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  • My what?

  • [turns on loud rock/punk music] Your new roommate.

  • I have a roommate.

  • Well, don’t you catch on fast.

  • No, I mean I have a pre-existing roommate. A prior roommate. Her name is Betty.

  • Oh, yeah? Where’s she?

  • She’s… missing right now.

  • I see.

  • So, you can’t produce this Betty or anything, but you’d like me to leave?

  • Well, I wouldn’t put it exactly like tha

  • What are you doing?

  • Well, you see, I may not have a missing roommate, but what I do have is a letter from

  • the dean of students that says I live here now.

  • Stop that! Those are not yours.

  • Well, theyre in my half room, cutie. And possession is nine tenths.

  • This isn’t your room.

  • Tell you what.

  • You cough up Betty and I’ll hit the road. But until then..

  • Oh, this is not happening. You are not my new roommate!

  • I’m gonna find Betty, and youre gonna be out of here so fast there’s gonna be

  • scorch marks on those leather pants of yours.

  • [Laura sighs]

  • Well, it is day three of the incursion here in room 307 and Betty is still missing.

  • She has been officially replaced with the roommate from hell.

  • Don’t believe me? Let’s roll the surveillance.

  • She keeps wearing Betty’s clothes.

  • She steals my chocolate.

  • She never cleans anything.

  • She’s never awake before 4 PM,

  • which is perhaps unsurprising when she’s up all night with some girl from my anthropology class.

  • In MY bed.

  • But it’s fine, really. Because when Carmilla’s lateststudy buddycame over,

  • I may have mentioned that Carmilla has raging cold sores and she should

  • probably get herself checked out because they are like, super contagious.

  • Boom! Revenge is mine.

  • And so is Carmilla’s super special soy milk that I’m not supposed to touch because

  • [imitating Carmilla] that’s just the way the world works, cutie. Huh...

  • [screams] Ahh! Oooh!

My what?


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卡米拉》|第3集|根據J.Sheridan Le Fanu小說改編。 (Carmilla | Episode 3 | Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella)

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