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People think that California Asians are all the same. They do.
Bro. Cali Asians are all the same. They're either only the geek Asians or street Asians.
School Asians or Cool Asians. And at the end of the day, they just gonna hang out with a bunch of other Asians.
So who cares?
And between the Asians of Northern California. Aka NorCal. And the Asians in Sourthern California. Aka SoCal
They've been very influential in shaping the image of young Asians in America.
Will that be insane? NorCal Asians and SoCal Asians are actually very different from each other.
So to figure out the differences, we brought the NorCal representative Ellen.
Bay area. Born and raised.
And SoCal representative Michelle. Proud LA girl!
So which one of California is better?
NorCal. SoCal.
Uh. Dah.
Let's just talk about the differences.
NorCal Asian versus SoCal Asians. Let's go.
Which side are you?
A lot of people consider NorCal and SoCal two separate states.
The drive long is six hours long. And that is…
Hellllla far.
I hate that word.
Wait. Why does SoCal people hate it when NorCal people uses "hella"
Just sounds stupid.
SoCal is jealous because they don't really have a exclusive slang.
Yeah, We do. We have sick, fool, legit, sketch, stoked.
That's a little bit off reach.
- ABG. - Okay. I'll give you that one.
First difference between NorCal and SoCal are the jobs they're known for.
A lot of people in NorCal work in the tech industry. Aka, Silicon Valley
Which is Google, Facebook, Apple and a bunch of other computer stuff.
In Socal, everybody think it's cool to work in the entertainment industry.
Hollywood, TV, even YouTube.
The coolest thing you can be doing in the NorCal
is working at a tech startup and creating a world changing mobile app.
And the coolest thing to be doing in SoCal
is working in acting, film, media or just anything in the entertainment industry.
Because SoCal is the number one place to do entertainment in the world.
And NorCal is the number one to do Tech in the world.
Everybody in the world moves there to work in those industries.
And that has a huge rapid effect on the culture of those regions which you can feel even if you're not in those industries.
Guess what. I just saw Mark Zuckerberg at Philz coffee.
No I didn't ask him for a job.
Guess what. I just saw Khloe and Kim at Urth café.
And no, they do not look as good in person.
But actually for Asians in SoCal. They're more likely to be in the import and export or the health industry.
And while Asians are not be in the Hollywood. We have fob media and new media. Youtube.
The next big difference between NorCal and SoCal is the Asian food.
Alright, we gonna see who has better food country by country. Cuisine by cuisine.
Who's got better Chinese Food? Go.
I know there's more Cantonese people in NorCal than SoCal.
And maybe the barbeque and the sea food is better. But it's kind of hard to say.
Well. there are a lot more new Chinese immigrants in SoCal than the NorCal.
So they might want more authentic Chinese food.
So NorCal or SoCal? Umm… SoCal.
Korean food.
There aren't a lot of Koreans in NorCal and as a result, there's not a lot of legit Korean food.
- There are tons of Koreans in SoCal. And therefore, they bring really good authentic Korean food. - SoCal.
Who has better Thai food?
- SoCal has way more Thai food. - We even have a Thai Town. - SoCal.
Vietnamese food. We got San Jose.
We got… garden grove Westminster.
It's a tie.
Indian food.
There are a lot more Indian people in NorCal. Probably because of the tech industry.
We have a little Indian here but it's not in the same level as NorCal. Norcal.
Japanese food. We have a lot of people from Japan in SoCal.
But the fish is way more fresh in the bay. So the SuShi is better
- We got better ramen, yakitori, shabu shabu, curry … - Okay, okay, I'll give it SoCal.
Filipino food. Okay. Socal has a lot of Filipinos but the bay has way more. NorCal.
Okay guys. I love NorCal but when it comes to different types of authentic Asian food, I have to give it to SoCal.
Thank you. But NorCal is the second best.
Differences in fashion between NorCal and SoCal.
Because SoCal is always warmer than NorCal.
We're here wearing summer clothes all year around.
We're having a lot more flip flops, clubbing attire, cropped shirts and cropped shorts.
All cropped everything.
In NorCal, we wear more boots, scarves, hoodies, and North Face.
What's a North Face? Is it like a puffy jacket or something?
Where's the bar?
Something I notice about Asian guys in NorCal is that they dress more hip hop
and they like to get liner at the urban barber shop.
Basically, they like to dress like Filipino DJs.
Another big difference between NorCal Asians and SoCal Asians is how they party.
Partying in SoCal is way different than NorCal. Way different.
Different because our night clubs are fancier and our parties is bigger.
I think you mean you guys are more bougie and more cliquey.
Partying in LA is like partying in Vegas.
Is that even a good thing?
We like that the bay is way more chill.
Come on. We're suppose to be on. Hurry up! Wait, where're you going? Jessica.
Always have to pee.
Basically, SoCal Asians like EDM and festivals more.
And Asians in NorCal probably like hip hop and R&B more.
And this difference can be seen in the hand shake that Asian guys greet each other with.
This is called the dap. And this is the way Asian guys in the bay do.
- Hey, what's up. Erica dude. Nice to see you. - What's up bro. Yeah, pleasure to meet you, man.
This is slide and pound. Most Asian guys in SoCal do this.
Hey, what's going on, bro.
So from what I've heard and what I've seen in SoCal clubs.
Girls and guys are not really dancing with each other.
If you're referring to grinding very few SoCal Asian girl do this.
And usually because it's viewed as ratchet or they just don't know how to do it.
In NorCal, Asians grew up dancing this way so it's a lot more accepted and it's a more of having fun.
So this is how SoCal girls dance with guys.
And then in the bay is way more ratchet.
Alright, Michelle, if you have to describe SoCal Asians in four words, they would be...
Hollywood, FOB, trendy and glamorous.
Ellen, if you have to describe NorCal Asians in four words, they would be…
Chill, brainy, cultured, hip hop.
So in the comments below, let us know if these descriptions were accurate and which one you would prefer.
Now, we are not saying that one is better than the other.
We're just saying that they're kind of different.
So get in where you fit in.
Look. SoCal is pretty where all the flowers you might have. But I give a thing, this is the place to be.
And NorCal is not. So, there's that.
Alright everybody, thank you for watching that video. Thank you to Michelle and Ellen.
Michelle is from LA. Ellen grew up in the bay.
Follow them on their social media right below. We'll put their little links up here.
Subscribe to our channel. Watch this video. Watch this video.
And leave comments below. Let us know if you're more of a NorCal Asian or SoCal Asian. Peace.



南北加州華人大不同!聽聽當地人怎麼說!(NorCal Asians VS. SoCal Asians)

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