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(children) Kids react to technology!
This episode: VCRs!
(Finebros) Okay, so in this episode,
- you're not gonna be reacting to a video. - Oh, okay.
Oh no. Uh-oh, oh no.
(Finebros) Instead, you are reacting to this.
What the heck is that thing?
What is this?
Oh, it's heavy.
Is this a VHS thing?
Is it a VCR?
A heavy VCR.
You put in your tape, and then it will, like...
play music, right?
(children) Question time!
- (Finebros) So what do you think it is? - CD player?
A music player thing?
I think it's a projection stream?
Is this, like, a DVD player?
A VCR player.
And it's really hard to, like, program the clock.
- (Finebros) It's called-- - Is it a radio?
- (Finebros) No. - Alarm clock?
(Finebros) No.
I give up. Just tell me.
- (Finebros) It's called a VCR. - Oh, okay.
I knew what it is, but I didn't know the name.
Oh my god. I feel so stupid.
- (Finebros) Have you ever heard of a VCR? - No, I haven't.
Mmm...no. (giggles)
Yes, I have.
My nana and papa.
They have, like, VCR.
From my favorite show, Teen Titans Go!
(Finebros) And it does a few things. You can play movies on it.
Oh... okay.
(Finebros) What do you use now to play movies at home?
- DVD player. - DVD player.
Blu-ray player.
Netflix or Hulu Plus.
(Finebros) Another thing you can do with a VCR
is you can actually record things off of a television
- onto the VCR onto a tape. - Okay.
That's cool.
Never knew that.
(Finebros) Does anything do that today?
Called the "record" button on a remote.
There would usually be a "record" button on your remote.
The "record" button on the remote.
You just record it on the TV, though,
'cause they just do it automatically in the TV.
The TV. Or is that--
It's like a box like this.
(Finebros) How would you get this to work?
Well, I think we press "power."
(clicking button)
Guys, this is really confusing.
Nothing's happening.
Oh, 'cause there's nothing in here.
How do you watch it?
Is there supposed to be, like, a little thing right here,
like a TV thing?
Do you need a TV for that?
(Finebros) We first need to hook up a television.
(sulky) Oh no.
A TV? It's gonna be so boring!
A really old TV?
You guys are gonna break this,
and then it's not gonna be my fault.
I'm gonna press "power."
- (buzz) - (gasps) It made a noise.
- Power. - (VCR whirring)
Oh, I hate that noise. Oh my gosh!
(Finebros) It is ready now.
So we are going to give you a videocassette.
(derisively) Oh, I remember these things.
I feel like I've seen this before.
It's fat, bulky.
This is more complicated than a DVD.
My friend had an '80s birthday party
with super-tiny ones all over the cake.
At my old house in Canada, there was a whole bunch of these
when we had to put them away to move here.
If you put it like this,
it looks like a mouth right here and two eyes.
And right here, this looks like it's angry.
- (Rafi) Yeah, you're right. - (Benny) It does.
(Finebros) Do you know what you call that type of a cassette?
- No. - No.
A cassette.
This is a VHS.
(Finebros) How did you know? Does it say VHS on that?
- Yeah. - (laughter)
- (Finebros) They call it a VHS. - VHS.
I feel like I've heard that.
You're just telling me words that I don't know.
-(Finebros) Go ahead and put it in. - Uh...
I don't know.
I've seen these in movies before.
(Finebros) No...oh oh. Nonononono. Can you get it out?
Oh, it came back out.
- (Finebros) No. - Wait. Is it upside-down?
(Finebros) No, nonononono.
All right.
(VCR whirring)
Is it gonna, like, grow arms and attack me?
Oh. Boom!
(in video) One, two, three, four.
♪ (music in video) ♪
(in video) This game starts with the holders
- jumping and alternating... - I'm watching TV.
Go away, Mom.
(Finebros) How does it look at the TV?
Does it look as good as a DVD?
It's not... not good.
It's seems like blurry mess.
It's really buzzy, like (sputtering)
It doesn't have HD like the Blu-ray does.
(Finebros) Why do you think there aren't VCRs anymore
when everyone used to have one?
Because we have made better things.
New is new. And old is ehh.
The DVDs has tooken over.
We have, like, iPhones and iPads.
'Cause it's hard work.
Blah, pah, boom. Done.
And then DVD players-- plah, on.
People think higher technology is cooler,
even though these are basically the same thing.
They're just older.
(Finebros) So other things about a VCR
is, when you would get a new tape,
every time you watch the movie,
the tape gets a little more damaged.
So the more you watch a movie, the worse it looks.
Oh. That's why nobody's using it anymore.
(Finebros) What do you think about buying a movie,
but then, if you watch it over and over and over again,
eventually it won't look good anymore?
Now, that is just cold.
I think that's so bad, and I'm just gonna barf.
No! Why would you want that?
(Finebros) Also back then, in order to rent or get a movie,
you would drive to the store to rent a movie.
Drive? (fainting sigh)
(Finebros) Do you or your family
- go to video stores to rent movies? - No.
No, we stay at home and go on OnDemand.
No, we usually just buy it online.
No, we go to redbox.
You go to redbox.
We just buy it online on Amazon.
We watch it for 24 hours for three bucks, and you know, that's it.
(Finebros) So finally, compared to how today
you can record and watch movies,
do you think it's good that technology got better,
or do you think it would still be fine if we were using the VCR?
I think that it is so much better that we have new technology and not VCRs anymore.
I wouldn't even watch anything.
The only thing I would do is do my homework.
No offense to the creator of this,
Now it's just so much easier.
You don't have to get off the couch or a chair,
and you can just go like, remote.
I think it's good that technology changed,
but it would be okay if it was still like this.
It's not as good as today,
but I think it's-- they were starting out.
So it's pretty good if you are saying they're starting out.
Nobody would die if we still had these things today.
But it's a lot easier to watch my favorite show, Parks and Recreation, just online.
I just click on it and that's it.
Thanks for watching this episode of Kids React.
We have new videos every single week,
so make sure you're subscribed.
To watch bonus footage from this video,
head over to the React channel.
Be kind. Rewind. Bye!



小朋友對「傳統錄影機」的反應竟然是... (KIDS REACT TO VCR/VHS)

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