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  • Hi I'm Eugenieferalcreature.

    嗨,我是 feralcreature 的 Eugenie。

  • We're in downtown.


  • We're currently scouting for cool spots for me to do my OOTD, outfit of the day.

    現在要找個好地方來拍我的 ootd,也就是今日穿搭 (outfit of the day)。

  • Because I had consistent quality content, Instagram featured me on the suggested user list too.

    因為我有品質一致的內容,Instagram 也把我擺在建議用戶名單上。

  • So that helped boost my numbers by like a quarter of what you see now.


  • I started a couple of months after Instagram's inception, so I had no idea what I was doing.

    從 Instagram 啟用後幾個月我就開始經營了,我一開始其實不知道我在做什麼。

  • When I'm searching for the perfect spot to take a photo, if I'm at home I look for really clean crisp architecture,


  • And if I'm abroad, then I look for architecture that fits the vibe of whatever city I'm in.


  • In OOTD, is a hashtag used mostly on Instagram, but it means "outfit of the day".

    所謂 ootd 是 Instagram 上最常用的標註,意思是「今日穿搭」。

  • I do ootds almost every day.

    我幾乎每天都會拍 ootd。

  • Ok, so I am actually five three, possibly five two but I'm in denial.

    我的身高其實是五英尺三寸 (約 160 公分),其實可能是五英尺兩寸 (約 157 公分),但我不會承認的。

  • So whenever people take pictures of me, I always ask that they squat and take a picture of me angled up so I look taller,


  • Or else I get little tiny legs.


  • We don't want that.


  • The people who take my photos, if it's on the iPhone, it's whoever I'm with, even my mom, my dad,

    幫我拍照的人,如果是用 iPhone 拍照,那麼攝影師就會是和我在一起的那個人,甚至是我爸媽,

  • But if it's on, through DSLR, then I have my photographer Randy take my photos.

    但如果是用數位單眼相機,那麼就會由我的攝影師 Randy 幫我拍照。

  • One --

    一 …

  • Take a couple.


  • Ok.


  • Good? Yeah.

    拍得好嗎? 不錯啊。

  • He's got it, he's got it.


  • When I was like 18, I thought I wanted to be a photographer, but that's before I knew I was really bad at it.

    我大概 18 歲的時候我以為我想當攝影師,但那是在我發覺自己很不擅長拍照之前。

  • I quit but being an Instagramer has really opened my eyes to new perspectives and I can't say I'm anywhere near as talented as a photographer.

    所以我放棄了,但當一名 Instagramer 著實讓我大開眼界,我不會說我和攝影師一樣有天分。

  • But it has opened my eyes to how the photographer sees the world.


  • I have been coloring my hair since I was 15.

    我從 15 歲開始染頭髮。

  • I did all the crazy colors in high school.


  • I had like dip dyed hair before it was even a thing.


  • I recently stopped a couple of months ago because I wanted to go back to blonde, and I noticed that people didn't like it as much.


  • I think my fans know what looks good on me, so I have colored hair again.


  • I think people used to be surprised that you can make money off Instagram,

    我想大家過去很驚訝有人用 Instagram 賺錢,

  • but I find that nowadays less and less people are surprised because Instagram is such a huge part of everybody's life, you know.

    但近日我發現愈來愈少人會為此感到訝異了,因為 Instagram 現在在大家生活中佔了很大一部分。

  • Some brands I've worked with are Acura, W Hotels, Puma, nowadays I blog maybe every other day, because I'm so busy.

    我曾合作過的品牌有 Acura、W Hotels、Puma,現在我大約每隔一天發文,因為我太忙了。

  • But I think you should Instagram every single day.

    但我想你應該每天都滑 Instagram。

  • I'm gonna try to get a good Instagram food photo for you.

    我要試著為你們呈現出 Instagram 美食照。

  • I don't like place mats.


  • We're taking the place mats out.


  • The cups, the condensation has left like rings on the table so you wanna clean that up.


  • And it doesn't need to be like super lined up, parallel to the table or anything, it's kinda nice to see it a little askew.


  • I like to get it from an eagle's eye point of view.


  • Uneditted.


  • So I like to edit my photos through VscoCam.

    我喜歡用 VscoCam 編輯相片。

  • My favorite filters are S2 and A6.

    我最喜歡的濾鏡是 S2 和 A6。

  • The biggest hurdle for this photo was retouching all the little specs on the table because the dust was really prominent in this photo.


  • I retouched the stains on the silverware, the dust on the table.


  • It's just like photography in general, you know, nothing's gonna be perfect right when you capture the photo.


  • So you need to fix it.


  • I figure that if you can make a photo better, then why not?


Hi I'm Eugenieferalcreature.

嗨,我是 feralcreature 的 Eugenie。

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