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  • Hey guys! What's going on? It's Mikey Chen here.

    嗨 各位 你們好嗎? 我是Mickey Chen

  • Dan, Chen

    嗨我是Dan Chen

  • Hey Dan, so you know no matter where you go,

    Dan 你知道嗎 不管到哪裡

  • there's always some trends that are just plain weird.


  • Yeah, for example, people outside of the US find that we are overly obsessed with teeth.

    沒錯 比如說 美國以外的人會發現我們美國人過於迷戀牙齒

  • Right! Braces seem very normal to those of us who live in the US,

    沒錯! 牙套在美國好像很普遍

  • I mean, we so willingly bind our teeth,


  • go through months of pain


  • and rub like teeth-whitening chemicals into our mouths


  • just so that we have the perfect smile.


  • So often the purpose of achieving them straight purely whites.


  • Asia, in particular, has some weird trends that you might not know about.

    你可能不知道 亞洲也有些詭異流行

  • For example, in Japan, people want the complete opposite of straight teeth.

    比如說 日本人不想要一口整齊的牙齒

  • The recent trend among the younger generation is tobelieve it or not

    信不信由你 最近日本年輕人流行

  • have crooked, fang-like teeth.

    不整齊的牙齒 也就是虎牙

  • This trend is called yeaba,


  • or more directly translated to double tooth.


  • It's supposedly considered cute and youthful.


  • Really?


  • The double tooth look is achieved by temporarily or permanently capping the upper canines through a dental procedure.


  • On the other hand, in China, Thailand and Indonesia,

    另一方面 在中國 泰國 和印尼

  • fake braces are now the new fad.


  • They sell DIY kits that help you achieve your perfect braces look.

    會有人賣DIY裝飾牙套組 幫你擁有完美牙套造型

  • Yeah and this is a sign of wealth and status.

    沒錯 牙套是種財富與地位的象徵

  • Why you may ask?

    你可能會問 為什麼?

  • In these countries, only those who have money are able to afford t

    在這些國家 只有富人才有辦法支付

  • the luxury of beautifying their teeth


  • and so having braces means that you have money.


  • I don't know man. Braces are not that attractive.

    我不太懂 戴牙套不怎迷人吧

  • I mean, we spent years like complaining

    一戴就要好幾年 大家一邊抱怨

  • and hoping our braces will come off.


  • Luckily for me, I never have braces. -Same here.

    幸好我沒戴過牙套 -我也是

  • Beautiful, straight teeth


  • And also in the US, when I was growing up,

    還有 在美國 我剛轉大人那時候

  • we kinda saw people that wore glasses or had braces as

    看到戴眼鏡或牙套的人時 會覺得

  • oh you're kinda nerdy

    喔 這人有點宅吧

  • and everyone kind of went through that phase


  • before they all of a sudden became beautiful and not awkward and awesome.

    在脫離宅樣 突然變帥變美之前

  • Are you saying that nerds aren't cool?

    你是說 宅宅很遜嗎?

  • Cuz dude, have you seen the recent fashion trends?

    老兄 你不知道最近的流行嗎?

  • Nerd glasses, nerd glasses and more nerd glasses.

    黑框眼鏡 宅宅眼鏡 書呆子眼鏡

  • Nerdy is the new cool.


  • Uh more like hipster is the new cool.

    呃 應該說 文青才是最新潮流

  • Alright, anyways, so what I was trying to say is that

    總之 我想表達的是

  • wearing nerdy glasses is universally trendy.


  • But in many parts of Asia they have their own twist to it.

    但在亞洲很多國家 他們變出了新花樣

  • People wear just the frames of the glasses,


  • like no lens, nothing,

    沒有鏡片 只有框

  • I-can-poke-my-eyes-out nerd glasses.


  • Man, times have changed.

    大哥 時代在變

  • I remember when people actually tried to avoid wearing glasses like at all cost.

