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  • This video will give you step by step "Lin"struction on how to draw New York

  • Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. All you need is a sharp"lin"ed pencil and some paper. Just

  • follow my easy steps and I will "Lin"hance your artistic abilities and "Lin"able you

  • to draw a portrait of the Knicks "Lin"famous point guard, who is currently living a "Lin"derella

  • story. Whats that you say? You shoot free throws like Shaquille O'neal and you make

  • stick figures look fat when you draw? Oh thats silly talk! Dont worry! This is a team effort.

  • Let me say this in your "Lin"go because I dont want to be mis"lin"terpreted. This will

  • be as easy as playing "Lin"tendo. Drawing is part of every persons basic "Lin"stincts.

  • It is natural to draw and it is a "lin"stigated effort to learn your letters. We are going

  • to turn back the clock and re"lin"vent your artistic vocabulary. What? Are you not "Lin"tertained?

  • Put down your Egg McMuff"lin" and grab a pencil. Lets begin! Step 1: Draw the two shapes that

  • you see. Be sure to notice the angle of the V shape. Notice that the right side of the

  • V is slightly higher than the left side. Step 2: Add the five shapes that I just added.

  • Be sure to notice their scale and how they overlap the shapes from step 1. Step 3: Add

  • one more finger to the shape from step 2. Step 4: Add the tall U shape. Notice its angle

  • and observe that it is slightly taller than the shape from step 1. Step 5: Add the shapes

  • around the U shape. Step 6: Point guards need fingers. Give Linsanity some fingers. Step

  • 7: Give the man a jersey! The Jersey is about 3 times as tall as the shape from step 1.

  • Step 8: Add his other arm. Step 9: Now its time to letter his Jersey. Just remember that

  • the New York is at armpit level. And the number 1 is under the New and the 7 is under the

  • York. If you want to challenge yourself, try to leave a white outline around the letters.

  • Step 10: Make an oval for the head. If you want to make him a bobble head make a large

  • oval. Either way, try to keep the same height versus width proportions as mine. Notice that

  • I added three lines. The head can be split up in four somewhat equal sections; 1.) chin

  • to bottom of nose 2.) bottom of nose to eyebrows 3.) eyebrows to hairline ....and 4.) hair.

  • Notice that the only section that was slightly longer on Jeremy Lin was from bottom of nose

  • to chin. The other three sections fit that formula perfectly. The hair might seem shorter,

  • but that is because I am going to extend it when I shade his hair. Step 11: Add the two

  • shapes for the orbits of each eye. Notice their scale compared to the head shape and

  • notice that that they are situated towards your right. Step 12: Add the hairline. Step

  • 13: Add the nose. Step 14: Add the ears. Step 15: Add the rainbow shapes for the upper eyelids.

  • Step 16: Place the pupil and iris underneath. Step 17: Add the eyebrows at the top of the

  • eye shape. Step 18: Add the eyelids above the eyes. Step 19: Add the opening for the

  • mouth. Notice that it is a flattened half circle and that it is situated more towards

  • the nose than the chin. Step 20: Add the lips. Notice that the upper lip and lower lip are

  • similar in size. Step 21: It is time to do the hair. The first thing that you need to

  • do is erase the original line because the hairline is a soft line. I extended the hair

  • on the top and in front. Both have very soft edges. Step 22: Will cover the top of Jeremy

  • Lin's face. I started off by erasing the lines. Then I added wrinkle lines to the forehead

  • since he has a tense expression. Then I darkened the area above the eyes and used the blending

  • stump to smooth certain area is out and erase to create highlights. Step 23: There are very distinct

  • lines at the bottom of the orbits of the eye on Jeremy Lin's face. They point towards the

  • bottom of the ears. Generally speaking the neck will

  • be darker than the face. Jeremy Lin has a very muscular face so dont worry about softening

  • things. Its ok to leave jagged edges. He has a very dark shadow under his chin. Step 24:

  • I started by creating a dark line around the collar and the sleeves. Then I added a second

  • line above it which left a solid white line in between. The lettering is tricky. You just

  • have to take your time

  • with it. Try to maintain

  • the white edge around

  • the letters and numbers. Step 25: In step 25 we draw the hands and arms. h]m, urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags

  • City urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags State urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags

  • place This video will give you

  • step by step "Lin"struction on

  • how

  • to draw New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin Owner Normal Owner Microsoft Office Word

  • Microsoft This video will give you step by step "Lin"struction on how to draw New York Knicks point guard Jeremy

  • Lin Title Microsoft Office Word Document MSWordDoc Word.Document.8

This video will give you step by step "Lin"struction on how to draw New York


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