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[opening theme]
[bell ringing]
-I was going to tell him shackles.
Oh, bats.
-Oh, this room stinks of breather.
-I'm sure you'll make it your own.
-Is this my blood wedding gift?
-I took great pain to get exactly the one you asked for.
-Oh, thank you, Father.
Not 'til after the bloodbinding.
It'll taste all the sweeter once Vlad is dead.
-You took your time.
-Your dad lost the key.
-Well, don't stress.
I'm about to be bloodbound to someone
I don't love, literally forever.
So being roasted alive will probably
be the highlight of my day.
-It's only natural to get cold feet.
-You haven't told me how I'm supposed to kill Vlad.
-I was trying to protect you.
If they found out, we could be executed for this.
-Executed for what?
-The Rings of Arianrhod.
Forbidden dark weapons.
Generations shudder at their very name.
They must be activated by a tear from the victim's bloodline.
-How am I supposed to get that tear?
-No, that's my job.
You focus on getting Vlad's first bite
which will give you great power.
And then, he will place this on your finger.
This is the Ring of the Mother.
And you will give Vlad the Ring of the Son.
Now, once he wears this, Vlad will
be forced to obey your every command.
-I'll order him to his death.
-You might want to have a little fun with him first.
-Vladdie, Vladdie, Vladdie, Vladdie.
I was just about to come and get you.
-Sorry, mate.
They said it was traditional, but--
-It's a classic bloodbinding prank.
-And by classic, you mean I could've died?
Vampire Vlad, you wouldn't get to be whinging
about with a little bit of charring.
-Well, I can see you're made of stronger stuff.
-You better believe it.
-I see the bloodbinding rituals have begun.
-And ended.
Unless you want to go to the ceremony without a bloodgroom.
-Aren't you even going to get me a wedding peasant?
-A wedding peasant?
Ancient vampire tradition.
As soon as the bloodrite has been completed,
the bloodwife and bloodgroom sink
their fangs into a peasant together.
-That's disgusting.
-It's a great honor for the peasant.
Everyone's a winner.
-Oh, Master, bitey, bitey, bitey.
-As long as I don't have to bite you, thank you very much.
-There will be no biting tonight.
-No biting?
On our bloodbinding day?
-The leaders of the Slayers Guild will be here.
To prove to them we're serious about peace,
we're going to share a goblet of low-sodium soy blood.
-Think of the Dracula reputation.
-And the Ramanga clan tradition.
-I don't want to hear one more word
about biting or vampiric tradition.
I'm this close to calling the whole thing off.
-He can't do that.
Can he?
-There will be a bloodbath.
-Oh, sounds fun.
-Of Dracula blood.
-I'll talk to Vlad.
I've thought about your third task.
-Look, everyone gets first bite nerves.
But you are doing the right thing.
-Am I?
-Well, you can't call it off now.
There will be a dustbath.
-I know.
-Look, what's wrong?
You can tell me.
Is it the breather girl?
-Her name is Erin.
-Erin, Erin, Erin.
-She left me a note.
Warned me not to try and follow her.
-I'm sorry to hear that, Vlad.
-I know how it feels to love a breather.
So wrong and yet so-- so--
Are you trying to tell me something?
No, no, no.
That it's all for the best.
Look, you'll get over Eric-- Erin in a couple of centuries.
-You've got some strange ideas about equality.
But deep down, you're old school bad.
We need more vamps like you on the High Council.
-And fewer like my brother, am I right?
-So we come to your final task.
Bring me one single tear from a member of your bloodline.
-You're plotting against Vlad, aren't you?
-What makes you say that?
Don't worry.
This task's in the bag.
[knock on door]
-Happy bloodbinding day, Bro.
-I haven't got time for your games.
-Oh, don't you want your present?
-What is it this time?
Garlic flavored chocolates.
Another sunlamp.
I thought it might help you to remember the old days.
It must be so hard knowing that you'll never see her again,
living without her for thousands and thousands of years.
-Thanks, Ingrid.
-You're very welcome.
-Thanks for reminding me of what's really important.
-Vlad, where are you going?
You can't leave now.
-Get out of the way.
-Listen to me for Erin's sake.
-Say what you like.
I am not getting bloodbound to Adze.
-Then thousands will die.
If you insult the Ramangas again,
then they'll take their revenge in blood.
And the slayers will retaliate.
And everything you've worked for will be lost.
Why do you care.
You never wanted peace anyway.
-After all we've been through, you still don't trust me.
-The only person I trust is Erin.
So I'm going to find her wherever she is.
-But you don't know where she is.
She's a trained slayer.
She's blocking your telepathic powers.
Don't you get it?
She doesn't want to be found.
ADZE: Did you put the plan into action?
Why the delay?
-It would not be seemly.
I mean, we are after all guests of the Dracula.
