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  • Move!

  • Ten... Nine, eight,

  • seven, six, five,

  • four, three, two...

  • Uh-oh. Holy shit, it's headed for the mine!

  • - I told you we didn't know what we were doin'!

  • I told you! Oh, no. Oh, no.

  • I don't believe this. Go ahead.

  • God in heaven, I thought it was a guided missile!

  • I thought the damn Russians were attackin'us.

  • The boy's in trouble now.

  • So this is what you been up to in the basement, huh?

  • Yes, sir. Damn, Homer.

  • You could've killed somebody with this idiot thing.

  • I know, sir. I'm sorry. I was...

  • Well, Homer here wants to be a rocket scientist. Is that it, John?

  • He has no idea what he wants to be.

  • But I know what he is. He's a menace,

  • and he's a damn thief.

  • Dad... And so is whoever helped you.

  • Ike Bykovsky did this, didn't he?

  • Don't you ever let me catch you...

  • with these fool things on company property again, you understand me?

  • Yes, sir. Then go home.



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October Sky (1/11) Movie CLIP - It's Headed for the Mine! (1999) HD

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