't know who's winning.
- I have literally no clue.
- [Voiceover] It happened on one of them--
- "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah." Song of the South.
- [Voiceover] Now that's the kind of day--
- Is that right?
- [Voicover] "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah."
What film is it from?
- Song of the South.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- [Voiceover] Ok. Good job.
- Did you know that one?
- No.
I think that's a racist movie. Isn't it?
- I'm pretty sure there was speculation
around that one.
- I think we don't really count that anymore.
(soothing music) ♫ Ooh ♫
- I know it.
- Pinocchio when he wished upon a star?
♫ Baby mine ♫
♫ Don't you cry ♫ - Did you get that in time?
- [Voiceover] Just.
- Oh! And it's called "Baby Mine."
- I would have never gotten that,
and it was a wild guess.
- [Zoe] Point each. - [Tyler] You can have it.
- High five.
(gong rings softly)
(eccentric music) Pinocchio.
(gong rings) (click)
- Mulan.
- No, that's not Mulan!
Girl, Lord knows I don't fuckin' know. Um...
I don't know. I give up.
What is it?
- [Voiceover] It's Lady and the Tramp.
♫ We are Siamese if you please ♫
- I've never seen that movie.
- ♫ Boob boob ♫
(upbeat guitar music)
- Oh. Tangled. Um...
"When Will My Life Begin?"
- [Voiceover] Correct.
- I love Tangled! So good.
One round each left.
- Yep.
(wistful violin music)
"Chim Chim-in-ey, Chim Chim-in-ey,
"chim chim cher-ee," Mary Poppins.
- I woulda been like, "Huh?"
Ok. My turn.
Is it called "Chim Chim-in-ey, Chim Chim-in-ey,
"chim chim cher-ee," in the movie?
- I'm sure you got it somewhere
within that whole big old spiel.
I think you cast a spell just now.
I think you're a witch.
- "Chim Chim-in-ey, Chim Chim-in-ey,
"chim chim cher-ee."
- You're like, "Chim chim-in-ey."
(slow jazz music)
- That's 10 seconds.
"He's a Tramp," Lady and the Tramp.
- Ugh.
- [Voiceover] Mm-hmm.
- That was probably the deciding point.
- That was so easy. How did you not get--
- I've never seen Lady and the Tramp.
Ok, so that was a pretty close game.
- I think it was really close.
- I think you may have pulled it out,
the win at the very end.
- I don't think I did.
- But do you wanna see who won?
- Yeah, I really wanna know.
- [Voiceover] It was very, very close.
- Ok.
- [Voiceover] Honestly.
You two kept switching ranks,
so Zoe'd be in front for a while,
then Tyler, then Zoe.
Let me tell you now
that the winner--
- With how many points?
- [Voiceover] With 22 points...
- Tyler.
- [Voiceover] Is...
Drum roll, please, Jim.
- [Voiceover] (imitates drum)
- [Voiceover] Zoe!
- How many did Tyler get?
- [Voiceover] 19.
- I was so close.
Well, congratulations, Zoe.
I guess it was well-deserved,
but we can settle this
the next time we go to Disneyland.
We'll have a little excursion,
and truly see, on true Disney turf,
who is the biggest fan.
- Sounds like a good idea.
- But until then, you will be the reigning champ.
It's fine.
Ok, so if you were able to guess some of the songs,
be sure to push the thumbs up,
and let us know which ones you guys guessed
in the comments below.
And if you liked this video,
then you're going to love what we did
on Zoe's channel.
What did we do, Zoe?
- We did The Boyfriend Tag.
- We were dying the entire time we were filming it,
so go watch that.
Subscribe to Zoe,
because she is one of my absolute favorites.
She's so beautiful and things.
- Thanks.
- So go watch it and like it,
and say that I sent ya,
and until next time, have a good life.
- [Zoe] Bye! - [Tyler] Bye!
- [Tyler and Zoe] ♫ Can you feel
♫ The love tonight
♫ Tonight
- [Zoe] ♫ Da da da da da da ♫
♫ Of the wind ♫
- [Voiceover] Ok. Ready?
- Yeah, mama.
- ♫ No one sayin' be this ♫
- ♫ Now see here ♫
- [Tyler and Zoe] ♫ I steal
♫ Only what I can't afford
♫ That's everything ♫
- ♫ Tell you all about it when I got the time ♫
(Zoe vocalizes)
- [Tyler and Zoe] ♫ Still I think he's rather tasty ♫


迪士尼歌曲知多少 (ft. 英國甜心Zoe Sugg) (The Disney Challenge (ft. Zoella) | Tyler Oakley) (歌詞/lyrics)

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