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  • Charlotte: See? No boob close-ups. Lizzie: Or you could have edited that part out.

  • Charlotte: People like the DIY look. The video feels more authentic

  • Lizzie: Didn't you draw devil horns on me?

  • Charlotte: And you're on.

  • Lizzie: Umm my name is Lizzie Bennet andCharlotte's back!

  • "Charlotte's Back!" Written by Bernie Su

  • Lizzie: Where were you anyway? Charlotte: You know, uh, family stuff.

  • Lizzie: Family stuff? That's code for torrid affair, right?

  • Charlotte: No, it's code for my aunt got sick. Lizzie: Sure it is.

  • Charlotte: Would you get back on script? No one cares about my aunt.

  • Lizzie: Yeah. We seem super authentic now. Anyhow, starting over, things are finally starting to get

  • back to normal after the big Gibson wedding. Or as normal as they can be when

  • your older sister is contemplating an arranged marriage. Charlotte: Over drama much?

  • Lizzie: My mother picked out the man she wants my sister to marry. That's not normal.

  • Charlotte: By that definition, friends setting you up on a blind date is an arranged marriage.

  • Lizzie: Except in this case, you replace friend with crazy mother!

  • Charlotte: What's wrong with Bing? I mean, besides the fact that your mother likes him.

  • Lizzie: Well. He's--

  • Charlotte: Hey Lizzie, do not taunt the girl who does your post-production.

  • Hey everyone, Lizzie's having a bit of a crisis because her sister Jane actually likes

  • the guy her mother wants her to marry.

  • A guy who, it turns out, is actually pleasant, and nice, and funny,

  • but that Lizzie had already made up her mind to hate. And Lizzie hates changing her mind.

  • Lizzie: Anyway, the true brain-bender of the week is that despite how rich, handsome, and single he is,

  • my mom is not trying to use the most awkward dance ever to marry me off to William Darcy.

  • Which is still, by the way, a totally stupid and pretentious name. So it suits him perfectly.

  • But normally, that would not be an impediment for mom insisting that he's perfect for me.

  • Hey Charlotte, did you tell my mom what we heard Darcy say at the wedding?

  • Charlotte: I told her that I heard him say that he thought this town wouldn't know a Barney's from a JC Penney.

  • Lizzie: No, the thing about me.

  • Charlotte: Would you rather she was trying to get you two together?

  • Because I could tell her that I heard Bing tell Mrs. Gibson how painfully shy Darcy is.

  • And how glad he is she invited him because Darcy's been here for weeks and this is the first time he's met anyone.

  • Lizzie: He said that?

  • Well I don't care!

  • William Darcy is still stuck up, humorless, and the worst dance partner ever.

  • And not friendly. He spent the whole night lurking by the back wall.

  • If you dislike people that much, you should bail on the party.

  • No, I sat by the wall to prove a point to my mother.

  • He did it because he thinks he's better than everyone else.

  • It's totally different.

  • It is.

Charlotte: See? No boob close-ups. Lizzie: Or you could have edited that part out.


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夏洛特回來了!- 第八集《夏洛特回來了!8 (Charlotte's Back! - Ep: 8)

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