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  • SPEAKER 1: Every course that has some face-to-face

  • component progresses through a sequence of in class time and

  • out of class time.

  • In a traditional lecture-based class, students are typically

  • assigned material to study before coming to class.

  • But then are expected to sit through a presentation that

  • often covers similar content.

  • And then assigned something to do for homework,

  • usually on their own.

  • In a flipped class, students have access to the

  • instructor's lectures ahead of time along with any other

  • background material that they need.

  • Which frees up face to face time to let students seek

  • clarification from instructors, collaborate with

  • peers, and practice applying concepts while getting

  • guidance and feedback directly from experts in the moment

  • when it can help the most.

  • This lets students leave class with an even greater

  • collection of resources and a clearer awareness of what they

  • need to focus on to close any gaps that

  • remain in their learning.

  • For more information on the flipped classroom and other

  • teaching and learning resources, go to


SPEAKER 1: Every course that has some face-to-face


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翻轉課堂什麼是翻轉課堂? (Flipping Your Class: What is a Flipped Class?)

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