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  • Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon

  • This week is a chocolate episode and you have requested to know how to make the chocolate

  • sphere that was on top of the instagram dessert .

  • You will need some tempered chocolate and a hemisphere mold, this can either be a silicone

  • one like I've got here or I'll show you a plastic hard one in a little minute.

  • Place some of you tempered chocolate in the molds and using your spoon spread it up the

  • sides.

  • Then shake it upside down to remove excess chocolate, scrape off the extra from around

  • the edges and then leave it upside down to set.

  • If you are using a smaller mold then you can fill it with the chocolate, leave it for a

  • moment and then tip it out just like we did with the truffles. And once you've tipped

  • out the excess chocolate then just leave it upside down to set.

  • If you want it to be two toned then wait for the first colour to set and then add a second

  • coat in another chocolate which you can either colour white chocolate using oil based food

  • colouring or you can just use your white chocolate and your dark chocolate as a contrast.

  • Once they are set they should just fall out of the hard mold if you tap it on the bench,

  • with the silicone mold just press your thumb in the centre pop it out of the mold.

  • Next to make the holes, find something that you've got in your kitchen that is metal and

  • round and then we just need to heat that up. You can either use a brulee torch to do that

  • or sit it in some hot water. If you are using water make sure you dry it well before you

  • use it. I am just using a metal piping tip. And so that you don't get fingerprints on

  • the chocolate if you wear a silcone glove it helps insuloate thte chocolate from the

  • heat of your hands. Now if you are using real chocolate the heated metal will just melt

  • through that quite easily. If you are using fake chocolate it has a higher melting point

  • so will take longer to melt through, you may need to heat the circle twice. If you have

  • no idea what I am talking about with tempered chocolate, real chocolate and fake chocolate

  • make sure you click at the end of this video to go to the chocolate playlist and watch

  • the videos on tempering and what chocolate to use and then it will all make sense.

  • I like to have a couple of different sized holes so here I am using a cannoli tube, you

  • can use anything that you've got that's metal and round.

  • Now remember before you join the two halves together if you want something inside them

  • you need to do that now.

  • There are a few options for joining the two halves together. You can spread chocolate

  • on the edge using a knife and then join the two halves together. This is hard to do well

  • because if you don't work fast enough the chocolate starts to set and then it can make

  • the join uneven. Kind of pushing the tow halves apart rather than joining them together. The

  • next option is to place a baking tray in the oven until it is just warm, and put the halves

  • onto the tray and then join them together, this makes the neatest join but if you're

  • not fast enough with pulling it off the tray you're going to lose height on your halves

  • and end up with a kind of deflated looking ball instead of a perfect sphere.

  • The third option which is probably the easiest is to spread some chocolate flat onto some

  • baking paper, dip one half of the sphere into the chocolate, give it a swirl around and

  • then join the two halves together quickly. Using knife just gently scrape off any excess

  • chocolate.

  • If you have any little gaps in your join you can spread some extra chocolate on top and

  • then just scrape it off with a knife again.

  • The instructions on how to make the swirls of chocolate that were on either side of the

  • sphere on the instagram cake can be found on the chocolate transfer sheet decorating

  • video so click on the chocolate playlist to find that and also the tempering one if you

  • haven't seen that before.

  • Thanks for watching and I will see you next week with a cake don't forget to put your

  • requests below and have a great week, Bye.

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon


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