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What's up everybody?
As you guys know the three of us took a week long trip to Taiwan.
We got a chance to go over the island north to south then we shot a bunch of videos.
Hold up.
Now this list was all we make.
Really hard.
But we came up with the: 10 coolest things about Taiwan.
Let's go!
Taiwan has a great mixture of urban metropolis.
And nature.
Taiwan's got great nature.
That's a hot spring.
I am going in.
One of the cool things about Taiwan is the abundance of cool cheap technology
Trust me. You probably use some Taiwanese electronic brands before whether you knew it or not.
Yes, you wouldn't know it because the names are really asian unlike Samsung, or Toshiba.
What? Is that Asus or Ayzoos?
And of course the most creatively named HTC, high technology company.
One of the dope thing about Taiwan is that it has so much balance.
It has a lot of modern technology.
And there is still some traditional Asian culture.
Another thing you'll notice about Taiwan is that there is a cute cartoon for everything.
Like we said. Everything.
Cute stuff everywhere.
This guy is like kind of cute, kind of eww.
Another cool thing about Taiwan are there are mopeds everywhere.
Scooter city.
Mopeds everywhere.
One of the best things about Taiwan is the number of night markets.
That's my girl, man. That's bae.
Another cool thing about Taiwan is that there is a lot nice and friendly people.

Welcome to Taiwan.
I love Taiwan.
Welcome to Taiwan.
And of course in Taiwan you've got to love that there is good cheap food everywhere.
They got a lot of great street food that's what we're trying to say.
Another cool thing about Taiwan is that the transportation is really fast.
Subways, bullet trains, elevators.
The public transportation in Taipei is super convenient.
Made it.
Like we said transportation is fast in Taiwan.
This is the fastest elevator of the world.
Iron man fast.
Another really cool thing is the 24/7 night life.
Let's just said you stayed up late in Taiwan, you got some options.
It's almost 12 a.m and you can see how many people are out.
The night life is crazy.
Things are still open. Bookstores, clubs, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, everything.
Another cool thing about Taiwan is that seven-elevens are everywhere.
So they're super convenient.
Seven-eleven life.
Thank you guys for watching our lists on the 10 best things about Taiwan.
Alright, guys. That we realized one week was totally not long enough to get everything in there.
And we definitely forgot something.
So make sure to let us know on the comments below what the best things about Taiwan are that did not make our list.
Yo. It is so fun travelling. You guys gotta let us know which places you want us to go, and why, in the comments stand below.
And stay tuned for more Taiwan videos until next Sun. Peace.


快來台灣!台灣最棒的 10 件事情!(10 BEST THINGS ABOUT TAIWAN | Fung Bros)

82304 分類 收藏
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