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Welcome to how to cook that I am Ann Reardon Today we are making chocolate handbags
Firstly you'll need to print out the template from the howtocookthat.net website I'll link
to it below Cut a chocolate a transfer sheet in a rectangle
shape. Or if you don't a transfer sheet it's OK you can just use plain clear plastic instead.
Now cut all of the other shapes except for the triangles out of textured plastic so that
we get a pattern on the chocolate, and again you can use plain plastic here instead just
make sure that the plastic that you use is thick enough to be flexible but also thick
enough to be firm so that when you get the weight of the chocolate eon it it is not just
going to collapse on you.
Start with the two end pieces and cover them in some tempered chocolate or if you don't
want to temper your chocolate can use compound chocolate which has no cocoa butter in it,
just check the ingredients. Once it is covered move it to a new space so that you just have
the chocolate on the shape and not around the edge.
When it is firm to touch but it's not fully set flip it over and smooth around the edges
using your knife. Leave it to set and then peel off the texture
mat and your chocolate will have the pattern set into it.
Spread out some more chocolate fairly thickly on some non-stick baking paper and once it
is dry to touch but still soft cut out your two triangles and then let them set firmly.
Warm the base of a saucepan and gently press one side of the triangle on it. Then press
that melted side onto the non-patterned side of your chocolate and that's just going to
make like a stand so that it can stand up on its own.
Do that again wight he other one and once they are set we are on to our next step. We
need to spread chocolate over the transfer sheet.
Now the transfer sheets have a pattern on them that is made out of coloured cocoa butter.
When you put warm chocolate on it it melts the cocoa butter it's melting that coloured
cocoa butter and when it sets again the pattern stays on the chocolate instead of on the plastic.
Lift your sheet onto a clean piece of baking paper so that you just have those straight
edges of the rectangle. And then in the centre add the sides right
near the edge with the textured side facing outwards and the stand pointing into the middle.
Take each end of your transfer sheet and wrap it up and around the side pieces making sure
it is pressing onto them we don't want gaps in our bag. And then pinch it together at
the top. Now you are going to hold this in place until it is firm enough to let go.
Once it is completely set peel off the transfer sheet. And you can see how that pattern has
just stayed beautifully there on the chocolate and come off the plastic.
Now we want to trim off those extra bits from along the top.
Take a hot knife and patiently let it melt into the chocolate you'll need to keep heating
your knife until that piece comes free. Then you can fill your bag with whatever surprise
you like, put your ideas of what you think would be cool inside in the comments. I'm
just filling it with chocolate truffles here. Take the top of the bag and cover it in chocolate
just like we did for the previous pieces and then lift then it up. While it is still not
set so it still needs to be able to be melted on top so it will attach to the bag but make
sure it is not too runny because you don't want it to drip all over your bag. Flip it
over and curve it in your hand then apply it to the top of the bag there. And again
you'll need to hold it in place until the chocolate is firm because that chocolate is
wanting to straighten up. Once it is set you can peel the plastic off.
Now take the long strip and cover that in chocolate. Lift it up, bend it over and add
it to the top of your bag attaching it on each side.
Now I've also cut out a circle from the texture mat, you can use a chocolate button here if
you'd prefer. Cover it in chocolate and then move it to a new spot. Once it is set peel
off your plastic and dust it with some edible gold luster dust, you can get this at cake
decorating stores. Then just add a bit of melted chocolate to the back and add it to
the front of your bag. If you want you can also add luster to the
top of the bag, just tip it over while you do it so it doesn't go all over the patterned
part. You can get different looking bags by using
different transfer sheets and different coloured chocolate. And you can personalize it to make
it just how you want it to be. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy
sweet creations Click here for last weeks handbag cake, here
to go to the channel and here for the website to get the template.
Put all of your requests in the comments below, have a great week and I'll see you on Friday.
[music: the Boat Song by youtube.com/setsailtv used with permission]


朱古力 (CHOCOLATE HANDBAGS How To Cook That Ann Reardon)

1226 分類 收藏
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