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Oh man. Breakfast for champions!
What's up everybody?
Welcome to another episode of Fung Bros food!
Today we're gonna be introducing a style of food that most of you guys have probably not had before.
I know I've never had it.
I know I have, a lot!
Hi, I'm Crystal. I'm a Taiwanese wannabe fob,
and today we're talking about Taiwanese breakfast!
Taiwanese breakfast.
Here's the spread.
Alright, so what can you tell us about, like, what we're looking at right now.
My favorite is dou jiang, mi jiang.
Mi jiang is a little bit sweeter but I like mi jiang more.
Okay, mi jiang, what's the difference?
Uh it's peanut and this is soybean.
I'm not gonna lie, I thought that was gravy.
Mi jiang looks like gravy.
You tiao is dragon tail.
It's kind of like a Chinese donut but it has less flavor
cuz you're using it to dip into things.
I feel like Taiwanese breakfast is kind of like the other Chinese breakfast.
In Taiwanese breakfast, we're taking the mi jiang, which is a sesame paste,
and we're dipping into that.
And it tastes a little beanie man.
It was sweet, beanie, kind of like red bean like Richie said.
I am used to more of the soymilk.
Everybody bring your ladles. Come around, come gather around.
Can I have more soymilk madam? – like the orphan that you are.
Dou jiang, soymilk.
So what you're noticing about this soymilk is
it's not like the Yeo's when you get in the can.
That's what I was expecting.
Everybody in Asia was drinking soymilk before western people introduce milk.
There's no adjective to describe the flavor of that other than just breakfast.
Luo bo gao jia dan.
Turn up the turnips!
Man, one thing I learn today is Taiwanese breakfast is really eggy,
but I like eggs.
Taiwanese breakfast, eggs on eggs!
Eggs on eggs on eggs! Eggs on eggs on eggs!
What are we gonna find underneath these eggs?
Cong you bing with eggs.
So this is the green onion pancake with eggs.
Okay so there's two…that's a two-faced slice. - Mhmm
I think it's important to know that you have a green onion pancake with a green onion egg.
Yo these Taiwanese people like these little surprises man.
Under the egg you would just get all these new presents.
Fan tuan.
So it's pretty much rice wrapped, inside there's a bunch of different stuff.
So inside it has you tiao, again.
And then this has pork sung, eggs and pickles.
We added the pickles.
You know what I love about this one?
Cuz you have so many different flavors and textures going on.
It's kind of sweet too.
You got the sauce, sweet sticky rice.
You got the egg.
You got the preserved veggies.
You have the Chinese donut.
And then you have the pork sung.
I just feel like I'm eating Taiwanese chipotle.
I feel like it's like a complete meal in one bite.
Niu rou shao bing.
It's like pastry, inside is egg again,
pickles and meat and it's very flaky.
Uh so like a Taiwanese sandwich.
So flaky.
Now you'd think that this would taste just like the other dishes
cuz it has similar element,
but it actually tastes very different than fan tuan
cuz the beef is sweet.
I think Taiwanese people like their food pretty damn dry.
Like all their snacks.
I'm familiar with this but it looks a little bit different than how I'm used to seeing it.
Xiao long bao directly translated into English is little dragon buns,
but traditionally we call it, like, steamed pork dumplings.
I know dragons are really trendy right now, like how to train the dragon,
but guess what, how to train the dragon bun.
Gua bao
The great makings of a gua bao are the perfect balance
between the crushed peanuts, the pickled vegetables, the pork belly, the cilantro,
and it's like you can't really have too much of any one otherwise it will go off the balance.
Xiang gu rou bao.
So it's mushroom and meat.
I'll take a bite and give my opinion.
Yo Crystal,
A different flavor, different spices than everything we've been eating.
The mushroom got the flavor, a little spicy!
I think it's interesting that a lot of the food looks similar in color and everything,
but actually tasted all a little bit different.
You can't be shallow with Taiwanese breakfast. You have to get to know it,
know its personal, required taste.
We still have another shao bing they gave us.
Check out the layers.
You're gonna take this you tiao.
Hold up!
I didn't make this up.
That is a Chinese donut hotdog.
It's so flaky I think I cut my mouth.
That's like eating a donut wrapped around a croissant.
That's a craziest dish to me actually.
The geoduck.
It's so crazy but yet so simple.
From now on it's called the geoduck Taiwanese breakfast food.
You're putting a stamp on that name?
That's it. Boom! Geoduck.
Guo tie
I think the feeling is different from the xiao long bao to the guo tie.
The guo tie has some vegetables in it.
Yeah I feel like the xiao long bao was more of a pure pork flavor.
The dou hua. Dou hua.
Dou means bean right? Hua means flower.
Yeah and I like how it's not too sweet.
I feel like Chinese people don't actually have a sweet tooth.
You always see, like, Chinese moms, like, drink some like sodo like even a Capris Sun and just be like
too sweet, too sweet.
Taiwanese like to keep it traditional. They like to keep it traditional with their snacks.
They like to keep it traditional with their breakfast.
Taiwanese, we keep it og!
Alright you guys, that's it for episode of Taiwanese breakfast.
Hopefully you guys got introduced to something new.
Make sure you leave us any more recommendations in the comment section below.
Till next time. We out!
Huan ying guang lin!
Alright, thank you for watching that video.
That was Taiwanese breakfast
Let us know in the comments below if you've ever had it.
Let us know what other foods that you guys want us to review or check out and explore.
Watch this video right here. Watch this video right here.
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You know, she's just gonna have…post a lot of food right? What do you..
Food, selfie
Food and selfies, you know, pretty standard.
Standard Taiwanese girl!
I'm drinking a big gulp of soymilk.
I'm almost done with mine.



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