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  • dr Pimsleurr was a linguist a professor in researcher

  • what really fast and dr benson was how quickly many children were able to pick

  • up a second language houston understand why students were forced to memorize

  • grammar rules useless phrases and endless lists of verbs

  • he defined for a revolutionary principles that form the backbone of his

  • unique methodology

  • principal number one graduated interval recall dot the pin for time how long

  • students remember new information

  • and what intervals they need to be reminded of it

  • if reminded too soon for too late students fail to retain the information

  • principal number two is anticipating

  • doctor kessler discovered that repetition alone is not enough

  • you're required to anticipate answers to questions

  • which forces you to actively think about words you've previously spoken with

  • power having the chance to stop and think

  • principal number three is organic learning

  • organic learning needs natural world

  • ask kids we learn to speak before we learn to write

  • doctor kessler's research proves that we may actually assimilate language to

  • hearings

  • they should be the foundational step in learning elaine which

  • traditions to linda's the exact opposite

  • principal number four escort vocabulary

  • legally need a limited number of words to the fact that we can eat cake in

  • anyway

  • the real trip

  • is not how many words you know

  • but rather how well you use the words u

  • do know by only focusing on the chorus angels

  • you can dramatically decrease the time it will take to learn your second

  • language

dr Pimsleurr was a linguist a professor in researcher


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快速輕鬆學習新語言的4個核心原則 - تعلم اي لغة جديدة بسرعة وسهولة (4 Core Principles to Learning a New Language Quickly and Easily - تعلم اي لغة جديدة بسرعة وسهولة)

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