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Hello, my friends!
I am Luke Kneller and you're watching "Best Replays of the Week"!
Today you'll see a spectacular episode.
This time each winner could have been Top Gun of the Week.
So. Many. Kills!
Carnage is the theme of today, and with that, let's jump into the warm-up!
First let's melt some snow in Winter Himmelsdorf, with a GW E 100.
The match has been the usual struggle for an arty player, the score is 9:13 and the capture siren goes off.
But first: here comes an ISU-152...
The TD takes aim, fires and....hits a track! Haha!
Stop trying to hit me and hit me!
What's wrong with you?
Your last chance...
Let's end this now!
Right, that's it! Let me show you how it's done! Let's move on.
We continue our warm up on Karelia, where the sun is very beautiful, the rocks in the swamp are plentiful and the allies are all dying.
In usual T28 style, he turns up late to the party and is all alone.
An ELC is spotted!
The iron behemoth trundles towards him and shrugs off his shot.
The ELK tries to dash away but he won't get far... No!! Wait? An IS-6!?
I mean, of course! Totally intended...
Ever wondered what it would've been like for young Bruce Banner at kindergarten?
Look what happens when this MS-1 is left alone against 8 other little tanks!
He's getting angry!
The toddler turns into a small green monster and breaks everything in his path.
If you saw this little one getting upset, just let him win.
Yikes! That's it for the warm up.
It's time for the awards.
This week's top gun is the player behind the call-sign 13dan13.
Two 13s?
It's clearly not his unlucky number!
Well, he takes his T-62A for a spin around Steppes.
This hero of the Soviet Union doesn't need anyone scouting for him
so right off the bat, this Florida sized cockroach shows off its speed and dashes forward.
His opponents are caught by surprise and run screaming as he dashes around making a stink.
Unfortunately his allies aren't doing so well...
Something needs to be done!
The critical moment is now, not at the end of the battle.
Plan: both the JagdTiger and FV need to go.
Dan charges both of the TDs and skilfully takes them out.
That helped a little but there's no time to relax.
A Batchat tries to stop him but that's not so scary...
Ok, it's pretty scary but you can only be brave when you're afraid!
Ignoring the Bat for now, he kills the 13 90 and takes a few shots at the Maus.
Your time has come, you soft piece of brie!
New plan: Kill the Batchat and focus on the Maus.
A big target is easy to hit but then again, being small won't save the AMX 12t.
After the big meal, he's the one-bite French Fancy!
Meanwhile, the SuperPershing pays the price for parking his tank in the open.
Right, the score is 9:6; it's going to be ok.
He crosses the field and picks off an IS-6 on the way.
Oh, a T34! It's a tough, dangerous machine but not when it's showing its side like that!
Enemy artillery knock out the IS-7, and it looks like they still have a chance!
That last hope dies with the FV 4202 and the killing of another AMX 12t just drives the point home.
It's time to introduce the artillery to the Grim Reaper, while the allied Maus ends the battles with one last shot on the IS-7.
Just one kill shy of his lucky number more than 7000 damage and key decision making in the heat of battle;
bring 13dan13 the award for Top Gun of the Week!
The Defender of the Week is the European player SAHOOLT, and he drives the SU-100
and it looks pretty grim.
SAHOOLT takes his first shot when the score is 2:6.
He finishes off the A-43 in an explosion and then ...silence...
It's only after the enemies have broken through in the city that his real work begins -- the capture starts!
An easy shot sends the cat back to hell and a tricky one teaches the StuG to keep his head down next time.
The SU is well spotted now, of course, so he needs to fall back.
The last ally dies on the way to the enemy base and this brave defender is left alone against seven opponents!
The red bar continues to fill up, and it's time to act!
Kill the Pz. IV H and charge towards the base.
The KV-1S becomes a beautiful one-shot kill!
Good day, Sir!
Now it's a waiting game.
Get to the best position for defence and don't move.
Nearly a minute of anxious waiting is finally interrupted by a rival SU-100!
Missing this shot at the TD could have been a fatal mistake but the return shot does no damage!
SAHOOLT knows better than to make the same mistake twice.
The remaining enemies are a KV-1S, two beat-up T1 Heavies and an M3 Lee.
The SU-100 receives a shot from an unseen enemy but this doesn't stop it from punching a hole into the Soviet Heavy!
It's time to use all the cover he can find.
SAHOOLT anticipates the KV's movement but his alpha isn't quite enough!
He retreats as far back as possible...oh how he would like to cross the red line!
The KV pops-out, takes a shot and ... track!
Was that lucky, a hurried shot, or perfect positioning?
It doesn't matter.
A shot whizzes overhead marking the arrival of the two T1 Heavies.
One down!
This time the alpha is more than enough.
Falling back to try and deceive the enemy... Success!
His gun points to one side as death comes from the other.
Now all that's left to do is to wait for the M3 Lee to arrive from the town.
Wait for it... surprise!
He suddenly appears on the other side!
Spin around quickly and hammer the last nail into the red team's coffin.
