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  • Is there some evolutionary reason why dogs eat out of a bag? Can we just feed the dang

  • dog our leftovers?! Let's SCIENCE THIS THING!

  • Hey pet people! This is DNews, I'm Trace. Dogs are probably the oldest domesticated

  • animal, with mitochondrial DNA evidence suggesting they split from wolves 100,000 years ago[a].

  • At the time, humans didn't have extra food laying around, and would usually kill competing

  • carnivores like wolves. Smaller, less-aggressive wolves would likely scavenge near human encampments,

  • eating from trash piles and snatching leftovers. Over generations, humans purposefully fed

  • the cuter, friendlier wolves, and we set ourselves on a path of domestication to create the dog.

  • But, if dogs evolved alongside humans, as evidence suggests, then they were eating the

  • same things we were eating! But today, Americans often avoid giving dogs, "People Food," so

  • what changed? In short, nothing.

  • As dogs and humans grew together, we shared food. But, as human society advanced and pet

  • ownership grew, we couldn't simply feed them table scraps in our cave. In 116 BCE, Marcus

  • Terentius Varro wrote a farming manual which included advice for feeding working farm dogs

  • -- barley bread soaked in milk, and bones from dead sheep. During the middle ages, common

  • families who needed work dogs, fed them whatever was leftover -- so we're still following that

  • ancient system -- but by the 19th century, Empress Tzu Hsi of China fed her dogs shark

  • fins, quail breasts and antelope milk, and the royalty of Europe fed their pups roast

  • duck, cakes and candies. The rich got kinda cray with their puppy chow.

  • During the Industrial Age, dog food started to show up in the West as the middle class

  • prospered. As they cost both money and time, pets were considered a luxury item, and people

  • wanted to show off their climbing of the socioeconomic ladder by purchasing a prime pooch. Entrepreneurs

  • learned these nouveau caninophiles needed help to feed their new friends -- and in the

  • 1850s James Sprat of Cincinnati invented dog biscuits from wheat, beet root and vegetables,

  • bound with beef blood. The dry food was a hit, and by the 1920s canned wet food was

  • also in production -- it was mainly horse meat, and by 1941 canned food was 90% of the

  • market. Then due to rationing during World War II, dry food became hugely popular again.

  • At the same time, people around the world still fed their dogs what they evolved to

  • eat, table scraps and leftover people food. In the 1960s, to protect and grow their giant

  • industry, the Pet Food Institute, a lobbying group for pet food -- campaigned the American

  • people by funding "scientific studies" and running radio and TV ads touting the "dangers

  • of table scraps." Thus, we began to shy away from feeding dogs the same things we were

  • eating.

  • However, dogs CAN EAT people food if it's healthy. They probably shouldn't eat fast

  • food, or a mass of cheese (a little is okay), or candyBut on the other hand, if you're

  • eating roasted chicken, green beans and potatoesTable scraps might not be so bad. Dogs can

  • safely eat flax, green beans, eggs, pumpkins, peanut butter, carrots, apple slices, and

  • sweet potatoesBut they CAN'T eat chocolate, coffee, yeast, alcohol. They can eat grains,

  • but they're better off with meats. And that's not entirely off from where the pet food industry

  • is going.

  • These days, you can buy luxury dog food akin to those Victorian princes and empresses -- duck,

  • squash, salmon, turkey and berries. It's literally just PEOPLE food in dog packaging. Or if you'd

  • rather save some coin, you CAN stick to the bagged dry food. A professor of veterinary

  • nutrition at Ohio State University says, his students have studied the diet history of

  • thousands of animals and haven't found any evidence that one dog food is better than

  • any other.

  • What do you feed your pet? Tell us in the comments, and be sure you click

  • subscribe to get more science news every day of the week. Thanks for watching!

Is there some evolutionary reason why dogs eat out of a bag? Can we just feed the dang


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狗能吃人的食物嗎? (Can Dogs Eat People Food?)

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