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So there’s this thing called the Asian card.
Is that really it? No. I just made this up, today, right now.
Having an Asian card means that you are very Asian.
But FungBros if you are born in Asian don’t you already have your Asian card?
Not necessarily true. What about for not Asian, did they still get an Asian card?
Definitely. We understand that there are a lot of different types of Asians.
But these are kind of all the things that bond us together.
So keep tracking your score and see if you get your Asian card.
That’s not it, babe. Not it. Not it. Sorry.
Number one, you’ve got to take your shoes off when you enter your house.
Boys, take off your shoes. If you only take off your shoes when you're at your parents’ house, give yourself half a point.
If you live on your own, you still take off your shoes at your place, full point.
All Asians take off their shoes. Asians are the only one that take off their shoes when they enter the house.
But if you don’t do this, VIOLATION!
Number two, you eat rice. You got long grain, short grain, broken rice, purple rice, white rice, not really brown rice.
Brown rice you get half a point. If you’re on a diet, you got energy.
Rice candy, rice paper, rice noodles, rice ball, rice, rice. You just got to eat rice.
Rice is the spice of life. Are you still with us or are you two for two?
Number three, you know how to use chopsticks.
Half of a point if you know how to use chopsticks improperly, cross-sticks
This is not proper form but it gets the job done.
And a full point if you do it properly.
Number four, get out!!
You know you got to like Asian Food.
Okay, you get a half point if you only eat one type of Asian food or you only eat it when your mom’s cook.
Full point for you got to it with your friends and you eat all different types.
I’m not talking when just the main ones like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai…
I’m talking about Malaysian, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Cambodian, Filipino, Indian, Mongolian grill.
That’s not really a Mongolian but we will give you a point if you go out with friends.
Number five, you gotta be humble. Or at least fake it.
In public, you gotta act more like this. No. no. no. no. no.
It was definitely the team effort. I don’t deserve all the credits.
But really what you mean on the inside. The truth is I deserve all the credit because who did all the work?
This guy.
Number six, you got to show your respect to the elders.
Yes. Your parents, grandparents, random old people.
You have to be as helpful as you can and show them the stream among of respect.
Because that’s a part of being an Asian. You cannot say things like.
Shut up Mom. You’re not the boss. Bee…
You’re stupid Dad. Gosh, all these old people are old and wrinkling and they don’t know anything.
I hate this family even you grandma. I hate you too.
Asian Violation.
Number seven, you cannot bust out laughing every time you hear an Asian accent.
We know that Asian accent can be pretty funny, but if you laugh every time you hear it.
Strike. You understand that English is not the first language for a lot of people.
But we laugh all the time. it’s immature.
Number eight, you have got to like eating in a family style.
In Asian culture, eating together is like a communal family bonding thing.
Half a point, if you’re okay with sharing but you don’t really love it.
But a full point if you prefer to share so that you can eat all the dishes.
Number nine, you gotta have at least one fish tank in your life.
You guys keep in score? What’s your score so far?
Number ten, you cannot care about MSG or whether the food is organic or not.
All types of Asian food add MSG, including snack.
If you don’t like MSG and you don’t have allergy to it, strike.
A very unAsian question to ask a restaurant is,
Do you think you could make that dish without MSG?
What farm is the chicken from? Was it free range?
Did the chicken have the name? were these vegetable grown without any sort of pesticides?
The Asian answer to all these questions is, who cares?
Number eleven, you’ve got to care about getting the most bang for your buck.
Oh man, this is a nice jacket. How much is it?
Oh yeah, it’s cool. You know, maybe next time. thanks babe.
I read like thirty Amazon reviews. Trust me. this is the highest quality and the lowest price.
Number twelve, you don’t think that all Asians look alike.
You see enough Asian people. You thought enough about them.
And that you can kind of tell them apart. You don’t have to be right all the time but you can’t be wrong all the time.
Number thirteen, you got to think that martial arts are cool.
You got to love the Asian style of kicking ass. you definitely got a full point on this one, if you actually took a martial arts class grown up.
Number fourteen, you’ve got to love eating sea food.
Asians always eat pretty much anything that is tasty in the wild.
Shrimps, squid, octopus, crawfish, lobsters, crabs, crustaceans of all types.
All the stuff that’s not a crustacean. People think that it’s really gross but we eat those too.
Number fifteen, you got to at least speak to one Asian language or be ashamed that you can’t
Number sixteen, you’ve got to be afraid of shaming your family.
If there is one thing to be scared of an Asian life, it is disappointing your parents.
I wish we didn’t have to put this one on the list but it’s kind of true.
Number seventeen, you’ve got to prefer eat meat off the bone.
The concept of boneless chicken wings is not part of Asian culture.
And Fallow when you meet a girl and she’s eating the meat off the bone. You know she’s a keeper.
Meat off the bone just tastes better, just like dark meat is better than white meat.
Number eighteen, as the person that is trying to get their Asian card, you’ve got to think Asians are attractive.
We’re not saying that you have to always date an Asian person.
And we’re not saying that you have to think all Asian people are attractive.
Dude, I don’t really like the way Asian girls look you know, they got like straight black hair.
I mean I …Violation.
Number nineteen, you got to at least like some anime or video games.
I’m not saying you gotta love them and playing all the time.
But between a million of titles league of Lengends, Wow, Dota, Dragonball Z, pokemon, Sailor moon.
You’ve got to give me something.
And finally, number twenty, you’ve got to like green tea flavor snacks.
Green tea ice cream, green tea Kit Kat, Green tea tea, Green tea candy. Basically anything they made mango out of them.
Oh, mango too. And actually while we add it, taro. Taro, mango, green tea.
If you don’t like green tea, taro and mango, at least one of those. Asian Violation.
Alright everybody, those are twenty ways to get your Asian card.
What was your score out of twenty? Tell us.
Here’s the ranking system. If you score a 0 out of 20, we are amazed that you even found this video.
If you score 1 to 5, you’re probably not actually Asian. But thanks for playing.
If you score 5 to 10, you’re newbie Asian. Newbie Asians. Step your game up.
If you score 10 to 15, then you’re in Asian nest not a full-fledged Asian.
Just little baby flapping its wings. You’re in there. Try to learn how to fly.
You can get there with a little work.
If you score 15 to 19, you are for sure Asian. For sure Asian.
You are Asian. Whether you’re Asian or not Asian, you have become Asian.
And if you happen to score 20 out of 20, you win a Platinum, Uranium, Titanium, Jade, Gold, Plated Asian card
To that Asian life. Wow. Congratulations every body!
Hey everybody, I hope you really like that video hope you have fun with it.
Let us know what’s your score is out of 20 in the comment below.
You know, to be honest, it’s just for joke so you feel how you wanna feel about it.
If you're Asian, you're Asian. If you're not Asian, you're not Asian. Whatever. But definitely watch this video here.
Cause that has something to do with Asian. And watch this video here, that’s another video that we made. Subscribe to our channel.
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So go to the uh…website right there in this corner.
And you know, we just see you guys next video. Peace.
Alright guy, let me tell you a secret. This is an official Asian card. And this is a counterfeit. Watch out for this because this isn’t real
This one is real. Just letting you guys know.


【Fung Bros】你有資格獲得亞洲卡嗎?來測試一下!How to get your Asian card!(Test yourself)

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