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[theme song]
-Yo, Berti.
Slumming it with rest of us?
-I'm conducting a sweep for insurgents.
Anyone intending to harm Vlad must get past me first.
-Are you checking under his bed for monsters as well?
You into antiques now?
-Smoke is the enemy of the shapeshifter.
Reveals their true form.
But then you already knew that.
-I'll take your word for it.
I'm telling you, he thinks I'm the shapeshifter.
Bertrand's onto us.
-Then we will have to neutralize him.
But if you had killed Vlad when you had the chance,
the Count would have accepted you as his heir.
-I'm sorry.
-You sound like that feeble brother of yours.
-I'm nothing like him.
-Prove it.
Make the Count see what he's been
missing in a son all these years.
-He barely notices I'm there half the time.
-Nothing like a near-death experience
to sharpen the senses.
-What are you going to do?
-Give Bertrand to me.
But why-- why would anyone want to steal lead from the roof?
-Well, sign of the times, I suppose.
Probably already been sold to the scrap merchants.
Perhaps Vlad's students might be able to shed some light.
-Well, I sincerely hope you're not accusing his charges.
-Of course not.
The work you do with them is nothing short of amazing.
-But then, old habits die hard.
-Yes, I'll take your word for it.
What's this?
-A purchase order for the repairs.
We'll need to start work as soon as possible.
-Leave it with me.
-There's something I've got to tell you about Erin.
She's bit a breather.
-Erin bit a breather?
We've got witnesses.
-No one can find out about this.
-What do you suggest then?
A cover up?
-We both know she's doing this to get back at me.
The Coexistence Deal hangs by a thread.
Everything we've worked for.
-Do you want me to talk to her or--
-She's one of us now.
I'll talk to her.
-And what if she won't listen?
-She has no choice.
Ugh, whatever it is, I don't have the time.
-Then make time.
Those little weasels have been running amok for far too long.
-I can't right now.
I've got things to do.
-Like what?
Teaching your little groupies peace and love?
-Just get off my case.
BERTRAND: Well, he's as cool as a cadaver, I'll give him that.
-It doesn't give you the right to look through his things.
-Something will prove his connection
with the shapeshifter.
-Like the last time you found proof
before it miraculously disappeared?
-Why do you think you're here?
If I do find something, I'll have you as a witness.
-I so don't care about your conspiracy theories.
-Even if it leads me to Ryan's killer?
-What have you find?
-I don't know yet.
"My darling Malik Hellfire Vaccaria.
Love, Mum."
-Could you excuse us for a minute?
-Whatever you need to say, you can
say it in front of Bertrand.
-What are you playing at?
Biting a breather?
-You're hardly in a position to take
the moral high ground with me.
-The Coexistence Deal will be adhered to.
No one, including you, especially you, is exempt.
-Or what?
You'll ash me?
-This is your first and last warning.
-So masterful.
I'm quaking.
-There's holes in this one too.
-And this one.
-We'll have breathers crawling all over the roof at this rate.
-Right, Renfield, you'll have to carry out the repairs.
-But Master, my-- my vertigo.
I-- I get dizzy standing on a chair.
-Well then, it's time to overcome your fears.
Now make yourself useful.
-Yeah, but what if I fall off the roof?
-One lives in hope.
-What are you waiting for?
Buckle up.
-Blood and garlic, they've really had a go at this one.
-Buckle up.
-Dad, your coats covered in--
-Get back.
And I do wish you'd stop calling me that.
Unless you want to be barbecued.
On second thought.
-What is all this stuff anyway?
-Usual junk.
Furniture heirlooms, priceless Carpathian artwork.
-A bicycle?
Your mother's get fit phase.
Well, I'm not wasting my time up here,
and I'm certainly not standing anywhere near Renfield
with a hammer in his hand.
It won't budge.
-Give it some welly.
-All yours.
-What's that?
Oh, this old thing.
Painted for our blood union.
-It looks nothing like Mum.
-The artist was very cheap, very cheap indeed.
-Yeah, that's stuck.
Then we'll just have to go old school
-Haven't you mastered walking through walls yet?
-It's been lined with lead.
I haven't seen this since on of the Van Helsings tried
to incarcerate me in a lead-lined coffin.
-Even your powers of telepathy won't
penetrate through that lock.
-There is one thing we haven't tried.
MALIK: Help!
-Shh, shh.
Renfield, is that you?
-Come again?
-It's me, your lord and master.
We're-- we're trapped.
You need to let us out of here.
-You're eating lettuce and a beer?
-No, no, no!
You must find a key.
-You're feeling achy?
-A key!
