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  • The idea is to use the whole body to throw the medicine ball

  • and to be explosive.

  • The swing needs to mirror the medicine ball throw.

  • The idea is to set up the same way as you did when

  • as you did when you threw the medicine ball

  • and swing as fast as possible while staying relaxed.

  • On the backhand side it is the same concept, throw the medicine ball

  • as fast as possible using the whole body

  • keeping your shoulders level.

  • Make sure the technique of the throw

  • is solid. The technique of the stroke

  • needs to mimic the technique of the throw.

  • The swing needs to be fast.

  • The same concept applies to the serve.

  • Usually you want to throw four to six times and then swing 4 to 6 times.

  • You wanna be explosive, and you wanna go as fast as you can.

  • Right after throwing the medicine ball you swing as fast as possible

  • staying relaxed.

  • The idea is to use the whole body.

  • Here you can use a kids' racquet or you can use a badminton racket, anything that is

  • very, very light

  • The idea is you want to fool the body a little bit.

  • You want to swing faster than normal with the light racquet and then tried to

  • do the same thing with your normal racquet.

  • It is important to have all the balls together so that you can

  • repeat those swings one after the other one.

  • The same concept can be applied

  • to every stroke.

  • 5 or 6 really fast forehands with a very very light racquet and then

  • 5 or 6 maximum

  • speeds swings.

  • Here is an example with the backhand, as fast as possible

  • trying to stay relaxed and trying to keep the technique solid.

  • You start with the backhand. See there is a weight on the racquet.

  • 6 really fast swings

  • with a heavy racquet follow by 6 shadow swings

  • with the normal racquet

  • and followed by 6 swings

  • hitting the ball. All swings have to

  • be very fast trying to stay relaxed

  • and trying to make sure the technique doesn't suffer.

  • Same thing on the forehand side:

  • heavy racquet first,

  • shadow swinging

  • with normal racquet

  • and finally hitting the ball

The idea is to use the whole body to throw the medicine ball


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