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  • The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning…I get on my computer, and I open up Google.

    早上起來 我的第一件事就是坐在電腦前

  • That’s my homepage, and that’s where I start.

    開啟我的首頁 Google 從這裡展開新的一天

  • I type inWeather,’ ‘Cincinnati,’ and it comes up instantly.

    只要輸入「天氣」和「辛辛那提」 我就能立刻得知當地天氣資訊

  • The first thing I do is check out the 49ers. The Bears.

    首先我會關心各隊的表現 包括 49 人隊、熊隊

  • The Cowboys! The Saints.

    超棒的牛仔隊! 還有聖徒隊

  • I’m following the presidential race, andNarrowing by Timekeeps me up to date fast.

    我很關注總統大選動向 而「限定時間」功能可讓我快速掌握最新消息

  • I just type in what movie and my zip code, and itll pop up. There’s this theater with this time. It’s so fast.


  • My mind still works in Celsius sometimes. It’s really helpful for us to have the conversion function.


  • I use the calculator a lot. I’m constantly giving out price quotes.


  • I’m always putting in, like, how many ounces are in a cup. Or, you know, things like that.

    我也總需要換算某些單, 例如一杯幾盎司之類

  • I like to try new restaurants. Finding it on Google is really easily done.

    我喜歡嘗試新餐廳,而用 Google 找美食真的超簡單

  • We found a number of recipes that use pineapples. Maddy doesn’t like raisins,


  • so we actually de-selected the recipes with raisinsso what came up were foods that the kids liked.


  • I always come back to my tried and true Google.

    Google 可靠又值得信賴,讓人愛不釋手

  • I like to use the Google Voice function to do my searches. There’s a little thing that looks like a microphoneso I’ll press that and then just speak right into it

    Google 語音服務是我愛用的搜尋功能我只要按下畫面的小麥克風,然後直接說出

  • "Waikiki Beach."


  • It comes up with a search just like you would get when you type something in.


  • I saw this plant that I really, really loved. And we took a picture, and we were able to figure out what it was. So it’s now on our balcony.

    有天我看到了一株很喜歡的植物,於是拍了張相片後來我們透過 Google 查到它的物種 現在我們家陽臺上就種著這種植物

  • I use Google Search to search by subject. Getting black and white pictures instead of just colored photos.

    我可以依主題運用 Google 搜尋 除了搜尋彩色圖片之外,還可以搜尋黑白圖片

  • Google can make you look like a genius.

    有了 Google,你就是萬事通

  • Google makes things so easy.


  • Now if Google could just make my son eat his vegetables...

    現在如果 Google 可以讓 我兒子乖乖吃青菜

  • It’s truly amazing.


The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning…I get on my computer, and I open up Google.

早上起來 我的第一件事就是坐在電腦前

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