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  • Welcome to "How To Cook That" I am Ann Reardon and today is my 100th youtube video so to

  • celebrate we've got a youtube cake incorporating all different elements from different videos

  • that we have had over those 100 videos. No there are not 100 included in this but there

  • are a fair few here is my favourite chocolate cake with chocolate cremeux between the layers

  • a crispy chocolate base. You can find that recipe on the triple chocolate cheesecake

  • recipe, topped with ganache and then smothered with chocolate glacage to glaze it over the

  • top. Then add in a chocolate youtube logo. And then let's just load it up with chocolate

  • decorations from all the different videos that we have done over that 100 videos. So

  • we've got chocolate swirls chocolate transfer sheets, chocolate feathers, chocolate flowers,

  • chocolate spheres. ANd then lets throw on some macarons as well because we have had

  • so many requests and questions about macarons over that time. ANd a chocolate butterfly

  • of course. To make this cake you are going to need a never ending block of chocolate

  • because it is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. I wanted to show you some of the photos of

  • the things that you guys have made and uploaded either to the comments section on the website

  • or #howtocookthat on instagram or uploaded to the howtocookthat Facebook page. I love

  • seeing what you guys make so thank you for uploading them there and putting them up.

  • I have picked 100 of the photos that have been sent in to show you here today. You guys

  • are so creative and so amazing at copying the recipes and tutorials. ANd some of you

  • have never used fondant before and never decorated a cake before and you've pulled off these

  • amazing birthday cakes. And amazing macarons and creations, great job. Now out of the 100

  • videos make sure you let me know in the comments which one has been your favourite and if you

  • have watched all 100 let me know about it in the comments below. If you're not yet subscribed

  • to How To Cook That we'd love to have YOU join us, just hit the subscribe button and

  • there's a new chocolate video followed by a cake decorating video followed by a dessert

  • video every week. And it is uploaded on a Friday in the evening in Australian Time because

  • I am from Australia OK I'll see you guys all next week, thanks for joining me. If you want

  • to send me a comment in you can do that in the comments section on the blog or on the

  • howtocookthat facebook page or on instagram just hashtag howtocookthat and I'll see it.

  • I'll see you all next week. Bye [music by setsailtv]

Welcome to "How To Cook That" I am Ann Reardon and today is my 100th youtube video so to


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第100個視頻YouTube蛋糕永無止境的巧克力如何烹飪,安里爾登 (100th VIDEO! YouTube Cake Never Ending Chocolate HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon)

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