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  • Good morning! Good morning! It's time for another day with us, and today we have an

  • exciting day. We've decided to treat ourselves to a trip to the capital, and we're going

  • to go and eat some Indian food. So we'll take you with us. And right now, I'm just preparing

  • breakfast really quickly because we have to do some things, to run some errands, and we'll

  • take you with us as well. So that's what I'm going to have for breakfast. This is my pre-breakfast.

  • I'm making a very healthy probiotic drink, and it's half glass of whey. Whey is the liquid

  • that you have after you make fresh cream cheese, and then the other half is just plain filtered

  • water and I'm going to add the juice of half lemon and half lime. It's full of really good

  • bacteria and it's super healthy for your skin, for your digestion, and so on. We need to

  • prepare our digestion for all that food that's going to come this afternoon. Yeah, it will

  • be a lot. We'll show you everything anyway. So we are also boiling a couple of eggs with

  • that amazing egg timer. We're going to put those on the sandwich, but we'll show you

  • a bit later when it's ready. My sandwich maestro is making me sandwiches for breakfast. Because

  • we're going to eat in the Indian restaurant today and there's going to be a lot of food,

  • so I think we don't need a very strong breakfast, just a bit. So we've got some homemade bread,

  • but it didn't come out so well this time, and then we have some boiled eggs, some rucula

  • or arugula, and some butter, some fresh homemade cream cheese, and also some fermented cucumbers

  • and peppers. It's going to be a royal sandwich. So guys, this is my breakfast. Doesn't it

  • look perfect? It's unbelievably good, and it's the first time I put some fermented cucumbers

  • on the sandwich, so let's see how they taste. I think it's unbelievable, so I'm going to

  • eat now. Giulietta, go and leash yourself. Come on! Giulietta? She did it! Good girl!

  • Let's show where we're going, come on! There, where there is that tower, this is where we're

  • going to eat Indian food. Yes, it's down there, it's quite a long way. There was so much traffic

  • that we decided to park in the first spot we found. Giulietta! It's her first time in

  • the city. The countryside girl has come to the capital and she's soooo stressed and scared

  • of all the traffic. Giulietta, are you happy? Are you a good girl, Giulietta? So we got

  • the Indian food. It's right here and now we're going to take a lift down. It's going to be

  • the second trip on the lift for our dog. It was so funny the first time that we decided

  • to show you what she behaves like. She doesn't want to go. Be careful, there was your nose

  • in between! Giulietta, what's going on? Where are we going? What's happening? What's up?

  • Now let's see how she behaves when we stop. Magic! Look now, look now, we're going to

  • stop. So we've arrived. This is where we're going to have our lunch. The dog is hooked

  • on the dog hook as Luca just said. I think she wants to go and get the pigeons, right?

  • Yeah. Giulietta, pigeons! And over there we have a nice fountain, but you can't see, and

  • it's a nice little park in the shade. It's really hot today. So let's see what we got.

  • This is a little spoon, the forks. Yeah, these are starters. These are samosas I believe,

  • and these ones - I don't know what they are. Chickpeas I would say. And then we also have

  • these round things, which I don't know what they are. These are starters. Then we have

  • some meat, some more meat. I don't know if it's meat, I think it's tofu. Yeah, it's probably

  • tofu. And then we have desserts here. And then we have rice. Chickpeas possibly. Yeah,

  • chickpeas. You can't taste it through the internet. But if any of you are Indian, please

  • let us know what these are called because I want to replicate the recipes at home, but

  • I don't know what they're called, so I can't. I love samosas. These are the best in the

  • world. I need to learn how to make them at home. Oh my god, I could come and eat here

  • every day. it's so good. And by the way, we didn't tell you, but for all of this food,

  • including the desserts and water, which they didn't give to us because we were taking it

  • away - we paid only 8 euros per person. That's it. It's amazing. 16 euros in total. 5 dishes,

  • plus dessert. Yes, 16 euros in total. And the last one is this one. Possibly chickpeas

  • as well or lentils maybe. I believe they're chickpeas, too. Seriously, if you're Indian,

  • please tell us what they are. I want them every day of my life. They're amazing. So

  • I just wanted to show you all the dishes. We opened them up now. And we found something

  • extra! They also gave us two chiapatis. How cool is that? We never had these before. So,

  • we have rice ,and it's different from the usual rice because this one is actually with

  • cardamom, quite interesting. And then this looks like aubergine, doesn't it? Looks like

  • potatoes and aubergine and then some sage or bay leaves, I don't know. So this one is

  • aubergine. Potatoes and green peas and tomato. The one we supposed was tofu instead is meatballs

  • and what else. It seems like just meatballs and tomato sauce. And then this one looks

  • like chicken. It's either chicken or... Chicken chicken. I think it's chicken. Then we have

  • two wonderfully green pistachio cakes, but we'll show you later when we eat them. So

  • let's eat. I'm having a shower right now. Giulietta! Anyway, no cakes because. Well,

  • we had the cakes. Yeah, we had the cakes, but no cakes for you because we recorded the

  • video and then we realized that we weren't actually filming, so... Yeah, it's so bad

  • that this camera doesn't have any sort of LED or something to tell you that actually

  • you are recording. So we failed to record anything. But Giulietta had some chicken,

  • so everybody's happy, right? This road is amazing. it's beautiful. It's so good in the

  • summer heat. We're just going to bring back the forks because we borrowed the forks from

  • the restaurant. They didn't have any plastic ones, so they gave us the proper ones. So

  • now it's coffee time, and Giulietta is asleep finally, so the parents can have a coffee

  • in peace. This coffee is called Barraquito, which is a traditional Canariam coffee. It's

  • got lemon and cinnamon. We're so full, we're still digesting. We're dying, we can't even

  • walk. So we decided to lie down on this bench. Here is my husband, here is the dog, and some

  • people. Palm trees above me. Nice. So we're going home now, and the mountains look glorious.

  • I don't know if you can see well, but there is like a nice mist. Beautiful. So we got

  • back home and it's time to wrap up this blog because we're going to bed now. It's... what

  • time is it now? 9.30 and we try to go to bed by 10 o'clock. I've had my glass of kefir

  • as usual. It's become my tradition to end the day with a glass of kefir, and I can't

  • wait for my shower because I'm all sweaty and sticky. Too much information! No, it's

  • not. It's just been really hot and I'm all sticky, so I can't wait to get into my shower

  • and into my wonderful fresh bed. So we'll see you next time we vlog. Bye!

Good morning! Good morning! It's time for another day with us, and today we have an


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