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  • [How often do you REALLY use your phone?]


  • I use my phone incessantly.


  • My phone is basically my boredom box. So anytime I get really bored that's the first thing I go to.


  • I'm so attached to my phone. It's almost embarrassing.


  • Like I never put it down, ever.


  • We ask people to guess how often they use their phone in a typical day.


  • Oh.


  • God.


  • If I had to guess, I would say maybe around 45 minutes a day.

    要我猜的話,我大概每天花 45 分鐘滑手機吧。

  • Cumulatively, like if you condense it all together, oh yeah, an hour and a half?

    全部加總的話... 一個半小時?

  • I think I'm on my phone like, an hour.

    我應該只花 1 小時在使用手機上吧?

  • Maybe like 13 hours, like a day.

    我一天可能有 13 個小時都在用。

  • I feel like I don't check my phone that much.


  • I've always kind of tried to pride myself of being one of those people.


  • So I would guess I check my phone 30 times a day.

    我猜我大概一天只查看手機 30 次。

  • There's a, like, big period of time where I don't look at it, I justWhat? Why?

    我會有一段蠻長的時間不碰手機... 啥?怎麼了?

  • We then installed the Moment app, which tracks daily usage, on their phones.

    然後,我們在他們的手機裡安裝了 Moment App,追蹤他們每天花多少手機滑手機。

  • I have a feeling I might not like what I find out. But I know I probably am not gonna change.


  • I'm so scared that I am the problem. I am the person that I hate.


  • You know what's weird? My phone is such a big part of my life and I have no idea how much I use it.


  • They then went about their regular lives.


  • So now I'm home and this is definitely when I check my phone a lot more.


  • It's actually kind of embarrassing how much I've been using my phone.


  • Okay, so confession time. I'm at a dinner with friends and the first thing I did was go on my phone and check my email.


  • So I'm home from work now and I'm gonna guess my phone usage is gonna double or triple.


  • So I'm checking my Instagram in the shower.

    洗澡也要滑一下 Instagram。

  • I'm trying to get off my phone so I can go to bed.


  • I feel like I check it more compulsively than I imagine, but maybe for not quite as long? I don't know, we'll see what happens tomorrow.


  • The next day we showed them the results.


  • I'm really nervous to find out how much I actually use my phone.


  • Like I didn't realize how many things I use my phone for that. I didn't really put into my estimate.


  • I'm terrified of what this will say about me.


  • All right, All right, here we go. Ah~~


  • Oh my god. That's longer than most movies I watch. Oh, no.


  • Wow! 151 times. Holy... I got business to attend to. I gotta reply to everybody.

    151 次,天啊... 我是大忙人嘛,事業做很大,我得回很多訊息!

  • Wow! That is not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. 3 hours, I'm like totally fine with.

    哇!比我原本預估的好耶!3 小時還好啦。

  • Yeah. This seems right. This seems right. This isn't mind blowing knowing myself.


  • Oh my god, no, no. Oh I was completely wrong on like all counts. Oh my god.


  • Woo. Okay. 138 pickups to me that's a lot of checking my phone. That's a lot of just constantly going, huh? Huh? Huh?

    喔... 一天之內拿起手機 138 次還滿頻繁的,應該就像這樣:「啥?」、「你說啥?」、「啥?」

  • I was very wrong. I'm really disgusted with myself. This is horrible.


  • [Interviewer] Is this going to change your phone habits?

    [訪問者] 你會因此改變使用手機的習慣嗎?

  • Um... I don't think so. I don't think so.

    嗯... 應該不會。

  • I think it's gonna change what apps I spend time with on my phone.

    我覺得我會更留意自己花多少時間在哪些 App 上。

  • I make fun of my friends so much for being on their phone while I'm talking to them.


  • Now I know, clearly, I am also one of those people.


  • For all of my friends who make fun of me for being on my phone all the time, I'm actually fairly average.


  • So my phone's gonna be a big part of my life still, but I'm gonna try to use it in a more healthy way.

    我的生活還是不能沒有手機,但我會試著更... 合理的使用。

  • It makes me think that maybe I spend way too much time stuck down like this.

    這 App 讓我開始思考:自己是否花太多時間低頭玩手機?

  • And it wouldn't kill me to keep my head here, more often during the day, and my life.


  • [How often do you use your phone?]


  • Users of the Moment app currently average 43 pickups per day.

    Moment App 的用戶平均一天拿起手機 43 次。

  • According to analytics firm Flurry, Americans now spend nearly 3 hours per day on mobile devices.

    根據行動數據分析平台 Flurry,美國人平均每天花將近 3 小時在移動設備上。

[How often do you REALLY use your phone?]


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