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  • Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.

  • We will go over 32 highly requested slang words and phrases you may have heard spoken among Black people.

  • These words are used for the sole purpose of better understanding your favorite Black movies and musical artists.

  • We highly recommend that you do not use these words in daily conversation,

  • especially when you're conversing with Black people.

  • But, you can enjoy learning Ebonics and improve your understanding of Black speech

  • and learn more about Black culture with this lesson.

  • I hope this will be a stepping stone into learning more about Black culture.

  • Everyone ready? Let's begin.

  • Well, let's start with the first conversational word.

  • The word is: shit.

  • Now, shit is a very common word and maybe many of you already know of this word.

  • You hear it many times in different movies and also in different rap songs as well.

  • It is a very common word that's used every day,

  • but there's a good possibility you really don't understand the proper way of using this word.

  • Shit is actually an expression of emotion for something that may have gone wrong.

  • Okay, so let's go into one conversational situation.

  • Please stand by.

  • Shit!!! That kid made Bank when he worked there.

  • I know man, I don’t know why that boy left that place.

  • Do you understand?

  • The word shit was used in this particular example meaning,

  • "Wow! This guy made a lot of money. You know what I'm saying? At this job he worked."

  • And the other guy mentioned said, "Oh yes. I don't even understand why the guy left a place that made so much money."

  • So, shit in this case, was used to express surprise.

  • Next example:

  • Yo man, sometimes my boss be acting real shitty.

  • I know whacha saying.

  • Do you understand?

  • In this case, the word shit has been changed slightly from shit to shitty, meaning a worse scenario,

  • something that was not good, something that happened bad.

  • But, it also means someone's personality.

  • Someone can actually be explained as being a shitty person, meaning someone with a bad attitude.

  • So, don't get it confused.

  • Shit is an expression of emotion, saying, "Wow! Something happened,"

  • where shitty means someone who is bad.

  • So, now you learned the first word today of Ebonics, the word shit, and also the word shitty, how it is used in a conversation.

  • Next time, I will teach you more and more slang words of Ebonics, phrases as well,

  • to improve your understanding of Black culture.

  • So, until next time. I'll see you.

  • Check you out next time. Peace.

Welcome to E-com's version of Ebonics.


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