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  • Hello, Earthlings. It's September 10th, 2014. You're watching Adam the Alien, and today

  • we're gonna talk about smiling.

  • [THEME MUSIC] ♫ You can't think you've won

  • Sometimes I'm closer to the sun

  • Today, after taking a train back to Oregon from my adopted city of Tacoma, Washington,

  • I had some time to kill in Portland, so I decided to go to Powell's Books. And when

  • I exited, I saw this guy just standing there, holding a sign that said, "'re beautiful."

  • And I couldn't help myself; I smiled.

  • Then I decided to talk to the guy and see what, exactly, his story was.

  • My name's Shanahan O'Grady [spelling uncertain]. I'm trying to make people smile.

  • It's not enough going around, so I thought I'd be infectious.

  • You have to be a voyeur sometime, right?

  • I love smiling, and I love making people smile, 'cause it makes me happy. So...yeah.

  • That's why I'm doing it.

  • They have amazing smiles! See? So beautiful!

  • I'm on holiday from Ireland, and I'm RV-ing it across the United States. And I'm doing

  • this across the United States. That's my holiday. I make different signs that say the same thing,

  • and at the end of the day I give the sign away to somebody and I go on to the bar.

  • So, yeah.

  • But other than that...I've already seen all the sights there is to see, here, so I thought

  • I'd do this for my last day.

  • My cheeks are hurting so bad right now.

  • I travel three months out of the year, every year, and I've been doing it for the past eight years.

  • I've been to every continent except for Antarctica.

  • I've been to 52 countries. And I've done that in most of 'em, actually. So...yeah.

  • It helps me stay young and be happy and make me forget about my sisters.

  • You know you are! Yay!

  • I don't know how I got this idea, but I thought it was awesome.

  • You know it's true!

  • Now, I have to say, I absolutely love his story and I wish I could've talked to him

  • longer to get more details and find out more of who he was and what made him do that.

  • It occurs to me, of course, that he could've been spewing a whole pile of bullshit. He

  • could have been lying to me every second. And honestly, I don't care.

  • Because he still gave me a great story. Something inspiring, something uplifting, with a message

  • that Iove: SMILE.

  • I hang around enough people who spout off completely bullshit stories like that, that

  • I know it could all be fake, but again...does it matter?

  • Because ultimately, what he gave me is not dependent on whether what he told me was the

  • truth or not.

  • I like to believe it was the truth. But even if it wasn't, he still made me smile. And

  • he still gave me a good feeling to take with me for the rest of the day, for the rest of

  • the week, hopefully for the rest of Lord knows how long.

  • And so I pass his message on to you:

  • Smile. You're beautiful.

  • Until next time, all you beautiful people, I'm Adam the Alien. Fare thee well.

  • Smile, it makes your butt tingle.

  • [ADAM] Okay, thank you.

  • You have a good day.

Hello, Earthlings. It's September 10th, 2014. You're watching Adam the Alien, and today


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笑一笑... 你很美 ('re beautiful)

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