    還記得 以前大家不計代價擺脫眼鏡

  • Right! I have friends who used to always wear contacts

    沒錯! 我有些朋友以前都戴隱形眼鏡

  • but now they always wear their glasses.


  • Okay, but they tend to wear those hipster-looking glasses.

    對 但他們通常都戴文青粗框眼鏡

  • We're all just all gonna be kind of a nerd.


  • Asians are obsessed with eyes,


  • most of us know about the common eye-enlarging tricks,


  • using double-eyelid tape or glue,

    像是雙眼皮貼 雙眼皮膠啦

  • circle lenses and several pairs of false lashes.

    放大片啦 好幾副假睫毛啦

  • Uh I don't really know how you know about all that,


  • but yeah, it's you so whatever.


  • But anyway, recently popular in South Korea


  • is the aegyo sal or eye smile.

    微笑的眼睛 臥蠶

  • They're basically fake eye bags achieved through surgery or special tape.


  • Dude, you would look like such a zombie.


  • But aegyo sal supposedly makes you look younger and cuter.


  • Uh, cuz eye bags make you look younger and cuter


  • how did thatwhen did that happen?


  • I should be freaking gorgeous right now.


  • The aegyo sal are not considered to be eye bags in Korea,

    在韓國 臥蠶跟眼袋是不一樣的

  • but a cute puff under your eye.


  • Uh it's also supposed to make your eyes look larger


  • and make you look more sickly.


  • But when you are actually sick,


  • I automatically think of doctors and surgical masks.


  • Wearing surgical masks is extremely popular in Asia.


  • Originally they were used in densely populated areas to stop the spreading of germs but

    口罩原本是在人多時才戴 避免感染病菌

  • has now become part of popular fashion of course.


  • I can't believe this because when I was four

    我不敢相信 因為 我四歲時

  • I wore surgical masks to prevent people from spreading their germs in China.

    會戴醫用口罩 避免在中國感染細菌

  • Right! – Not for fashion.

    沒錯! -絕不是趕流行

  • Right and then whenever you see people wearing surgical masks you're like,

    每次看到有人戴醫用口罩 就會想說

  • Are they sick? I should keep away from them.”

    他們生病了嗎? 得離他們遠點

  • Is there like an outbreak around here I need to know about? – Exactly.

    這裡有什麼我不知道的傳染病爆發嗎? -沒錯

  • Anyways, now you can buy color-printed surgical masks

    但現在 你可以買到彩色印花口罩

  • and even fake designer's surgical masks to match your outfit .

    甚至是仿冒名牌口罩 來搭配衣服

  • Western culture is all about getting that tan, healthy glow in the summer, you know that.

    你知道 西方人夏天喜歡去曬成健康的古銅色 對吧

  • Oh yeah. – oh right here! Exactly!

    對呀 -像我這樣

  • Yeah I mean look at that.

    沒錯! 帥吧

  • Asia wants the complete opposite,


  • from wide visor hats to excessive skin whitening beauty products,


  • pale is the right way to go.


  • Uh you would think they never go to the beach with

    你可能會以為 他們因此不去海灘

  • that much sun beaming down on their precious white skin.


  • Wrong!


  • In China, some take it to a whole new level.

    在中國 有些人達到了全新境界

  • They wear a full body swimsuit.


  • Uh when you think about a full body swimsuit,


  • I don't just mean like a one-piece swimsuit.


  • They actually cover their entire head and face


  • with something called the face-kini.


  • I'm totally gonna walk up to one of them and be like,


  • Hey Jenn! Oh whoa sorry wrong person.”

    嗨 Jenn! 噢 認錯人了 拍謝

  • I mean, how do you identify your friends or your family when they're wearing these things?

    如果你家人或朋友戴著這種東西 要怎麼認出他們?

  • Because we're guys right?


  • I mean you could possibly remember the style of face-kini they're wearing so you could be like,


  • Oh hey honey! You went down to the ocean, had a nice swim and now you're back.

