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  • Applause

  • Today I'm going to talk about unexpected discoveries

  • now, I work in solar technology industry

  • and my small startup is looking

  • to force ourselves

  • into the environment by

  • paying attention to

  • Small awkward laugh

  • paying attention to.. crowdsourcing

  •'s just a quick

  • video of what we do.. huh..

  • hang on a moment.. it might take a moment to load Funk error sound

  • oh.. Error sound Crowd laughs

  • We'll just Error sound we can just skip

  • Error sound I'll just skip through the video instead Sosumi error sound

  • Error sounds

  • Error sounds

  • Error sounds no...

  • Error sounds & Crowd laughter

  • Wild Eep error sound

  • A mix of error sounds and music plays

  • Music

  • Wha?..

  • Music

  • Music Fades Out

  • This is not...

  • Error sounds

  • Oop.. ok

  • Crowd Laughter

  • Solar technology is...

  • oh.. thats all my time.. ok... Thank you very much

  • Applause


  • Improv Everywhere - Subtitles by Matthew McGeehan



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B2 中高級 美國腔

旋轉的死亡沙灘球 (Spinning Beach Ball of Death)

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