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  • Paddington strikes a chord with everyone

  • "we have a guest for the bear."

  • He's an explorer in a strange place that he hope he's going to find welcoming

  • London is so important to him, to the stories

  • although he comes from darkest Peru he settled in London. The truth is he has

  • over the years become a bit of an icon

  • "Grizzly? Not particularly, mind you I haven't seen him in the mornings"

  • This trail is a wonderful way of bringing that to life. In a way you can be

  • like Paddington, a great explorer. The Paddington Trail is going to be fifty

  • bears

  • all around London in various landmarks, of course iconically at Paddington

  • station itself.

  • And there will be trails you can follow to find each one. What's going to happen

  • with these bears is they're going to be auctioned off

  • and the proceeds of the auction are going to go towards the NSPCC

  • The NSPCC is as much part of the fabric of Britain this Paddington has become

  • The NSPCC are the Mr and Mrs Brown

  • for children who are at risk of being neglected. We want every child

  • to have a really wonderful start in life. And so I think its a perfect marriage of a

  • wonderful charity and an adorable iconic figure

  • You'll be able to explore the city going from Paddington to Paddington.

  • This is a great way to navigate London, to see the sights, to follow this bear on his journey

  • as he works his way through the streets and see all the

  • obvious tourist attractions; Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square

  • also some of the alleyways and by-ways that they might otherwise not have gone to

  • Course you can take photographs of them, photograph yourself with Paddington

  • you can upload them onto the internet.

  • Go to the Visit London website. Visit London will be the digital

  • partner if you like, guiding them through where they are. It would be wonderful for

  • visitors, it will be a bit of fun for Londoners as well to spot them all around town.

  • I hope this trail will make people look at London with fresh open eyes

Paddington strikes a chord with everyone


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帕丁頓之路 (The Paddington Trail)

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