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Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin.
Have you ever love someone so much you wanted to marry them?
I haven't yet but that might be because I'm an animation.
When and why did human decide they wanted to stay together forever?
We're gonna discuss that and more, right now. Let's get started.
Marriage is actually a concept so old that it predates recorded history.
In ancient times, the two being wed often have no say in who they were going to marry.
Families would use marriages of a way to form an alliance between other families.
Marriage was taken very seriously.
Often having to do with money and/or land rather than love and emotion.
This would be the case for a long time up until the 18th century.
The Industrial Revolution played a huge role in marrying for love.
With the rise of the middle class in the 19th century, men would be able to work to afford a marriage.
They got to choose a spouse without having to worry about land or parental approval.
Arranged marriage aren't completely out of the picture today though.
Many Indian families arrange men for their daughters to marry and vice versa.
Now, let's talk about different types of marriages.
Polygamy or marrying multiple people is something that was very popular in the past.
Some men back in biblical time would have upward to a thousand wives.
I can't even remember that many names.
Monogamy or marring one person didn't really become the norm until the 9th century.
Same sex marriage can be dated back to the beginning of the Roman Empire.
And that is way back in the day.
In 2001, the Netherlands was the first country to officially legalized same sex marriage.
Belgium followed suit in 2003 and Spain and Canada shortly after in 2005.
America is still running on a state-by-state basis when it comes to recognizing same sex marriage.
And at the time when this video been uploaded, the current number of states allowing it is 32
Now, when you think of marriages, you might first think about wedding rings.
But where is this whole engagement ring tradition come from?
Well, there are a lot of traditions from many cultures that brought this norm about.
Ancient Egyptians were buried wearing rings on their third finger of their left hand.
This finger was thought to be connected by a vein to their heart.
One of the first recorded uses of a traditional engagement ring was in 1477
Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposes to Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring.
Engagement rings in America wouldn't become popular until the 1930s.
At the time, one diamond company boost their sales in America by having celebrities sport the shiny jewelry.
And by 1965, 80% of brides were showing off their new rock or mineral really.
Are you married? Would you ever want to get married?
Who would you want to marry?
That's enough of marriage talk.
I don't want to scare you away or anything.
Don't forget to come back every Monday for a brand new video.
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I'm Blocko. This is the Life Noggin.
Don't forget to keep on thinking.


婚姻的歷史 (History of Marriage)

73935 分類 收藏
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