-You are joking, right?
-I never joke when it comes to vampiric tradition.
ADZE: Once Vlad's dead, what then?
What is the mean of this unexpected visit?
-I have a message from Vlad.
-Which is?
-Vlad wishes to apologize for his discourteous behavior
this morning.
He begs for your forgiveness and hopes that there will
be no more unpleasantness today.
-I accept his apology.
-I thank you on Vlad's behalf.
-But why are you being so formal?
This is a moment of joy.
We should be having fun.
-Sounds good to me.
-Not you.
You're a girl.
But us stags, we should be celebrating.
Downstairs in 10.
Bring Vlad.
[inaudible] It can't be.
-What's wrong now, Renfield?
-Nothing, Master.
COUNT DRACULA: What have you got there?
Show me.
-What are you doing?
Winning my place on the High Council.
-You toadying lick-spittle.
Where did that come from?
-In the coffin.
No, no, no.
-Show time.
COUNT DRACULA: It can't be.
Tell me the truth, am I-- am I-- am I losing my--
-Happens to all of us when we get to a certain age, like 640.
-And he's losing his memory too.
-Master, shall I just give them a decent burial?
-No, no, no, no, no!
Just let me hold them one last time.
Goodbye, my old friends.
Wait a minute.
These aren't my lustrous locks.
This is filthy girl hair.
I can't imagine how that got there.
Fancy something?
-As long as you promise not to spike it with hair remover.
-I reserve inflicting pain for family members only.
-Lucky them.
-So loner boy, why are you hanging
around our house of dysfunction?
Apart from this?
Well, the glamorous company, of course.
-No, really.
-Shouldn't I be asking you that?
You obviously despise your family.
-We're vampires.
It goes with the territory.
I can hardly believe yours is any different.
-Devious, despotic, deceitful-- yeah, the usual.
-So how come you were living at Fang
City with a bunch of filthy ferals?
-One should spread their wings, don't you think?
-Not if you end up in Stench Central.
-I forgot you prefer hiding under daddy's wings.
-Bat off.
-Just saying it like I see it.
-But why are you hanging around Vladimir's peace co.
-Nobody loves you and you've no better place to be.
-Actually, I do.
INGRID: Wolfie.
-Did I do something wrong?
-Everything about you is wrong.
If I had my way, we'd dump you back
with your furball of a father.
-You're mean.
-Of course I am.
I'm a vampire, a full vampire, not a mongrel mutt.
Look at you.
Come on, Wolfie, I just need one little tear.
It's not funny.
-It's ridiculous.
Why are you doing this?
-Because I have to complete all my tasks
in order to impress the High Council.
-Yeah, a bunch of stuffy old men.
Why do you care what they think?
-Oh, wait.
I learned this one in therapy.
Because deep down, I'm just a lonely little girl
who craves her daddy's approval.
-No, you're not.
You're a ruthless psychopath who craves
fresh blood and raw power.
-And you've been following me around all day.
What does that make you?
-I just don't want to see you make a fool of yourself.
-Why do you even care?
-I just do care.
-But I'm a power-mad psychopath.
-Maybe I like power-mad psychopaths.
-I don't need anyone.
-Will Vlad's mother be attending?
-Sadly not.
She's indisposed.
-What could keep a mother from attending
a social occasion like this?
-Better this way, believe me.
She'd only want to steal the limelight.
Anyway, she has a health complaint
where she's unable to travel at present.
-I heard about her recent dalliance.
Fleas, is it?
She's still in quarantine.
I didn't want to mar the celebrations
with an infestation.
-Such an obliging host as always.
And Adze's mother, will she be joining us?
-She's already here.
How are you enjoying the festivities, my darling?
She's having the time of her un-life.
When will Vlad be joining us?
-I hope so.
I don't like to be kept waiting.
-Another drink?
-And I really don't like being lied to.
-Well, I can recommend the Duchess of Warsaw.
Young, fruity, excellent nose, excellent
face altogether as I remember.
-What's going on?
Where's Vlad?
-He went to find Erin.
You're joking.
We need to bring him back.
-Don't you think I know that?
-One tear from my bloodline.
-Mm, good girl, Ingrid.
-Good girl?
-I mean bad girl, of course.
Just get me onto the High Council.
-Oh yes, on one condition.
-No more conditions.
I've done all your stupid tasks.
What more do you need?
-Just one thing-- you.
-Your daughter is bad to the bone, and I like that.
I will recommend her to the High Council
if she consents to become my bloodwife.
-Is he talking about me?
-Shut up, Ingrid.
This is men's business.
Uh, you're-- you're talking about her?
-I know it's an unexpected honor.
-It's unexpected all right.
-I was warned that no vamp in their right mind
would touch Ingrid Dracula with a 10-foot stake.
But those that warned me were fools.
They just didn't know how to handle you.
