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Today I'm gonna show you a really cool trick of how to thread a balloon onto a skewer.
Start by taking a balloon. Inflate it with air and tie a knot at it.
If we look at the bottom here, we can see it's a deeper color yellow. This is because the rubber sticker are not stretched out so much, so it's under less strength.
Same goes for this point right at the top, and it's at here we're gonna be pushing our skewer through.
So take a skewer. Make sure it's nice and smooth with no rough edges.
And coat it with a thin layer of washing up liquid.
You should now be able to push it straight into the bottom of the balloon without it popping.
Then, line it up with a thick bit of rubber at the top and carefully push it on through.
And there we have it. A balloon threaded onto a skewer. Pretty cool hum.
When you're done, you can pull the skewer out and pop the balloon.
It's a great party trick, and with a bit of practice, I found it even works with red balloons.
I hope you've enjoyed wathcing this video, and if you want to see more, you can click on the links on the right hand side, or take a look at my youtube channel page.
Stay safe, have fun, and as always thanks for watching.


神奇的派對把戲:氣球刺穿術 Party trick: How to thread a balloon onto a skewer.

5659 分類 收藏
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