A key!
-I'm surprised.
Beer and lettuce.
I'll let you sleep it off.
-No, no, no, Ren-- oh.
Elizabeta Vaccaria.
See for yourself.
-There-- Elizabeta Vaccaria.
She's Malik's mother.
She's still alive.
Her birth is written, but there's no date of death.
Malik's lying.
-All vampires lie.
-And we lie for gain.
Have you asked yourself what he's after?
-You've got a class to teach.
And remember, no biting.
-What was that about?
-Vlad can't see what's right in front of his face.
-According to him, his mother was
ashed during the uprisings of 1882.
But she wasn't there.
-How do you know?
-She was studying in Kerala on the other side of the world.
A pupil of Daralam.
-Who's Daralam?
-The only vampire to teach the dark arts of shapeshifting.
-Mrs. Van Helsing, thank you for seeing me.
-We don't get many house calls from your kind.
-So now you know how grave this situation has become.
-Well, you're the mind-reader, not me.
-Vlad's no leader.
He dithers.
He's losing all respect.
What he needs is direction.
-What he needs comes in nine inches of sustainable oak.
-If we don't intervene, then the Coexistence Deal will collapse.
Slayers and vampires?
-Your son is prepared to give up his life
so that we can live in harmony.
He'll never forgive you.
-Do you seriously expect me to sit down with Adze?
-Would you rather she had sole influence over Vlad?
-Then take the meeting with him for all our sakes.
If you won't do it for me, then do it for Jonno.
-Do you think I was born yesterday?
It's a trap.
-So bring some insurance.
-What time?
-Half 11.
-I'll be there.
-It's Vlad.
He's not coping.
The responsibility, it's too much.
-My cold dead heart bleeds.
-I appreciate you're hurt.
-I never loved Vlad.
I was only ever interested in the power
that he could give me.
-Why do you think I'm here?
-Good question.
You disapproved of my union with Vlad.
What's changed?
-I realized I was wrong.
-A vampire showing humility?
Now I've seen it all.
-I was naive to believe in Vlad's Coexistence Deal.
As if vampires and breathers can live in harmony.
-Speaking of which, how's Erin?
Food for worms.
-Vlad didn't save her?
I was sure he would.
-He's still not yet bitten.
And once he does--
-Whoever receives it will receive his power.
-Vlad's first bite is yours for the taking.
-Vlad wouldn't go anywhere near me.
There's way too much baggage between us.
-Take the meeting with Vlad.
He'll change his mind.
I'll make sure of it.
-I'm starting to like you.
-This is obviously a slayer trap.
-It's an inside job, if you ask me.
It was Malik that lured us in here in the first place.
-Do you think I want to spend my time flicking
through Dad's holiday etchings witn you?
We have a problem, a very big, planet-shaped problem.
-What is it?
-The sun rises in the east, sets in the west.
This roof is south-facing.
-We'll be directly under its path at midday.
-We'll be barbecued to a cinder.
-What time is it now?
-11 o'clock.
Help, Renfield!
-Look, it's no good.
They can't hear us.
-Well, we can't just give up.
What are you doing?
-I'm not letting my family cook without a fight.
-We can use this as a curtain.
-A curtain?
That-- that is my ascension gown.
The firstborn wears it to celebrate the passing
of the father to become head of the family.
Looks like Vlad is going to need it sooner than I thought.
-This is far too big for Vlad, and you for that matter.
-It wasn't meant for me.
-What's she doing here?
-You said she knew.
-You would never have agreed to come
if you knew a slayer was attending.
-This was obviously a wasted journey.
-Don't go.
Adze's a little emotional.
She's had much to contend with.
-Ramanga was defanged by Malik and the Count.
-What are you two whispering about?
-I'm sorry to hear about your father.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer vampire.
-And how is Jonno these days?
He's good-looking for a breather, very tasty.
-You keep your fangs out of my son.
-Please, remember why we are here.
-So where is he?
-I shall tell Vlad you've arrived.
-Arta was everything I wasn't-- charming, erudite, born leader.
-You forgot handsome.
-I wouldn't go that far.
-And where is he now?
-He passed to the other side the night of his ascension
to the Dracula title.
-Fell from the battlements.
-You're lying.
-What does it matter?
The end result is still the same.
-You had something to do with it.
-That is a slanderous lie.
-Well, it hardly matters now, does it?
-The whole tragic episode was a dreadful accident.
-Adze and Mina, they're here.
-Rumors are rife.
-What rumors.
-That you're no longer in control.
-You barge into my home, make demands,
undermine my authority.
I should dust you for your insolence.