-And you do?
-Ingrid Dracula is bitter and frustrated.
But Ingrid Ramanga will be powerful and magnificent.
-Ingrid Ramanga?
-Forgot about your father and brother.
They've never been worthy of you.
Join me instead.
-(MUMBLING) Do it.
-N-- no?
-My name is Ingrid Dracula.
I should've been your heir.
And I'm going to prove it.
I shall make the name of Dracula feared
and hated throughout the world.
And I can't do that if I'm stuck with an old coffin
lodger like you.
-How dare she.
-Well, I did warn you about the 10-foot stake.
I was right.
You don't need anyone else.
-Thanks for reminding me.
-But you said you--
-I do, just not like that.
-I gave up a seat at the High Council for you.
-I'm sorry.
I thought we were friends.
-We were friends.
That's why you're still alive.
ERIN (VOICEOVER): Marry Adze and unite the vampires.
You have one shot at this.
This is what you've always dreamed of.
Go back and finish it.
-Vlad. I need to tell--
-I owe you an apology.
You're right.
-No, you were right.
The Ramangas are plotting against you.
You can't go through with the bloodbinding.
-People will die if I don't.
-You'll die if you do.
-Have you got any solid proof?
-No, but--
-I've made up my mind.
-Your children disrespected me.
-Well, yes, but only Ingrid and she doesn't really count.
-And what about Vlad?
Where is he?
-He's, uh-- Bertrand, where-- where-- Vladdie!
There you are.
There he is.
-Where have you been?
-About what?
-My responsibilities.
I am fully committed to this bloodbinding.
All I ask is that you support my peace plan.
-Of course.
-This is a UV torch, and I'm not afraid to use it.
-My father said he put you in a trance.
-I faked it.
He's no match for a trained slayer.
-Senile old fool.
-Why me?
Why mess with slayers when you could've bitten anyone?
-Because nothing gets the party started
like draining the bloodgroom's old love.
-Get back or your daughter eats sunlight.
-Then you will eat fire.
-I guess this is a standoff.
-Not really.
I thought I told you not to unwrap your peasant early.
-Do you really need that much garlic aftershave?
-Sorry, mate.
And it'll be half the High Council there.
I can't take any chances.
So, you OK?
You know, um, you're doing a-- you're doing a good thing.
-We've all made sacrifices, mate.
The bloodshed ends now.
-Go stake yourself.
-About what I said, I'm sorry if you misunderstood.
-Oh, you will be.
-Hey, Vlad.
Sorry, man.
Right on cue.
Come to gloat?
You threw away your true love to marry for power.
-Not power.
You're doing the right thing.
Love is for breathers and idiots.
And don't you ever forget that.
-All right.
Let's do this.
RAMANGA (VOICEOVER): The Rings of Arianrhod.
ADZE (VOICEOVER): I'll order him to his death.
RAMANGA (VOICEOVER): You might want
to have a little fun with him first.
It'll taste all the sweeter once Vlad is dead.
[wedding music playing]
-My fellow vampires.
We are gathered together to join this vampire
and this other vampire.
What are you--
-I'm the wedding breakfast, as if you didn't know.
-I didn't.
I came in here looking for evidence against the Ramangas.
-So you're not in on it?
-In on what?
-The plan to kill Vlad with the Rings of Arianrhod.
-The Rings of Arianrhod?
-Yes, the plot that's going on right
now unless you go and save him.
-Hold on.
Yes, one.
Oh, right.
Require and charge you both-- just cause
or impediment-- blahty blahty blah.
Just get to the biting.
-I surrender myself to the first bite of the Chosen One.
BERTRAND: Stop the ceremony!
I have a just cause or impediment.
-No, no, no.
I skipped that bit.
-Well, go back.
Adze and her father are planning to kill Vlad.
-Ramanga honor will brook no more insult.
-You'd better be so right about this.
-I am.
The bloodbinding rings are the Rings of Arianrhod.
-Forbidden dark weapons?
Nice one.
-Don't be so ridiculous.
These are perfectly normal bloodbinding rings.
-Then you won't mind if Renfield runs a few forensic tests.
Hand over the rings, Adze.
-Leave her alone.
-Nobody threatens my Vladdie.
-Go, Dad.
How did you know about the Rings?
-Erin told me.
The Ramangas kidnapped her.
She's a prisoner.
-He's dead.
Get back if you value Erin's life.
I control her every move.
Don't I, Erin?
If you try anything stupid, I will get her to jump.
-All right.
What do you want?
-You know what I want.
The first bite of the Chosen One.
-Um, she really shouldn't be able to do that.
-I'll do whatever you want.
Just don't hurt Erin.
-You must not.
VLAD: Erin!
[ending theme]


小小吸血鬼 (Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 4 Ep 6 'Bloodbound')

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