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  • Hi. My name is Rebecca from In today's lesson, you'll learn how to use


  • the word "unless" correctly in English. Now, the word "unless" expresses a negative condition.

    在英文中正確使用unless這個單字, 今日,我們使用unless這個單字表示一個否定的狀態

  • That means that unless one thing happens, something else cannot happen.


  • Let's look at some examples on the board, and I think you'll learn this very easily, okay? Let's get started.

    我們來看一些白板上的例子,我想這樣你會非常容易學習,好嗎? 開始囉

  • Now, for example, let's take the first sentence: "You can't go to university if you don't finish high school."


  • So the negative condition here is "if you don't finish high school", right?


  • So instead of saying "if you don't", you could say, "You can't go to university unless you

    所以取代"if you don't"這個說法,你可以說,"你無法唸大學,除非你

  • finish high school." Okay? "You can't go to university if you don't finish high school"


  • or "You can't go to university unless you finish." So here, you see that we had to use

    或"你不能唸大學,除非你完成....,"所以這裡,你看, 我們需要使用

  • the negative words, "if you don't". But when we use the word "unless", it does that automatically.


  • Let's look at another example: "You can't enter the club if you don't have ID." "ID"


  • is short for "identification". "You can't enter the club unless you have ID. You can't


  • enter the club unless you have ID." Next one: "You can't visit Italy if you don't

    進入俱樂部,除非你有身份證. 下一題,你無法去義大利,假如你沒有

  • get a visa." So what do we do? We place this, and we can say, "You can't visit Italy unless you get a visa."

    取得簽證的話, 所以我們要怎麼做, 我們將這句放在這裡,然後我們可以這樣說, 你無法去義大利,除非你取得簽證

  • "You can't borrow books if you don't have a library card." How would we change that


  • using "unless"? "You can't borrow books unless you have a library card."

    使用"unless"! 你無法借書,除非你有圖書館借書證

  • Last one: "You can't pass the TOEFL if you don't prepare." How would you change that

    最後一題:"你無法通過托福考試,假如你沒有準備的話" 你會如何換句話說?

  • using "unless"? "You can't pass the TOEFL unless you prepare." All right?

    使用"unless"?"你無法通過托福,除非你有準備", 都會了嗎?

  • Next, I'll give you an exercise so you can practice this a little bit better.


  • Now, let's try a couple of examples with "unless". Let's say this is the situation: "John can't


  • go out unless he does a few things." So how would you say that? "John can't go out unless

    出去玩,除非他做了某些事情,所以你會怎麼表達這些情況? "John無法出去玩,除非

  • he finishes his homework; unless he cleans his room; unless he takes a shower." Okay?

    他完成他的家庭作業,除非他打掃完他的房間,除非他洗完澡," 了解了嗎?

  • Good. Let's see if you can do this one. You can

    非常好,讓我們看看你是否會做這一題, 你可以

  • say it at home: "I can't improve my English unless I read more books; I write more often;


  • I watch more EngVid lessons." Okay? So you see how "unless" can be used in these

    我看更多EngVid的課程" 沒問題嗎?所以你了解unless可以如何被使用在這些

  • examples. Try your best to write some sentences of your own, create a situation that, "Today,


  • I can't do this unless I do that." And each day, if you write a sentence like that with

    我無法做這件事除非我完成那件事", 然後每一天,如果你寫一句這樣的例句,

  • what you need to do or what has to happen before something else can happen, you will


  • learn how to use the word "unless". So if you'd like to do a quiz on this subject,


  • you can go to our website: All the best with your English. Bye, for now.


Hi. My name is Rebecca from In today's lesson, you'll learn how to use



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英語口語--"除非 "如何使用 (Speaking English - How to use "unless")

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