-Wake up and smell the garlic.
You need us.
Me anyway.
-I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions.
-That's not what Bertrand said.
-According to him, you're only just
hanging in there by your fingertips.
-Are you still here?
-Get used to it, princess.
This is a three-way deal.
If you want to ensure the success of this Coexistence
Deal, you need me onboard.
-There is no Coexistence Deal.
-Didn't Bertrand tell you?
All bets are off.
-So why did he invite me?
-The Coexistence Deal expressly forbids slayers bearing arms
in the presence of vampires.
-I merely did as Bertrand advised.
-Astral what?
An out of body experience.
The ability to travel the world in the blink of an eye.
-So Malik's mum could literally be anywhere in the world?
-Well, this might narrow it down a bit.
-What's the locket got to do with anything?
-E. V. Who do you think this belonged to?
-Malik's mother.
-Vampires give off vibrations.
Infinitesimal, like sound waves.
They're absorbed by the real world-- walls, objects.
It's just a question of tuning in.
-Like a sniffer dog.
-You're not as dumb as you look.
-So what happened that night?
-All right.
The party was in full swing.
Tipsy, I may have been, but I certainly wasn't drunk.
He said I was embarrassing myself.
I mean, everyone love the cavort.
-Arta wasn't happy, I take it.
-No, he wasn't.
He confiscated my goblet, so I-- I decided to dine out.
He was waiting for me on the battlement on my return.
There was a scuffle and he lost his footing.
-But the fall itself wouldn't have killed him.
-I didn't wait to find out.
Returned to find Elizabeta grieving over his ashes.
Apparently had impaled himself on a fence.
Wooden post staked right through his heart.
-That's one way of receiving the title.
-And his wife now my betrothed.
-You had to bind blood with her?
-It's vampiric law.
The next in line has to marry the widow.
-Did you love her?
Arta's wife.
But it was my duty to marry her.
-Then why didn't you?
-Because there was only ever one vampiress for me.
Your mother was bewitching.
Well, what can I say?
Love is the sweetest poison.
I've never-- never told a soul.
-Except for me.
-I didn't realize I was responsible for Elizabeta
being pregnant.
That I would have a son.
-You made my mother an outcast.
You drove her mad.
-She had a head start, believe you me.
-Do you know how hard it was for her bringing me up on her own?
All I ever wanted was a family.
-Join the club.
-Don't you think you're becoming a bit obsessed?
-Vlad is the leader of our people.
I would lay down my life for him.
-I thought vampires didn't care for anything but themselves.
-We both know that's not true.
-So what do you do now?
-Read the instructions.
-Oh, you've never done this before.
-Just hold the book so I can see.
[speaking latin] Oh, how was your meeting?
-You betrayed me.
Give me one good reason I shouldn't dust you right now.
-Oh, on a beautiful day like this,
I hope the Count and Ingrid packed their suncream.
-What are you talking about?
-I'd check the attic if I was you.
There's nowhere to hide with those holes in the roof.
-You're lying.
-Tick tock.
-We must face our destiny with dignity.
It is the Dracula way.
I am so sorry.
Goodbye, my son.
[speaking latin]
-How many more times?
Where is that?
Wait a minute.
That's here.
Elizabeta could be anywhere in the world,
and you can't make it past the front door.
-Did you see what?
-I thought-- it ripples.
Come on.
Come on.
-He's useless.
-The Count felt sorry for Arta.
I've heard it all now.
-Hang on.
You locked us in?
My own mother?
Don't you care that I nearly fried?
-Please don't go all sentimental on me.
Besides, my plan worked.
The Count accepts you as his son.
-Well, I know, but I still didn't--
-And now, for phase two, hm?
The Count can recognize you officially.
And we can dispose of Vlad once and for all.
-You do realize Dad's going to start
asking questions about how you locked us in.
ELIZABETA: So frame someone.
There's always collateral damage.
Just ask Bertrand.
What's happened?
What have you done to him?
-Where is he?
-That traitor Bertrand.
No way, he's on your side.
-Oh, I get it.
The cozy little chats.
You're in league with him too.
I've got it!
I've got the proof.
Are you out of your mind?
Do you really despise me that much?
-No, no.
Of course not.
-Get back to your room.
VLAD (VOICEOVER): I will dust him.
-You can't kill him!
-You heard that?
You can read my mind?
-Vlad, I've been looking for you everywhere.
I know. I know who it--
-Vlad, no!
What have you done?
-Spread the word.
No more Mr. Nice Guy.
[ending theme]


小小吸血鬼 (Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 4 Ep 9 'Sun and Heir')

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