    嗨 哈尼 妳去海裡游了一趟回來了呀

  • I'd be like, crap.

    我可能會想: 該死!

  • What color was she wearing again?


  • They all look the same.


  • But seriously, these things could possibly give you nightmares.

    說真的 這東西可能會讓妳做噩夢

  • I mean, imagine going to the beach to chill

    想像一下 到了海灘 突然整個掃興

  • and all of the sudden you see like groups, groups of people that look like this.


  • At least they're not modifying the shape of their head right?


  • Well, recently bagel heads have been popular in Japan.

    最近 貝果頭在日本很流行

  • Okay so what that is is a saline solution is injected into your forehead


  • and then the center is pushed in


  • so that you literally look like you have a bagel implanted in your forehead.


  • So we're in New York. I'm a bagel lover.

    這裡是紐約 我是貝果愛好者

  • So whenever I see that, I'm gonna be like hungry.

    看到這種貝果頭 我會覺得餓

  • That was like the Halloween episode in Simpsons


  • when Homer had a donut growing out of his


  • no, his head became a donut.

    不 他的頭變成多拿滋

  • He started eating his head.


  • Anyway, this may sound also like a super crazy thing to do,

    總之 貝果頭聽起來可能超級瘋狂

  • but the effects are temporary, thank goodness,

    但謝天謝地 效果是暫時性的

  • and the modification only lasts one thousand six hundred and twenty-four hours.


  • That's it.


  • Doesn't change the fact that it's still super weird.


  • Another odd trend in Japan are the virtual dating games.

    日本還有個怪流行是 虛擬約會遊戲

  • It's a role-playing game


  • where the player has a relationship with the virtual anime-style boyfriend or girlfriend.


  • Your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend will never argue with you,


  • are always loving and they would never break up with you.

    會一直愛著你 不會把你甩掉

  • So those are the positives I guess.


  • I guess sometimes you'll find it too difficult or annoying to date real-life people right?

    有時和真人交往會很麻煩 對吧?

  • You know what would be bad about this?

    但你知道 虛擬情人有啥缺點嗎?

  • Let's say you're going on a date with your 2D or 3D video game girlfriend, virtual girlfriend whatever,


  • and then you're in the middle of your date


  • and it runs out of batteries.


  • And it was just going so well.


  • Date over!


  • Okay, check this out! This one's really cool.

    好吧 來看這個 這真的很酷

  • It's called dekotora or decorated trucks.


  • This is a popular subculture on the outskirts of big cities in Japan.


  • They're basically super blinged out trucks with an


  • abundance of accessories, flashing lights and colorful paintings.

    上面有一大堆飾品 燈泡 和彩繪

  • And it's not only on the outside,

    而且 不只是外觀閃亮亮

  • beside lights, accessories and paintings, there are also

    除了外面的燈泡 飾品 彩繪以外

  • chandeliers and comfortable sofa chairs inside the truck.

    卡車裡面還有豪華吊燈 舒適沙發

  • Fellow dekotorists often gather together in groups

    暴走卡車同好們 常會聚在一起

  • and flung their trucks to one another.


  • It's kind of like in America they have motorcycle culture,

    就像在美國 有重型機車俱樂部

  • like Hells Angels,


  • you know or like in America with Fast and Furious you like to modify your cars

    在美國 因為玩命關頭 很多人喜歡改裝車

  • but this is a whole other level.


  • Can you imagine a scene from Fast and Furious,

    你能想像 在玩命關頭裡

  • they're all like there, all the tough guys,


  • and then they're like, “Check out my chandelier in my truck!”

    說: 來參觀我車裡的豪華吊燈吧!

  • And finally for our last weird trend,

    終於 到了最後一個詭異流行

  • in China, some owners dye and groom their dogs to look like other wild animals.

    在中國 有些飼主會把自己的狗修整成別種動物

  • Yeah for example, here's a tiger-dog

    比如說 這隻是老虎狗