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  • I believe we have the original Stig at the helm of this car.

  • This is gonna be fun

  • this is the Ford Focus ST ..

  • .. with a difference.

  • We're gonna go on board in this car

  • he's basically racing against somebody on a computer game.

  • There is our computer game player.

  • On the Ford stand

  • with an on-board view and ...

  • live inside the car.

  • It's a race to the top of the hill.

  • In practice I understand that the virtual driver

  • had the edge.

  • But let's see ....

  • if the real car, which is ahead at the moment.

  • Coming through the first double apex right hander

  • into the second part of that in the car and the game

  • just touching the apex there now ..

  • and who will get under the bridge first?

  • It's the car

  • ahead of game at the moment.

  • There's the on-board shot I was telling you about ..

  • as you approach Molecomb over the blind-brow and into the kink

  • Big set of lock-ups there from our NASCARs from earlier.

  • Car is ahead coming out of Molecomb as it heads towards the flint wall.

  • Which is a very quick and narrow

  • right-left flick, keeping out of the wall, minding the bails on the other side.

  • You have to be inch perfect.

  • And it's still the car that is ahead at the moment.

  • Though long right-hander pop out into the sunshine once more.

  • Round the long left-hander

  • to finish the ...

  • and the car takes it by a whisker from the game.

  • New Focus ST 1.05:13

  • GT6 Focus 1.05:23

  • That was close.

I believe we have the original Stig at the helm of this car.


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A2 初級 美國腔

古德伍德對決。福克斯ST與Gran Turismo 6 (Goodwood Showdown: Focus ST vs. Gran Turismo 6)

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