SAHOOLT showed courage, got 10 kills and stood his ground in an almost hopeless situation.
He really deserves the award for "Defender of the Week"!
As usual, the "Sniper of The Week" brings you a series of three great shots.
The first one is fired on Erlenberg.
A historical battle is being fought between German and Soviet forces.
The IS drives forward, following the river.
Whatever his plans were they can wait, since an enemy StuG seems to have a death wish!
An accurate and precise shot between the houses brings the team their first kill and a bronze "Sniper of the week" award to the shooter.
The next sniper is found at Winter Himmelsdorf.
The silver-medalist Jagdpanzer E100 decides to fire through the square.
What was that?
There's a fountain and an allied Batchat?
What's your point?
It's the IS-3 I'm shooting at!
Take another look.
Right between all the obstacles.
Nice shot!
Summer is here and the snow is gone from Himmelsdorf.
This is where we find the best sniper of the week.
Fast forward to the end of the battle.
Our champion sniper, driving the SU-122-54 is climbing up a hill, while the rest of the team are trying to find the last enemy.
That enemy, for his part, is going for one last kill.
He charges the arty, it defends and leaves him with 8 HP!
Aim... Fire and... Wow!! What a hit!! Let's see that again!
The enemy was going at a good speed and our sniper got him through this opening!
That spectacular shot fully deserves the Sniper of the Week award.
Congratulations to Aidarkerei.
You're the best today.
This week's steel wall goes to the player andrey13243546.
As I mentioned earlier -- all of today's winners have a lot of kills but the Steel Wall has that name for a reason.
Andrey doesn't just need to kill, he has to take a beating and live to tell the tale!
He gets stuck in right away but his allies are dropping like flies.
Why does it look like he's the only one who's actually interested in winning the fight?
The first serious opponent is a KV-5 but it proves to be no real challenge.
It manages to land a shot but not where it counts.
Circling around the Ruinberg streets brings him face-to-face with a Prototype.
Now this one actually is a dangerous opponent!
Both TDs take a hammering but victory goes to the beast of German steel.
This is where the Steel Wall contest truly begins!
One against NINE!
Fun means having 250 mm frontal armour and all your opponents ahead of you.
The enemies fire, rage at their fate and fire again.
The TD hero stays calm and knocks them down, one by one.
Angling the hull, side-scraping and taking damage on the tracks blunts the enemies' fury.
We have to point out that only the SU-85 thought to flank the German.
And the rest... well let's hope they have the looks, since they don't seem terribly smart.
The pretty opponents vanish as quickly as cash after the pay day,
while the JagdTiger just shrugs off the insults, the anger and of course the damage!
In the end, the German premium racked up 12 kills, survived the fight and didn't even search for the last enemy, winning by capture instead.
This is one deadly wall of steel!
And now we have arrived at the main event, the Best Replay of the Week!
The title, the gold and the medal go to the player behind the call-sign ramzess_1, driving the unpronounceable French premium SPG.
We are watching a standard battle at the Hidden Village.
Quickly taking up a good position, our champion blots out two red markers and pretty much disassembles a third.
But it's not enough!
Ramzess has time to bring his kill count to three by finishing off a T-34 but then things suddenly get very dangerous for artillery.
A T49 breaks into the base and opens up on friend!
A time like this calls for shotgun mode!
When the dust settles, the heroic effort didn't manage to save the ally and half the rivets have fallen out of his artillery piece.
33 HP left and the score is 8:12... This is bad...
Now he needs to hide to survive!
Wait... there's an enemy!
The Chi-Ha misses the only shot it is going to get.
Go away little Chihuahua! Scoot!
Now things get strange.
The enemies start coming around the corner in a shambling horde.
What is this, the zombie apocalypse?
The Hetzer, the Pz. toaster 4 and then the SAu 40 charge in and die at such a rate that even the elite loader has trouble keeping up.
But hey, if they are that keen to die, Ramzess is quite willing to lay them to rest!
A Medium III starts the capture! Reset attempts are unsuccessful and suddenly there's a more immediate threat.
It's the slowest member of the zombie horde.
This one's an SPG.
Check for wind and shoot twice!
It's a reliable method.
The red bar crawls forward but the invader's greed will be his downfall.
Decided to take a shot, did you?
How's that working out for you?
10th kill.
The allied KV-1 goes for the capture and only an enemy SPG left.
Hmm... 10 kills are enough; the battle ends in a capture.
This was not a heavy combat vehicle but it rose to the occasion and carried the match with spectacular plays.
That's why ramzess_1 wins our "Best Replay of the Week".
That's all the replays for today.
New episodes of "Science of Victory" and "RNG " are already waiting for you.
And soon you'll find the anticipated film "Tanks Smell like Swamp" on our official channel.
Make sure not to miss it!
I am Luke Kneller, yes I'm British and numbers are intentionally spoken like that.
I'll see you in the comments.
*Makes noises like a broken radio*


世界坦克:週最佳重播 (World of Tanks: Best Replays of the Week - Episode 15)

12427 分類 收藏
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